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Toy Model of a Buffer Overflow.


So what can we do with a buffer overflow?  In Hacking The Art of Exploitation we get a nice toy model of exploiting a buffer overflow.  2,009 more words

Update now: Macs and iPhones have a Stagefright-style bug!

Remember Stagefright?

Stagefright was one of 2015’s most newsworthy BWAINs (Bugs with an Impressive Name): a security hole, or more accurately a… 868 more words


HTTPoxy - the disease that could make your web server spring a leak

There’s a brand new BWAIN in the house!

BWAIN is our just-a-bit-cynical term for Bug With An Impressive Name, a publicity trend that started just over two years ago with… 1,054 more words


Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Summary May 2016

Computacenter security operation centre monitors open source intelligence to identify publication of vulnerabilities, which have been disclosed to vendors or discussed in underground forums. The information provided is collected from Trend Micro and Google Zero-Day initiatives, which seek to ensure the vulnerability information reaches the vendor, rather than the Black or Private market. 959 more words


Microsoft WMI Malicious Techniques

Microsoft Windows operating system provides a rich management framework, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), which has been around since Windows NT4. WMI a powerful set of tools used to manage Windows systems both locally and remotely. 889 more words


Stack Overflow Continued.

This time we are going to look at what happens when ASLR is left in place, and when we move to a 64 bit Debian distro. 1,904 more words

Top CyberSecurity News For 15th July 2016

  1. The man who cracked the first iPhone reveals how hackers really operateFrom Tech Insider. The man who cracked Apple’s security protocols and unlocked the first iPhone gave us all a five-minute hacking lesson, …
  2. 72 more words