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Soul Searching in Seoul #3

Second day in Seoul!

There was a lot of walking and getting lost involved. Despite all that, we had loads of fun and certain got ourselves some serious backache and sour feet!  168 more words



I’ve been mulling over a particular thought that makes no sense and perfect sense at the same time.

Identity is fluid.

Identity is how we articulate the ways in which we see ourselves fitting into the world as we know it. 919 more words



The hostel were expecting us, though their emails to me had been anything but clear. I’d asked for confirmations in order to process our Chinese visas several months before the trip, but received a questioning email in response regarding whether we wanted to cancel the room. 856 more words


Wonders of the Solar System

Why should anyone care about outer space? Shouldn’t we focus on solving problems on Earth first? Isn’t it a waste of money to be blasting off rockets or building giant telescopes to look at distant stars that can never affect us? 674 more words


What’s New in Space Station Science  This episode of the...

What’s New in Space Station Science 

This episode of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s “What’s New in Aerospace?” series featured NASA Astronaut Kjell Lindgren, who recently returned from five months in space onboard the International Space Station as part of the Expeditions 44 and 45 crews.

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24 Ways To Fall In Love With The World Around You (When You Need A Break From Romantic Love)

1. Fall In Love With Learning

Fall in love with exploring new ideas, constructing new thoughts, piecing together a new framework for how the world around you works and what you can do with that knowledge. 1,726 more words

How Do Spacesuits Keep Astronauts Safe From the Vacuum of...

How Do Spacesuits Keep Astronauts Safe From the Vacuum of Space? 

There were many iterations of the spacesuit before astronauts started wearing what they do today, but how do they work?

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