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Four UN Special Rapporteurs warn Ireland of risks of forced labour in Irish fishing industry

Four UN special rapporteurs on human rights have written to the Irish Government highlighting their concerns that the recently introduced working scheme for migrant fisherman is not in line with international human rights law and could lead to further exploitation. 776 more words

Photographs Not Taken

When I was a much younger photographer I would attend all of the parades and festivals  that are so much a part of New York City; parades, street fairs, rallies, cultural gatherings and demonstrations. 247 more words


Zvezdomir Marinov - Another Quack Claiming To Be The Messiah

Even when highly interested in cults, one can be forgiven for overlooking this particular group, as it has repeatedly changed names and never adopted one officially. 1,737 more words

Carnival of Blood (1970)

Leonard Kirtman’s CARNIVAL OF BLOOD feels like exploitation flicks should feel – sleazy, sweaty, mean, and cheap.

Somewhere along the boardwalk planks of Coney Island, a killer stalks his female prey. 419 more words


Saints Row the Third was a despicable pile of abhorrent trash, but I played it anyway

And for the record, I loved it. Here’s why.

I could be me! 

As a gender bending circus freak of a sex non-conforming weirdo.

(I’m intersexual, btw. 736 more words