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It's not a 'Gap Year'

“What made you decide to take a gap year?”

This is the question I am constantly being asked, and as anyone who has chosen an unconventional path can agree; the answer is not always simple. 1,024 more words


Skirting around the edges of Sydney

Sydney based photographer Yan Zochowski chats to us about stars, clouds, and composition. He uses a Nikon D3300 to capture the cosmos.

I get my inspiration from my curiosity about stars. 223 more words


AS THE SUN RISES // Varanasi, India

Reflecting back on our time in Varanasi now, I think the sunrise was far more beautiful than the sunset on the Ganges. We were truly lucky to experience both, and each time we went offered a different perspective on this wonderful city. 431 more words


Top Five Reasons: How traveling has ruined my relationships

It’s easy to talk about the luxurious side of traveling- exquisite scenery, beautiful people, delectable dishes, etc. My life can feel like a constant vacation (as it should). 595 more words


A Requiem for a Life Spent Together

(Blooming Heart by Meagan Segal, all picture credit to the original artist)

Are you sad dear?

Are you glad dear?

Are you leaving dear?

Tired of grieving dear? 96 more words

Tasmania Adventures - Part 1

She flirted with life, and life flirted right back with her, as if all the universe, became more alive just for her, and everything felt her glow, in the dew, in the stars, in the colour of the sky, it all shone for her, bright as it could, in the hopes to catch her eye – Atticus.  143 more words


Snow Kayaking

Winter is in full swing where I live. We have been under a storm advisory since Wednesday, the last day of a workshop I was hosting for work was cancelled, the boys have missed two days of school and my office has been closed for a day and a half. 362 more words