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A sunrise boat ride on the Ganges is one of the things to do in Varanasi, and I understand why; it’s nice, tranquil and peaceful. As the dawn breaks and the sunlight glimmers through the haze the steps of the riverbanks (known as ghats) come slowly to life with the faithful making their way to the waters edge to pay respects to the sun and to bathe in the holy river. 407 more words



In spite of myself I had an enjoyable few days in Varanasi, a city that seems to have everything and nothing going for it at the same time. 370 more words


Being Genuinely Happy

Disneyland is an absolutely fun place to go to if you have the money of course. My orchestra and I were lucky enough to even attend thanks to our talents. 108 more words


On the Importance of Travel

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…

But you would never know it without perspective. Trash is just trash, until you see it through another man’s eyes. 455 more words


Fox, feathers and fishing

Here I am doing a little ice fishing at the Land of Rainbows, with Hairy Styles my fox and a friendly heron for company. This rural sim is prettily decorated for winter, and offers visitors lots to do on their visit as they explore, including ice skating for singles and couples, and couple dancing. 114 more words


Whisky - the Manual

Whisky – the Manual is a book by the hand of Dave Broom, starting its introduction with debunking the most known myths in the whisky world we all know about: whisky is an old fashioned drink and for old men, should only been drunk neat as an after dinner dram, single malts are better than blends and Scotland makes the best whisky… Whisky is so much more than that and it is not (or at least a lot less) frowned upon anymore to chill, shake, mix and match with all kind of liquids and foods. 563 more words