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Attractive Places to Visit in San Francisco

San Francisco city is a very famous and renowned city in the United States of America. This city is enriched with natural scenic beauties and historical importance. 352 more words

San Francisco

π-mania and Pi-day : The ultimate math day of the century

In a 1967 Star Trek episode “Wolf in the Fold”, Mr. Spock commands an evil computer to compute Pi to the last digit—which, of course, digresses the computer from its evil machinations. 348 more words


Happy π Day - 3.14.15

The official celebration of Pi Day was organized in San Francisco by Larry Shaw in 1988. He was a physicist at the SF Exploratorium and on that day the everyone marched around one of the circular spaces while eating fruit pies. 169 more words


Pi Day is extra special this year -- here's why

(CNN) — Pi Day is going to be extra special this year, as 2015 stretches the symbolic March 14 celebration out a little longer to 3.1415. 249 more words


Get Ready for "Epic Pi Day" on 3.14.15 at 9:26:53

Pi Day is coming on March 14! And not just any old Pi Day, but an “Epic Pi Day” on 3.14.15 at 9:26:53; that date/time corresponds to the first 10 digits of pi (π = 3.141592653). 838 more words

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Caltrain Stats: the dreaded morning commute

Now that I’m done volunteering at the Exploratorium, I am very much looking forward to sleeping in since I was waking up super early to arrive at work by 8:30 am. 224 more words

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