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lands before time

I’ve returned from my brief trip through time to the Pleistocene–I mean, my birthday week hiatus! You’d be forgiven, though, if these photos did give you the impression that I’d popped back a few aeons. 212 more words



Life is an adventure but it’s also a silent journey. Each day is a puzzle—we embrace the glory of progress as much as we’re flummoxed by stray pieces that litter the table. 120 more words

A.m. Words

Happy 90th Birthday Cyclone

Coney Island’s iconic rollercoaster, the Cyclone, is celebrating its 90th birthday!  On June 26th, 1927, the first ride on the Cyclone took place.  Zooming off at a whoping 60 mph with six turns and twelve drops the ride dazzled new roller coaster fans and all for TWENTY-FIVE cents!   61 more words

Visiting the Big Four Bridge

The Big Four Bridge

On the second day of my vacation here in Louisville, Kentucky, two of my cousins drove my sisters and I to the Big Four Bridge, an old bridge the state shut down to turn to a walkway for people to cross between the states of Kentucky and Indiana. 511 more words


Question the Indigestion

Real talk…

About a month ago I came to the conclusion that food is ultimately better in Europe. I’ve also had this conversation several times in the last week, with natives of Europe and people who have traveled abroad to Europe from U.S.A. 287 more words