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Book to read: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

The War of Art is the book for new-comers in the reading society. I’m not one of them but yes, I had left reading quite long ago and recurrent starting the journey with this treasure was impressive. 1,056 more words

Update: Where I've Been

Hey everyone, Fizzlesnoofson here. Why DID it take me so long to get back to blogging? Well, to find the answer to that, we’ll have to back track to after my initial post last year. 658 more words


The First Time is Always the Hardest

Alright, well… Here we go!

I’m not much of a writer, studied it in college and did okay, but that was writing about fictional, made up characters. 680 more words

Thoughts On A Cloud

Topography of Lapu-lapu city

Topography of lapu-lapu city

The Lapu-lapu City is a small city located few kilometers beside the province of Cebu enclosed in the Mactan Island. It sits on the heart of the Philippine Archipelago.

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Climate Change Explained

By Sacha Dobler, 2017 ( Deutsche Version hier)

Do you ever get confused over the climate change debate? So, who is right, after all? There are many different ways to be misled about the current climate change agenda. 6,129 more words


The Why of My Choice

I started this blog to simply get my voice out there along with my thoughts and feelings on things I encounter every day. I also intend to use it to just give my opinion on something. 32 more words

You've changed.

Last night I had an argument with a friend.

More accurately it was the kind of argument that has you.

It was a bout of verbal sparring that can only happen at 11.30pm while you are walking home from an evening shift (on a day when you started work at 8am); when tiredness makes you a bit delirious, and you don’t realise that a notoriously toneless messaging app, that you are currently engaged in the back and forth through, is doing nothing to assist your reading of the situation. 1,355 more words