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Who woulda thunk.

He messaged me 8 months ago. “You’re really cute” we had a few exchanges, then nothing. He messages me again recently and we talk and exchange numbers and then I spent my whole night with him. 352 more words

Tired, Maybe. But We Are Still Wild (Shi Shi Beach)

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the Earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.” — Rachel Carson

Often times I find myself asking, “Whyyyy??? 710 more words


Big Sur, You Have My Heart

So I officially decided I was the worst Californian ever when I realized I was the only person in the entire universe that had never been to Big Sur before. 791 more words


Route Change

So I think I have a few new #mcm’s. Are you all ready for this? Because things are about to get serious. Their names are Louis, Clark, Christopher, Marco, and Ferdinand. 338 more words


2/18/15- 11:13pm

I´m sitting here next to Chris. Our flight is tomorrow morning, we just finished packing our bags, and even though we´re sleepy, we´re too excited to rest. 178 more words


Passively we are all cultural

I’ve now lived in Glasgow for almost 6 months (moved here 6th of September 2014), and all though I do get quite homesick from time to time I know I chose the right city to study in. 765 more words


We found the mall😍

Today after language class, which was very hard by the way, we ventured to the mall. We went in search of a Starbucks to get a Braunschweig mug! 288 more words