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Explore More of Our Environment

We all come from different places. Different Towns, Cities, States and Countries. However we all share one thing inc common, we have the same front yard. 418 more words

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Why Dreaming Big Should be The Only Way You Think

Do you have a dream? Look back in history and look at all of the dreams people have had, how unobtainable some were and how doubtful the situations were that people were put in. 445 more words

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The Story Of 2016 (Full Text)

Author’s Note: I posted the poem earlier and here’s the full text of my 2016 wrap-up.

If 2015 was The Year of Boredom, 2016 was The Year of Lost Passion. 709 more words


small is a good thing.

Small can sometimes be a good thing.

On your journey through life you will of course experience life and there will be shifts in your understanding of things. 100 more words


The guard and the guide

Lady, let us depart while there is time! What hope is there in this wood for you or for me? Here we are held in bondage, and no profit shall I find here; for I have learned all that my father has to teach, or that the Naugrim will reveal to me.

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Farewell, Gene Cernan

Hi, everyone. It’s a sad day today. The world has lost Gene Cernan. He was 82. As the commander of Apollo 17 in 1972, he was the last man leave steps in the dust on the moon, and he was one of only three astronauts to fly to the moon twice. 250 more words

They Who Shall Not Be Named: Taboos, In-Laws, and the Maintenance of Cultural Order

Cultures around the world use language in richly varied ways to form and define social relationships, hierarchies, and maintain a sense of order. One example of a linguistic practice that seems incredibly challenging and opaque to many Western folks is popularly referred to as “mother-in-law” speech. 763 more words

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