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Disrespectful to the dead

I have steered away from blogging about the events which happened in Paris. Not because I am unsympathetic but because I have so many mixed feelings about everything and the politics surrounding it that I feel it would be inappropriate for me to get involved and that I would feel unqualified to make statements which I cannot back up with evidence. 555 more words

New Chrome exploit can hack any Android version in one stroke.

Computer security researcher, Guang Gong from Quihoo 360, has discovered an exploit and has created a proof-of-concept site, which can take over the victim’s phone in a single stroke. 227 more words

Design & Development

Reminder: Mutes and Bans.

– Exploiters and Hackers are being punished constantly with a Permanent ban, refrain yourself from those behaviours if you want to play with us. There is no global announcement when the ban occurs anymore. 174 more words


Mitigating Wow64 Exploit Attacks


Every once in a while, security researchers try to bypass security solutions for kicks, fame, marketing and to raise awareness for a new vulnerability that totally foils protection. 924 more words


Vbulletin 5.X.X RCE Exploit

So, It has been all over news. Remote code execution in vBulletin forums due to unserialize function.

“vBulletin 5.1.x – PreAuth 0day Remote Code Execution Exploit” 307 more words


Open Letter to All the People Who Complained that Halo 4 Had No "Real Bosses"

Fuck you.

Are you happy now?

I hope you have fun dancing with the triple Wardens in “The Breaking” on legendary.

Luckily there’s a way to skip those hell spawn that is explained very well… 11 more words

Game Humor

The #1 exploit that hackers use to sneak into your system and how even entry level

The truth about commercial virus protection utilities and how you can set up a bulletproof security system using FREE programs that work even better!