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Where I've been and what I'm up to

I’ve decided to get into exploring this theme or concept of the pressures, burdens, and dirty work that is domesticity.  I’ve begun to print different images on fabric related to house hold chores, for example, doing the dishes.   231 more words


Everything and the kitchen sink

It’s time to start thinking about my camping kit list for my trip in a couple of weeks and I thought I would share it here: 157 more words


We become what we choose to become!

This is not my story; neither yours,

Journey of life could be filled with sours;

Three the kind of people in life,

All face an equal strife; 87 more words


Fearless He!

Men so strong and fierce;

Feared the God for his creation;

Destruction and demolitions didn’t weaken him,

Floods and famine didn’t scare him,

Darkness and failures didn’t falter him,

And, god created Women!


Day 40 - Queer religions.  The log of Cpt. J. Smith


These are the entries of the log of Captain J. Smith, found among other items of his possessions. Captain J. Smith was an Explorer of the twenty first Century, who traveled queer and exotic places all over the world and analyzed the indeginous people. 323 more words


Trust: Excerpt from "Did I Just Meet Patrick Bateman?" - Ch 1

“…a form of… behaving that takes practice, determination, discipline and collaboration – and trust. Can I trust you? You are forced to ask this of each other at the onset. 131 more words