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Water Discovered On Mars, Humans Excited At Opportunity To Destroy 2nd Planet

NASA’s discovery of water on Mars has sent a stir around the globe with space enthusiasts almost as excited as the planet destroyers.

Planets Are To Be Abused a exploitation rights group led by an Exxon Oil Exec VP and a Koch brother has lauded this discovery as one of , if not the most, significant discoveries made about our solar system. 145 more words


ATM Malware Steals Cash and Self-Destructs without a Trace

Security researchers have discovered a new ATM malware, titled GreenDispenser, that is currently operating in the wild and grants hackers the means to simply walk up to an infected machine and withdraw cash. 440 more words


I tuoi “C-level” sono sotto attacco? DarkHotel colpisce i manager che viaggiano spesso

DarkHotel, attivo già dal 2007 con migliaia di vittime infettate in tutto il mondo, sta facendo la sua ricomparsa con una vendetta. Gli attacchi si concentrano principalmente in Asia, ma anche negli Stati Uniti. 484 more words


Crash Google Chrome with a single link. Test it yourself!

To crash Google chrome, simply open Google Chrome and type the below URL and hit “Enter”:


This bug was originally reported by “Andris Atteka” in his… 51 more words