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I used to think if I was going to survive a world so cold unscathed I’d have to wear my suit and armor every day, disguise all my soft, hide my love, close my big moon eyes, swallow my emotions, keep my head down when I walked. 102 more words



It’s amazing how in this day and age you can share a thought, moment, or picture to millions of people around the world in a matter of seconds. 412 more words


Artarmon, astounds me!

My favourite cafe, just gets better now using Artificer coffee beans.

JJ - Dynasti

JJ is another duo from Sweden, experimenting with different texture and timbre than the average electro dance group.  Dream pop and balearic beats navigating through synth washed ambiences.   18 more words

NASA’s Crazy Space Exploration Ideas A few of you asked us...

NASA’s Crazy Space Exploration Ideas

A few of you asked us to talk about NASA’s plan to send a submarine to Saturn’s moon Titan. We decided to take a closer look at some of the craziest space exploration ideas!

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Peter Freuchen

A Frozen Foot and a Fecal Chisel: Life and Times of Peter Freuchen

JOEL REMPEL • March 4th 2015

“The urine runs upward.”

The Inuit of Greenland use this saying to describe only the coldest weather — when it is so cold their urine freezes before it hits the ice and forms an inverted icicle pointed upward. 1,833 more words

Issue 7

We may never explore the galaxy, or interact with alien civilizations

Recently I’ve been thinking about the slew of exoplanets that have been discovered over the course of the last 20 years. Well over a thousand planets that orbit other stars have been discovered and confirmed during this period, and space agencies around the world are now locating Earth-like planets, i.e. 439 more words