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Three Months

Prior to moving to Denver, I’d never left a job without lining up the next one. Like a serial dater who couldn’t be alone, the idea of being without a job just wasn’t on my radar. 393 more words


Enjoying today's sunshine

“Some people are making such thorough preparation for rainy days that they aren’t enjoying today’s sunshine.” William Feather

Do you spend too much time preparing for the future, not really savoring the joys of this day?    135 more words


By the hour: Russia

As soon as I stepped out of the subway station and into the St. Petersburg streets, I was pleasantly surprised. Russia is a country often viewed as desolate, autocratic, and boring, but St. 260 more words


Snapshots: Russia day one

mosaic gallery

river and buildings

coffee shop

creative cluster


coffee shop




fruit market


hole in the wall coffee shop

greenhouse food

under the arch



Like any 6-year-old disguised as a 17-year-old girl, I love outer space. Don’t we all, at some point? Ask any second grader what they want to be when they grow up and they’ll reply with “ballerina” or “astronaut.” To an eager child, space exploration is romantic; slipping through the horizon in a sleek spacecraft, watching the earth turn in an eerily peaceful way, floating in the vastness of the milky way. 480 more words


Climbing at Clear Creek Canyon

One of the much-anticipated perks of living in Denver was the opportunity to climb outdoors… In Wisconsin, finding the time for a not-insignificant drive that aligned with friendly weather was always a little tough. 154 more words


Let's travel in an armchair

Tonight, as I cooked myself dinner, I felt a hunger for something beyond tofu stir fry; a hunger to see the world.

This is no phenomenon, in fact it happens… 234 more words