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Temporarily Closed.

My decision to temporarily close down my PeaPeed store is based on a number of factors, and this post will talk about it all. I know I don’t really have to, and I don’t owe any explanation to anyone, but I love my followers, friends and family so I need to get this out there. 960 more words

Embarrassing Problem!

So today i wake up with the usual problems plus something extra which is rather embarrassing to explain but i’m going to do it anyway! us men have a certain member that seems to rise and fall of its on accord, and unfortunately today my third eye is looking out how do i go to a meeting and explain to a bunch of young ladies that i’m a bit uncomfortable. 504 more words


*Pressit* Setting up with MailChimp

An excellent tutorial about mailchimp from Yecheilyah. It comes with photos, which I much prefer to a wall of text and very easy to understand. Please go on over and say hello

via Setting up with MailChimp


Book to read: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

The War of Art is the book for new-comers in the reading society. I’m not one of them but yes, I had left reading quite long ago and recurrent starting the journey with this treasure was impressive. 1,056 more words

Update: Where I've Been

Hey everyone, Fizzlesnoofson here. Why DID it take me so long to get back to blogging? Well, to find the answer to that, we’ll have to back track to after my initial post last year. 658 more words


The First Time is Always the Hardest

Alright, well… Here we go!

I’m not much of a writer, studied it in college and did okay, but that was writing about fictional, made up characters. 680 more words

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