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Serious Security: How three minor bugs make one major exploit

More insecure webcams! Inattention to IoT security! Who would have thought?

Unfortunately, cybersecurity still seems to sit way down in Nth place for many vendors when they start programming their latest and greatest… 1,613 more words


modern day slavery

m o d e r n  d a y  s l a v e r y

One of the things that makes me fume is how there are around 27 million humans in  slavery. 280 more words


How hackers can exploit devices used at home

As Americans increasingly fill their homes with smart technology, the risk of hackers exploiting their devices is growing.

Experts say the expanding ecosystem of internet-connected devices such as smart thermostats, home security systems and electric door locks are increasingly susceptible to hackers, including those trying to leverage voice-command devices. 210 more words


Proof Of Enslavement

Much of the pain black people claim they feel is the result of being dependent on the group. That’s why you often hear them wanting to be king, queen, leader, ironically of the group. 135 more words


How to find lost USB drives (even if you don't want to) [PODCAST]

Here’s Episode 4 of the Naked Security podcast.

Charlotte Williams talks to Sophos experts Matt Boddy and Paul Ducklin about the EFAIL in email, a gift-horse bug in Red Hat Linux, and what happens when sniffer dogs join your cybersecurity team. 100 more words


Red Hat admins, patch now - don't let your servers get pwned!

Red Hat Linux, together with its stablemates Fedora and CentOS, just patched a serious security bug.

This bug doesn’t need a fancy nickname, because it ended up (entirely by chance, of course) with a very memorable bug number: … 779 more words

The science of the plot twist: How writers exploit our brains


Vera Tobin, Case Western Reserve University

Recently I did something that many people would consider unthinkable, or at least perverse. Before going to see “ 927 more words