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The Wedding at Cana explained

This is just my own reflection and the answers given to me for the question I asked Mary our Mother regarding this mystery to help me understand what this means and to show me in a simple way what this mystery means. 263 more words

Buhay Seaman

the Beginning

*I believe none of the post would be in chronological order, however, I did want to talk about basic info about me first.

I was born in Mid 80s, had a big brother, little sister, had both parents (until mid teen years), in South Korea. 649 more words


An In-Depth Analysis: Awe (2018) (Telugu)[Spoilers Ahead]

Though the ultimate reveal is during the climax, the movie has several nuances throughout, that lead to the final outbreak. To analyse the crystal clear execution of the story, I’d like to analyse the movie by breaking it into fragments. 1,263 more words


TUrbo POwer

Hey guys…WHATS UP……

As you all know Valentine week is going on so i decided to write a post on one of my love, yes i love Cars. 211 more words




I was sat thinking the other day and realised I hadn’t really explained the story behind my Blog name ‘Youngandkindareckless’. That leads on to todays blog post, the secrets getting let out… No I’m joking. 380 more words


A Short Introduction..


Open Letters to the Industry

I grew up with video games; as so many of us now have.  This is not unusual anymore, it’s become a major part of our arts and entertainment culture.   163 more words


Temporarily Closed.

My decision to temporarily close down my PeaPeed store is based on a number of factors, and this post will talk about it all. I know I don’t really have to, and I don’t owe any explanation to anyone, but I love my followers, friends and family so I need to get this out there. 960 more words