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Baby steps towards machine learning 02 – Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforcement learning

When facing with a problem which needs a machine learning solution one of the first things that we should do (after analyzing the data and understanding the required output of the final model) is to decide which type of learning approach we need to take. 1,110 more words


Baby steps towards machine learning 01- An introduction

Entering to machine learning is confusing; at-least it was for me. The sheer number of topics are overwhelming. I was in a lecture and I heard all these words such as regression, supervised learning, neural networks, classification, markov models, unsupervised learning, priors, transition matrices, etc. 1,068 more words


Rena and Abel Skit

**Firstly, Abel is not my character. This is just  a fantasy skit from me, think of it as fan writing in regards to Abel.

The morning brought in rays of golden light. 502 more words

Don't Be Happy.

What is happiness? How can you define it? Is it when your body releases dopamine? Is it when you reach a goal? Is it when you hug or kiss someone you love? 851 more words


Why do i want my hobby not to be my job

It was in 8th standard when i realized that i am not normal. I was different and i needed to be alone to understand the difference. 328 more words

Fuse: The Protector of Circuits

Wire inside a glass breaks when subjected to high current, doesn’t let the rest of the circuit suffer what it has been through.

Imagine fuse like a bridge between supply and “circuit town”. 313 more words


So before I have you sit down to read my first review, I feel it is important to give you, my reader, an idea of where I am coming from with my reviews.   652 more words