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A mongoose on a bicycle and a mystery resolved

Monday 16 March 2015  S 28° 00.93’ E 21° 51.47’

It was hot. I packed up and set out northward. The traffic was slow, almost a traffic jam, through Upington at 7 AM. 1,234 more words


On a Clear Day You Can See.....

You’ve got to choose the right time and day for it. A visit to the summit of Mount Wellington, the powerful mountain which embraces Hobart, needs to be carefully planned to take full advantage of the walks and stunning views from its peak. 528 more words


Caturday Books:  You Can Draw

I saw this book at HomeSense and thought how my creative first graders would just bubble over in excitement when they see it.  And for $8, I could not pass it up! 150 more words

From Yuck to Yum and Vice Versa: The Role of Experience in the Concept of Tastes

I remember reading an anecdote by a linguist who thought that, rather than “Mom” or “Dad,” one of the first words invented might have been more akin to “yuck.”  While I wouldn’t begin to be able to test that, this silly story may have more sense than is at first apparent.  1,089 more words


Queen of Loopholes

Ha! Because that last post took so long to write, it was technically posted Friday (even though I was aiming for Thursday) and the promised “tomorrow” is really today, Saturday. 424 more words