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Somewhat of an explanation

So I seem to spend the majority of time procrastinating and never actually getting on with what I want to do or what I want to write about. 240 more words


Backstage Calls

The Backstage calls are given by the Deputy Stage Manager during the show they tend to do this call 5 minutes before hand. e.g. if the show starts at 7pm the 1 hour call will be given at 5:55pm, half an hour 6:25pm and so on. 54 more words


So why am I creating this?

Well mainly because I feel compelled to. I need to share my thoughts and basically I have no one that I would really want to burden with everything I feel/think… 124 more words


When I Write

I do a fair amount of writing.  Most days I personally feel I don’t do enough.  At least, not of what I’d like to do, but writer’s block kind of stinks like that. 311 more words


Penjelasan SGRC Indonesia Mengenai Surat Pernyataan PDSKJI Terkait LGBT dan Tanggapan APA

Hari ini SGRC Indonesia akan membahas mengenai terminologi yang belakangan beredar, terutama mengenai ODMK dan ODGJ, kaitannya dengan PDSKJI. Terutama untuk yang belum membaca jawaban SGRC Indonesia di laman… 944 more words

Tulisan Anggota

Rehearsal Call Sheet 1

Rehearsal Call 1

A rehearsal call sheet is completed by the Stage Management Team it tells the team who is expected in rehearsals, the location of the rehearsals, and what is expected to be done in the rehearsals. 15 more words


Power Supply: Wall socket to battery

Big roller coaster type signal called AC> small roller coaster> signal that looks like a bunny hopping> bunny starts flying.

Other than turning into giant robots, transformers can increase or decrease voltage too. 333 more words