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How one man could have set loose a Yahoo Mail virus

We’re all used to JavaScript in web pages.

JavaScript is the programming language that makes web applications possible, letting programmers build web pages with all the menus, buttons, bells and whistles of regular software. 779 more words

How to exploit Dirty Cow Vulnerability?

Dirty Cow” is a Linux local privilege escalation which affects Linux released since 2.6.22 (released in September 2007) up to  October 2016. It is a local privilege escalation bug that exploits a race condition in the implementation of the copy-on-write mechanism. 64 more words

Readers of popular websites targeted by stealthy Stegano exploit kit hiding in pixels of malicious ads

Millions of readers who visited popular news websites have been targeted by a series of malicious ads redirecting to an exploit kit exploiting several Flash vulnerabilities. 1,266 more words

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Cybercriminals Are Getting Better at Using Advanced Authentication Methods

Cybercriminals are learning how to use newer authentication methods to exploit security weaknesses. As always, it is a cat-and-mouse game with serious consequences.

Full article via Security Intelligence

Leveraging Jython to Bypass XStream Protections Against RCE

By Devin Dwyer –

XStream is a third party library that supports the unmarshalling of XML to Java objects. Unmarshalling, similar to deserialization, is the conversion from formatted XML to Java objects.  1,126 more words


Regret is fickle. You’d only feel its gut wrenching influence the moment you started to feel distressed about something you misused or someone you neglected. But the thing is you don’t know you’d lament the things and persons you disregard. 57 more words


Buffer overflow exploit can bypass Activation Lock on iPads running iOS 10.1.1

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Apple’s Activation Lock feature, introduced in iOS 7 in 2013, deters thieves by associating your iPhone and iPad with your Apple ID. Even if a thief steals your device, puts it into Recovery Mode, and completely resets it, the phone or tablet won’t work without the original user’s Apple ID and password. 400 more words