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Fall Break

Every month or so I try to make time for a grand adventure. This month one perk of teaching meant I got a fall break. Three days off amidst a very busy season of training and workshops, parent teacher conferences, and report cards was a welcome reprieve. 380 more words

Day seven and it’s looking like heaven 😇

Day seven started easy, no morning plans as we had to check out at midday. For those who are wondering the accomodation that was used was… 638 more words


Are We There Yet?: The Thing About Family Road Trips

Anyone who has been on a family vacation will tell you that it can be hit or miss (and honestly everything else in between). It’s different for every family and for every individual – maybe your family is super close and you all share everything with each other, or maybe your family is dysfunctional and spending time with them happens once in a blue moon. 1,609 more words


Child Carers Seeing The World

It is possible to travel the world whilst reigniting your passion for Child Care.

Take it from me, I’ve done it. 

FlyinCare aims to help families but our other aim is to make Child Carers in the UK realize that there are opportunities out there that enable you to earn whilst you live in a new city and travel. 203 more words

Hunting Headspace

You may or may not have seen my most recent post, in which I talked about my recent glumness. Anyway, today I decided to take some time out for myself and chill, and it was a whole world of helpful. 266 more words


Here we go...- EuroTrip2017

It’s been a while huh?

I guess I should probably start this blog post with an apology for anyone that I follow who follows me as well, you’ve probably experienced straight silence from me on all fronts for over a month now with nary a reason why. 300 more words



Today second stop was BOXERMANS, a local bistro / Coffee shop that opened a few months ago on Van Horne.

Sunday brunch was simple but very tasty and the beet salad actually surprising (and underated as per the owner). 85 more words