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Where two rivers meet

As we all know one of the best ways to get a little bit more magic in our life is by travelling. And especially recently I’ve been having an immense thirst for a trip somewhere out of the environment I’m so used to and I’ve gotten sick of. 940 more words


Mumbai MadnessĀ 

17 hours of broken rest later- I’m not calling it sleep, though I got a couple of consecutive hours here and there, the sound of the horn and the speed bumps permeate your semi-dreamlike state and keep you aware of your surroundings. 946 more words

Weekend over

Weekend of fun almost over. I’m ready to start The Body Coach SSS 90 day plan tomorrow. I have done a meal plan and food shopping for the first few days, ready and raring to go! 216 more words


exploring petaluma

Petaluma is such a cute town. I’m so glad we got to spend this Saturday, and that the weather was really sunny. The town, in some parts, reminds me of a more local San Francisco… Not that San Francisco is that much further anyway. 862 more words


Meeting up in the 21st century

New chapter, new city, new routine.

Moving to a new place probably seems like a mammoth problem. And it is, kind of.

Thinking about going to a new place where you don’t know anybody is terrifying, but some times you just need to turn over a new leaf. 132 more words


Mandapa Reserve Resort, Ubud

Life is good at Mandapa Reserve, the only hard thing is the damage on my wallet.

When I was looking for a place to check out this weekend, I was recommended over and over again to check out Mandapa Reserve by Ritz-Carlton in Ubud. 220 more words

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