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Flinterborg Bound for Sea 2: Eureka

He:  (stretching after much needed nap) Oooo.  Let me quick recall that dream!  The meaning’s in vu.  

Parrot: (from perch near bed) What?  Atchooo!

Knowing where to start in this story  . 883 more words


Tug Sea Horse

What’s this?

Would you believe the object in the first foto here rubs faces with the formidable 8th Sea?  And does  so sans fear. 179 more words


Dutch Barge No Return

What does 1887 look like on 2009?  Feast your eyes below.  Further may we feast our eyes in a while when she splashes back into her element.   425 more words


Day Peckinpaugh

As a kid living near Lock 28 of the then-Barge Canal, I might have seen this strange looking vessel.  If I saw it  as a 9-year-old in 1961,  a) I’ve forgotten it . 319 more words


Autumn Sail 3

Can we possibly be passed the equinox yet again?  And we’ll have to see flurries fly and flows freeze before summer returns to bless us?   265 more words


Narrows Encounter + a HalfMoon

A fortnight PLUS 400 years ago, Half Moon lay in what we now call the Upper Bay;  a momentous encounter of civilizations soon drew blood, and  would draw more.   241 more words


Creek: Rondout

Second in this series, this post attempts to captures quick details on Rondout this weekend,

venue for the latest Working on Water (WOW) festival.  Rondout, a creek I’d love to spend much more time on, enters the Hudson about 80 miles north of  the sixth boro, strictly delineated.   194 more words