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The truth about work

I know the title is vague and doesn’t really tell you what this blog is going to be about but i really wanted to write about what i hope to gain from my apprenticeship as a Learning Technologist. 347 more words

Digital Learning

Mockumentaries: Success or failure?

Mockumentary: A success or failure as a comedic genre?


  • So what is a Mockumentary?

A “Mockumentary”” by definition is a type of film or show in which fictional events are presented in the documentary style to create a parody, and is a technique of comedic comedy that has been around since as far back as the 1960’s, and have survived all the way up until modern day. 1,310 more words


Why for pain

This may only apply to women and sorry for that men but this is just a few questions I have about us women.
I don’t understand how I have different symptoms every month. 90 more words


If you can't convince him, confuse him

So this is just a quick explaination to what this thing means because almost everyone keeps asking about it!
If means if you can’t convince someone of your opinion forexample confuse him. 27 more words

Short Thought

Regular Expression

Following are the important notations of regular expression:

[ ] matches only one character position with provided in between 
- it is used to match limit range of char or number provided in [ ] e.g 
^ it is used to negate the expression if it is inside of [ ] e.g [^fF]
^ outside [ ] means to match only at the begenning of target string
$ user to match at the end of target string
. 46 more words

Random thought

Can any one answer this question?
How out of all the animals did a bunny that brings and hides eggs be the representation of a religious holiday? 96 more words


Control issues

What is the reason for control? Is it the lack of control that an individual has on his or her own life?is that the indicator but what I want to know is why does that same individual feel like they have the right to try to control another person’s life?yes all questions to start with. 254 more words