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Samsung will explain why the Note 7 exploded

After months of investigation, Samsung Electronics is going to explain the cause of fire and explosion of their recent product Galaxy Note 7. The Galaxy Note 7 was released in August 19, 2016. 85 more words


All this God talk on my blog lately

I just wanted to address the outright talking about God on my blog lately. As I’m sure it’s going to turn some people away from it. 431 more words


Nightmare into hell

Have you ever had a nightmare that felt so real yet you know it isn’t?

This nightmare I keep having, it some times wakes me for what sleep I actually get. 163 more words

Model Live

This is my post for the Heathfield Community College Teach/Share blog. A great way of encouraging collaboration and the sharing of good practice across a school and beyond. 41 more words


I think of you as family. But what am I to you?

Ever sit and wonder if you’re ever good enough?

Someone makes me think it everyday, how I’m not good enough to be apart of them. This is someone who’s suppose to be a big part of my life but isn’t. 140 more words


If u have a problem with the forgetfulness problem the gadget shown above is the answer for your problem.


Dreams & Reality

H E L L O   2 0 17

I started typing and re-typing the beginning to this post so many times. It’s been a while since I last spoke to you and I feel nervous posting again. 380 more words