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The Seven Wonders of Oregon Part IV: Mount Hood

Thunderstorms are expected for the evening.  I keep my fingers crossed that the forecast will prove true as we snake up Mount Hood, going round and round circling the mountain surrounded by tall evergreens and steep drop-offs.   1,654 more words

Learn Yogi, Experience Everything

Forever a student, I will always be.  Not just in yoga but, in life.  I am well read, well-traveled, and I still thirst for more.  There is so much to learn, see and do.  324 more words


Progenitor Psych

And I stood before him, and I sang unto her, and it appeared to listen. His very countenance rippled like the sea, and the sound of my own voice came back to me, distorted.

534 more words
Chapter One

Spring Break

There are two paths to take for spring break if you are planning to go somewhere.  Go see snow or go somewhere warm.  The thing about going somewhere warm is that most places in the USA aren’t warm enough in March if you want to be comfortable in shorts or swim, at least not for people who are used to hot weather.  463 more words


Explore Until Satisfied (SOL Day 17)

We love cities.
We love nature.
I love a good long hike, covered head to toe in mud, and getting to experience the luxury of a nice warm shower and fancy soap. 101 more words


Why Nomad

Story has always been important to me.  Journals, resumes, the memories we write into the people around us – all of our actions and intentions and outcomes meshed together in unfolding paragraphs of time are what script our local bit of the universe.  256 more words