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Travel Time Again... Vietnam

After previously going to Thailand a couple of times I wanted to explore something different and new, on a relaxing holiday, but still wanting to go to somewhere in Asia. 794 more words


Flying off to... Thailand

My favourite Phuket standouts (besides the food!!!)

The People

The people in Phuket are just so welcoming and friendly everywhere I went.

It was refreshing to see these people truly happy and so friendly and welcoming to tourists, they were constantly laughing & smiling. 485 more words


Ta Prohm

Ta Prohm temple was perhaps the one I found more stunning. Unlike the other temples of the Khmer Empire, Ta Prohm was kept the way it was found, with trees growing through its ruins. 38 more words


The Terrace of the Elephants and the Terrace of the Leper King

The immense area was used for public events during the Khmer Empire, namely the return of the army. And can anyone think of a more glorious entrance?


The Bayon Temple

Right after visiting Angkor Wat, I went to the Bayon Temple and was absolutely amazed by its majestic features. OneĀ  can easily get lost when surrounded by the countless “face towers”, the enormous statues with one, two, three or, more commonly, four smiling faces.


Exploring Angkor Wat

This week I had the once in a lifetime opportunity of exploring the wonders of the Khmer Empire. And, as I imagined, it’s indeed breath-taking. 173 more words



So. The struggles. The biggest struggle is slowly coming out. And that struggle is, well, coming out.

“What are you coming out as, exactly?” you must be thinking. 536 more words