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First Touch

White, sterile, advanced, all one could see was technology. And then, from nowhere, through a tiny window, a rough sphere, ranging in tones of orange and red, with various formations throughout its surface is seen. 118 more words


I’m just going to leave that photo there because why not? Anyways, I just want to say that I started this blog… well, I don’t really know why, I guess it’s because I wanted to. 65 more words

Anna Maria Island

The predicted weather was to be strong winds and severe thunderstorms so we left our anchorage at Long Boat Key to hunker down at Gilati Marina on Anna Maria.   599 more words


Long Boat Key

The Intracoastal Waterway, which we are meandering along, is actually 3000 miles long stretching from Boston, around Key West, Florida, to Texas.  In 1919 Congress authorized the toll-free waterway to be dredged and maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers to a depth of seven to twelve feet.   230 more words


One blind eye One color blind eye

I’ve lived my life with one blind eye and one colored blind eye. Interesting yet a unique situation. It has given my world a view that is one that has enabled my judgement to be neutral. 228 more words

Olmos Park

Nestled away within the city of San Antonio, just a handful of miles North from the downtown area, is the Olmos Basin Park. On the surface, it’s a quaint little enclave from all the urban chaos, teeming with roaming squirrels and the occasional deer passing through, despite the noise of the nearby highway. 1,349 more words