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Idea Exploitation

​Once people start exploiting an idea, thats when the idea starts dying..

We Need to Talk About Computers...

Its been a little while since I’ve posted but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on the 100 days of hacking.  I have been hitting books and gaining background knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of computers.  949 more words

Hacking The Art Of Exploitation

Apple iOS users, update now - zero-day attack seen in the wild

Apple just released iOS 9.3.5, the latest security update for iDevice users.

We suggest you apply this update as soon as you can, and here’s why. 525 more words


Nodejs RCE and a simple reverse shell

While reading through the blog post on a RCE on demo.paypal.com by @artsploit, I started to wonder what would be the simplest nodejs app that I could use to demo a RCE. 616 more words


Thought Of The Day. August 21, 2016

Instead of posting status updates on Facebook, I am now posting each apothegm, thought, observation, and witticism, here, as a Thought Of The Day.
Status updates on Facebook disappear into the ether and cannot be relocated by readers. 395 more words

Animal Rights

Pedobear is ready for YouMeet Bucureşti 2016

Aloha dragi prieteni stătători pe interneţ şi pierzători de vreme. Cei născuţi în era dinozaurilor ca şi subsemnata, îşi amintesc cu drag de începuturile vloggingului în România, nu? 272 more words

Cu De Toate Fără Ceapă

Cisco vuln shows up in attack tools leaked by "NSA hackers"

The Shadow Brokers are a self-styled hacker group that recently kicked off a tongue-in-cheek media campaign claiming that they’d penetrated the NSA (or someone like that – they’re referring to the victim as the… 656 more words