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Hacker Reveal easy way to Hijack Privileged Windows User Session Without PW

In a recent PoC Exploit released via YouTube, Alexander Korznikov demonstrated a successful hijacking (using Task manager, service creation, as well as command line), along with Proof-of-Concept exploit. 296 more words


0x0 Ghost from the past

“Smashing the Stack for Fun and Profit”, by Aleph One, Phrack No.49

Buffer Overflow adalah kerentanan (vulnerability) pada sebuah perangkat lunak akibat pemberian input data pada buffer yang diluar kapasitas yang dimilikinya. 2,573 more words


Hackers threaten to remotely delete 300 Million iPhone users unless Apple Pay Ransom

This is an interesting story to follow and learn how these hackers known as Turkish Crime Family were able to steal 300+ Million iPhone users information… 171 more words

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Researchers Uncover macOS and Safari Exploits at Pwn2Own 2017

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

Day one results have already been published over at the

In a partial win, Samuel GroƟ (@5aelo) and Niklas Baumstark (

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Exploit me...

It’s just astonishing that big corporations, thinks very little of employing people to do the job of 3 people and still give them an under paid employee salary. 474 more words

CIA != Law Enforcement [Security Now 603]

In Security Now episode 603, Steve dives into the Vault 7 leaks. And while I trust Steve’s technical analysis of the information, the conversation takes a sharp turn into two completely unrelated topics: Cryptographic backdoors for law enforcement use, and the vulnerability equities process (VEP). 479 more words

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How a serious Apache vulnerability struts its stuff

Last week’s vulnerability news was full of web technologies with intriguing names, including Apache, Struts, Java, Jakarta and OGNL.

(In case you’re wondering, OGNL is short for… 992 more words