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534 days in Space!


Congratulations and lots of love to our friend Astronaut Jeff Williams!!! From today August,25,2016 Jeff has completed 520 days and 32 minutes (EDT  time) in Space. 246 more words


Weekend In Bend

A few weeks ago, when summer was actually still summer….the anxiety of school beginning again is starting to settle…A group of friends and I went to Bend, Oregon for the weekend. ¬† 268 more words


I'm a spelunker now.

We went exploring today. It was different. It was adventurous. It was fun.

My mother lives on Vancouver Island in BF Nowhere. It’s a little town called Gold River. 220 more words


7 reasons why you should do a contiki tour

If you are 18-35 then you are in the right age range to do a Contiki tour! There are a wide range of people who do Contiki including solo travellers, groups of friends, couples, or even siblings/cousins. 471 more words


Why I'm not afraid of dining alone

When I was young, while I was growing up, I always had to be around people. I always needed attention, and I hated being alone or doing things by myself. 288 more words

Here I am, England.

Well, I’ve arrived and settled into my new place. I’m working on getting unpacked and organizing my space to look like my space.

I started my travels on Monday morning, I was up at about 6:30am to finish packing and getting everything sorted. 893 more words


Seven Magic Mountains

I have been waxing poetically about things to see and do in Las Vegas for over four years now, yet there is never a lack of adventures and sites in my city! 112 more words