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Exploit Vulnerability Using Metasploit Pro part 1

Metasploit Pro’s smart exploitation function is great if you want to get a session quickly and don’t care about being “noisy” on the network, but there are certain situations where you may want to use just one exploit: 295 more words


Mysterious "double kill" IE zero-day allegedly in the wild

“Double kill” is a bragging term from the world of violent video gaming – it means you finished off two assailants with a single shot. 665 more words


Every Nintendo Switch Can Be Hacked, And The Tools Just Went Public

(Source: www.forbes.com)

This escalated quickly. First a permanent boot exploit was found in the Nintendo Switch allowing hackers to run unsigned code, alongside confident claims that Nintendo is unable to patch the exploit with software or firmware updates. 732 more words

Money Matters

Be Cynical; People Don't Just Want To Be Your Friend.

It’s actually incredibly sad to realise how it’s unwise/dangerous to have the natural inclination to see the good in people and be an open, friendly person. 70 more words

Refutation: Why Polygamy Should Be Illegal

Many wonder why Polygamy is legal in some states, some people wonder why Polygamy is even legal at all. There many people all around the world who are against polygamy, so I am here to explain why polygamy should not be legal as a whole. 335 more words


PUBG Ransom

Most of the world has been expose to the game sensation of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds or simply PUBG, if you haven’t you either don’t game or you live under a rock. 322 more words