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Exploiting rootpipe again

Background and acknowledgement

This full disclosure is based on my discovery of a privilege escalation vulnerability in Apple OS X called rootpipe. Read my full disclosure on rootpipe… 1,500 more words


Latest Flash hole already exploited to deliver ransomware - update now!

Thanks to Andrew O’Donnell and Fraser Howard of SophosLabs for their behind-the-scenes work on this article.

Are you still using Flash in your browser?

If so, make certain you’ve got the latest update from Adobe, even though it only came out last week. 986 more words


x86 Exploitation 101: "House of Force" - Jedi overflow

It’s time for us to enter into the third house




Wireless Router Hacking with Aircrack-ng Suite

This step by step tutorial is to brute-force a WPA2 router password.

This tutorial requires –

  • Aircrack-ng suite
  • Wordlists for brute-force attacks

Before we begin, there are a few things that we should all know – 326 more words


Brazilian Trojans Poised to Spread around the World

When we talk about Brazil, we no longer think only Carnival and caipiriña, or the favelas (slums) that came into being as a result of the highly unequal distribution of income. 407 more words

Cyber Intelligence

Adobe patches zero-day Flash Player flaw used in targeted attacks

Adobe Systems released an emergency security update for Flash Player Tuesday to fix a critical vulnerability that has been exploited by a China-based cyberespionage group. 253 more words


Security hole in MacKeeper used to shove malware onto Macs

Man holding Mac courtesy of Shutterstock

There isn’t a lot of Mac malware.

Most cybercrooks, we have to assume, are making so much money from infected Windows computers that they haven’t had to worry about supporting other platforms, such as OS X. 637 more words