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OSCE Lab-1

I am Preparing for the Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE) exam,
I hopped on exploitdb.com to find vulnerable software to exploit buffer overflows.
the best way to simulate finding a 0day, and exploiting it. 29 more words


Exploit Development 3: ROP buffer overflow

In the previous two tutorials we looked at how to exploit the vulnerable application with EIP as well as SEH based buffer overflow attacks.

This time we will have a look at how to exploit the application when DEP (Data Execution Protection) is enabled.  1,546 more words

Buffer Overflow

Exploit Development 2: SEH buffer overflow

This time we’re going to take a closer look at SEH (Structured Exception Handling) based exploits.


Compile the executable and library with the following options set: 564 more words

Buffer Overflow

Exploit Development 1: EIP buffer overflow

In this post we’re going to look at an EIP based buffer overflow. We will exploit a small example C++ program.


The following setup will be used: 1,869 more words

Buffer Overflow

Why Chrome’s Autocomplete is not Secure and How you can Turn it Off

The Chrome browser which we are all using is not as secure as it seems to be. It has got a vulnerability which is yet to be fixed. 230 more words


Minishare 1.4.1 Bufferoverflow

Lab Setup:
Windows 8.1 and Window 7  (I have Used Window 8.1)
Immunity debugger installed on the Window 8.1 machine.
Minishare 1.4.1 installed on windows 8.1 running on port 80. 290 more words


Creator from another world

I think of myself like an artist ! Though I don’t feel like an artist yet. Don’t yet think I am delusional. I have lot to say to you crazy ass human. 102 more words