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Almost there, couldn't make it...

The result of the selected research papers for the Technical Symposium is out in my office. I thought I’ll totally get selected given the fact that very few papers on infosec usually compete. 681 more words

64 vs 32 Continued. (It's a Trap!)

It’s time to continue exploring the differences in 64-bit and 32-bit architecture (at least from a buffer overflow standpoint) by taking a look at their respective stacks in memory.  2,019 more words


64-bit and 32-bit

Today we are going to do a little discussion about the differences between a 32-bit machine and a 64-bit machine with x86 architecture.  The differences in the architectures have implications for how we go about exploiting programs. 3,215 more words


Celebrity nude leaks and consent

It seems like every other day when you log into Twitter, there’s a nude photo leak trending, showcasing a celebrity (usually female) without her knowledge or consent. 560 more words

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시스템 보안 개론
* 오늘은 kernel exploit and rooting에 대해 수업할 것. 커널은 어플리케이션에게 하드웨어를 사용할 수 있도록 드라이버를 지원한다. 이 과정에서 커널에 원하는 코드를 삽입할 수 있다. 19 more words

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Maintenance & Seasons - Dandelions and Doing the Dirty Work

Don’t you love to steal a moment back from childhood and blow on a dandelion gone to seed? Do you dare to watch with delight as its Whoville-like fuzzy-topped grains dip and then lift off into the breeze to soar high in the sky? 1,168 more words

Narnia1 Walkthrough

So this is my first walkthrough, it will describe the way i managed to get from narnia1 to narnia2 on www.overthewire.org.

So first of all we take a look at the source of the program. 354 more words

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