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Hello world!


Welcome to the very first detailed database for health support services operating throughout the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. (If not the first nationally!) 366 more words



Change. One word can make or break someone. It really is a scary word or more of the fact the signifier that connects to the signified on that particular word. 176 more words


"music" vs. MUSIC

Music. Victor Wooten once said you don’t make music, the music is already inside you. How does that work? What is the point of learning notes if the music is already inside you?

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Explain in your own words...

Explain in your own words the medical problem that you have:

This is such a tough question and honestly I’ve shied away from it for a long time. 693 more words

Affinitive connections

Certain things bring people together or tear them apart. We live in a world of binaries to be honest. Each sign or symbol relies on its other to be. 215 more words


Nepenthes is a Carnivorous Plants

Nepenthes, or commonly known as tropical pitcher plants or monkey cups. The name “monkey cups” refers to the fact that monkeys drinking water from this plants. 194 more words


The truth about work

I know the title is vague and doesn’t really tell you what this blog is going to be about but i really wanted to write about what i hope to gain from my apprenticeship as a Learning Technologist. 347 more words