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Dissertation Topic

During the initial stages of my Dissertation I have had many ideas the orginal concept for this was to do Stage Managemennt in the UK and the USA this would look at the Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Manager and the American equivalent of Company Stage Manager, Production Stage Manager and Stage Manager the ideas for this was too look at the individual roles at what they did within there roles I was also going to look at how the different teams differed and look at the different terminology with the 2 countries. 275 more words


Creative Project Explained

The original idea for the creative project was to have one audience and have them watch both elements of the performance by this I mean there would be a performance on stage and a projection screen of what happens backstage, but on stage behind the performance with everyone on lapel mics however after conversations with tutor Andrew Brady I soon began to realise that this idea wouldn’t work. 940 more words


On Anxiety

So apparently it is mental health awareness day today, or so Facebook tells me. As you all know I suffer from anxiety and depression and it still sucks major ass. 748 more words


Work Expereience Placement

I have been looking into doing work expereinece within Birmingham, as this is where I am from and would like to work in the future, I have looked at doing it at theatres such as The Rep Theatre, The New Alexandra Theatre and The Birmingham Hippodrome. 97 more words


Baby steps towards machine learning 02 – Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforcement learning

When facing with a problem which needs a machine learning solution one of the first things that we should do (after analyzing the data and understanding the required output of the final model) is to decide which type of learning approach we need to take. 1,110 more words


Baby steps towards machine learning 01- An introduction

Entering to machine learning is confusing; at-least it was for me. The sheer number of topics are overwhelming. I was in a lecture and I heard all these words such as regression, supervised learning, neural networks, classification, markov models, unsupervised learning, priors, transition matrices, etc. 1,068 more words


Rena and Abel Skit

**Firstly, Abel is not my character. This is just  a fantasy skit from me, think of it as fan writing in regards to Abel.

The morning brought in rays of golden light. 502 more words