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Google turns Pwnium into an all-year, unlimited-rewards bug-hunting contest

Forget about that one-day CanSecWest Pwnium exploit extravaganza.

Security researchers, you can ditch the tactic of hoarding your Chrome exploits for the big day at the big security show. 525 more words


Hacking Oklahoma State University's Student ID Cards

took an information security class at Oklahoma State University back in 2013. For his final project, he and a team of other students had to find a security vulnerability and then devise a theoretical plan to exploit it. 596 more words

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Extend Sulo to find the CVE of Flash exploits

In this blog, i like to discuss more about detecting the vulnerability triggered by a particular exploit using Sulo. I have extended it to detect few of the recent vulnerabilities. 3,174 more words

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EXPLOIT...One Word, Express In One Hundred Words In One Hundred Days.


Exploit Is The Force Of Knowing Life, Living Life And Experiencing Life Without Been Corrupted By Life.

Exploit Is The Secret Of Fulfillment Of Your Accomplishment. 108 more words

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Bank of England to oversee ‘ethical hacking’ of financial groups

Top financial institutions face simulated attacks on their computer infrastructure as authorities step up attempts to assess the UK’s ability to weather cyber terrorism and crime… 546 more words


Understanding CVE-2015-0310 Flash vulnerability

The Flash vulnerability CVE-2015-0310 is fixed in recent patch from Adobe. The vulnerability is in RegEx result parsing code. The vulnerability affects all the version below and patched on January 2015. 2,717 more words

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