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Chill vibes in San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala

Each village on Lake Atitlan has its own vibe. San Pedro has a hip, chillin’ atmosphere and it’s a laid-back party place.

Sunrises are beautiful, and the town sits at the base of a dormant volcano on this crater lake. 579 more words

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Wednesday Trivia Question

Veteran journalist Bill Kurtis hosted what PBS science show in the 1990s?

Bill Kurtis may be best known to public broadcasting fans as the scorekeeper/announcer on NPR’s quiz show “Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me” but the broadcaster’s career goes back decades. 169 more words


Let's go to Mars!

The Mars Generation: a 2017 Netflix documentary follows the aspiring astronauts of tomorrow on the journey to Mars. Just like the prospect of going to the moon inspired a whole generation, the prospect of going to Mars now inspires the next generation of astronauts – the very people who might be on the Mars mission. 152 more words


You look like a movie.

Last week, while A was at nursery, me and one of my best friends took a little trip to Darley Abbey Park for a mini shoot. 72 more words


My Existence

“Being in the deep,

Living in hell always

I make no promise.”

I arrived at my West Coast sanctuary, good for my existence. I was exhausted from the long day and flights but awakened to the sound of the fog horns in the distance. 323 more words


Oh Tasmania

This was my first time in Tasmania, and to be honest I had underestimated, or more accurately been ignorant of its beauty.

It only took my best mate and her family moving down there to prompt me to make the trip. 1,001 more words

CARTM Art Show and Fundraiser

Over the weekend in Manzanita, OR, I had the opportunity to show some of my recently created found object/trash art pieces. I participated in a fundraiser for… 422 more words