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I Have a Passport Now! And Mild Travel Anxiety...

I recently got my passport after many years of procrastinating about it (I wish I was exaggerating!) and as you’d expect got incredibly excited to hop a plane and start travelling. 408 more words


Being All About the Money

My first experience with failure happened this year in the month of September. I knew it was coming a few months earlier but was in denial that I had to close up shop. 440 more words

I decided I would, so I did.....

Whilst sitting in my fairly new rented lounge, with my lovely cat Dragon purring around me, my boyfriend and I were looking around each other both thinking the obvious. 310 more words


Random Bag of Trash

While jogging earlier in the week at one of Lilburn’s fine parks I came across a random trash bag with several clothing items, a bible and a small smashed radio.   889 more words

Sentimental Journey - Sarajevo 4

Sarajevo has been one of the most ethnically diverse areas in Europe for many years. Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christians and Muslims had been living beside each other peacefully for centuries. 291 more words


"Why are you here?" Bratislava on a budget

I’ve ended up doing a few rather serious posts lately, so here’s some more frivolous fare to balance matters out. Last week I went on a last-minute holiday with Megan, who was in desperate need of a break from studying. 1,527 more words


In Which Snow is Softly Falling

Before the roads turn slushy and slick…

Before grey skies loom so pervasive that gloom seeps into the soul, obscuring the memory of sunshine…

Before the drifts stain with brown and black (occasionally yellow)… … 84 more words