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Exploration day... snow!

It has been four years since Tokyo had snow and we were lucky enough to witness it! We in fact didn’t realize that it was snowing until we left to go explore Shibuya, so it was a surprise. 140 more words


Snow time like the present

I can’t resist a pun sometimes

We’ve had some snow lately and it is ridiculously pretty around here so I went on a snowshoe tromp around the property. 84 more words


A local’s guide to Greenwich

If it weren’t for the bright lights of Canary Wharf’s skyscrapers across the river, you could forget Greenwich is in London. In fact, when I arrived as an apprehensive small-town Welsh girl three years ago, my first thoughts as I stepped off the DLR were: this isn’t scary London. 526 more words



The carpets sighed with every step she took, her socks clinging to the thick fabric. Outside, a breeze nudged the tree near the window. The branch tickled the glass as she crept passed. 168 more words


Week 1: Nyhavn

Did you know that Nyhavn (nö-hown) means “new haven” in Danish? Not only is that the name of the colorful harbor Copenhagen is famous for, but what I already feel this city is to me. 506 more words

First Hour On the Ground

By Clare

Here’s a quick list of things we recommend doing once you touch down in a new city. If you’re like us and choose not to plan much (or at all) before getting to the destination, these tips will get you settled without wasting any precious time and start your trip on the right foot. 396 more words