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Yasukuni, Shrine of Controversy

Most shrines we’ve visited, we were there to learn about Japanese religion and culture. This shrine, we visited for the controversy.

Yasukuni Shrine: dividing East Asia since WWII. 392 more words


A heat wave in the Kalahari

A bird survey, originally of the southern Kalahari, now also including the Karoo region. Data are shared with the southern African Bird Atlas project (http:\\sabap2.adu.org.za) 1,167 more words


The road to Titties Baai

Like all great journeys this one started late with a fair amount of blame about who had forgotten what. The delay was exacerbated by the ensuing trip to the shops to pick up the essentials we could remember we had forgotten. 764 more words


What The Soul Craves

For me, exploration and adventure. To feel like I am the size of an ant among mountains. I want to be breathless from hikes and from views. 216 more words


On the Importance of Travel

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…

But you would never know it without perspective. Trash is just trash, until you see it through another man’s eyes. 455 more words


Summer in the City pt. 1

Summer, a time for catching up on sleep, and hanging out with friends without time constraints or stress about exams (unless you have summer school). For me and my friends, summer gives us a chance to explore our city; to become familiar with the unknown, even when the unknown is in our own backyard. 283 more words


I Sat On a Beach

Jamaica, my homeland, is surrounded by warm, tropical waters. Hence, I have sat on a beach a few times in my life. Rough beaches, calm beaches, crystal blue beaches and murky beaches. 424 more words