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Goal of Promoting 'Democracy' in Ukraine? US Wants to Exploit Its Resources


When the United States speaks about promoting democracy and human rights, Washington is in fact pursuing its economic interests and rights to natural resources, with Ukraine being no exception, German MP Sahra Wagenknecht told Sputnik in an exclusive interview. 298 more words

Daily News

Fuzzing for Domain Admin

Last week Enrique Nissim of Core Security published an article called Analysis of a Remote Code Execution Vulnerability on Fortinet Single Sign On.  Lately I’ve been using Deva Vu Security’s excellent… 499 more words


Bughunt: The Flying Nun of Middle Earth

You might have read of the bugged flying horses of Lord of the Rings Online from my prior post.  That particular bug was probably fixed on the Beta server of Bullroarer.   377 more words


The NSA's new director still believes the best defense is a good offense. He's wrong

How should the United States respond to the threat posed by cyberattacks? Admiral Michael Rogers, the new head of the National Security Agency, said yesterday that it should focus on improving its offensive capabilities to deter others from attacking it. 400 more words


Exposing Private Facebook Photos with a Malicious App

is back again with another hack related to Facebook photos. This hack revolves around the Facebook mobile application’s “sync photos” function. This feature automatically uploads every photo taken on your mobile device to your Facebook account. 268 more words

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Take A gift: Basic Hacking Tools

Category Description [ Automation ] Automation tools and wrapper scripts [ Backdoor ] Backdoors and rootkits for kernel, userland, network, hardware and software [ Binary… 119 more words

Use this simple trick to always win at bargaining

This will definitely come in handy next time you’re at a garage sale.