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An Undiscovered Planet?

It is being reporting that an undiscovered planet may exist near the edge of our solar system. They say that the planet’s presence, size, and orbit, may explain why some objects in the Kuiper Belt plus a slight tilt that the sun has. 25 more words


Follow My Voyage….Baboró Early Year Arts Mentorship 2016: Part II

If you sat down to make art with your children could you stop yourself from asking; “so, what is it”? Would you fight the understandable urge to apply the “rules”? 335 more words

Kids' Creativity

Dofka - Humanity Bleak (2010)

A song from this album was sent to my by my buddy with the preface of “the drummer from Nechochwen sings on this album.” Fucking rad! 240 more words


Popoyo, Nicaragua | a slice of paradise perfection

Popoyo was on our radar from the get-go, and I can safely say it was absolutely a worthy place to go, though getting to the 3km long white sandy beach was a bit of a mission. 935 more words


Autumn all Over New York.

One year ago, almost to the date, I wrote a post about Fall in New York.

I feel lucky to live here, and to experience this. 164 more words

Problem of the Month: Multi-arm Bandit

This month I exercise my Second Amendment rights and deal with multi-arm bandits. I don’t like A/B test. They take a long time and I don’t really trust the results. 905 more words


Blunder Down Under - Part 1

So I’ve been in Australia just over a week now and it has become abundantly clear that I’m not going to be able to write all this up when I get home. 893 more words