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MIA, London life 

So I’ve been pretty MIA on here, life is crazy and busy and I barely have time to breathe..

However I made a promise to myself I would put an effort into my blog and actually stick this through. 345 more words


The month of June comes as the rainy season in Japan. They call it tsuyu. It happens as a transition between the end of spring and the beginning of summer. 352 more words


Lunch with Jacob's Crackers

There has been a lot of food trends blooming on Instagram feeds lately; those aesthetically looking shots of cookie dough from the famous bakery by Dominique Ansel, avocados, black coconut ice cream and so on, so forth… However, something more exciting has landed in the heart of Covent Garden – or shall I mention my favourite area of London. 298 more words


Rome-ing Through Italy

What’s all the fuss about Italian men anyway, right? So what if they look like Adonis himself. So what if the first words you hear from one of such creatures was, “Bellisimas! 228 more words


Syracuse Polish Fest

An official resolution this year was to attend more of the local food festivals.

The Polish Festival has taking over Clinton Square, Downtown this weekend. … 138 more words

A dream from May 19, 2016.

I had a really cool dream where I had two friends with me. Im not sure who they were though. Anyways, so we were trying to escape a world that we lived in because it was very dangerous and we transformed into really small versions of ourselves (think of the Magic school bus shrinking — that’s how it was like) and began our escape plan. 330 more words

Explore these secret museums in Singapore

(Source: www.timeout.com)

A dinosaur fossil, a sperm whale skeleton, the only specimen of the largest species of turtle ever recorded, and an Asian Brown Flycatcher specimen collected by the famed British naturalist Alfred Wallace himself – these are just some of the highlights you’ll see at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.  79 more words