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'Adjusting to life here, it's a new experience' - My first weeks in Oaxaca, Mexico

July 13th 2015

Back to School and Exploring

As part of my Travel Award I have two weeks in ICO learning Spanish and participating in cultural workshops. 635 more words

Late Nite Catechism

Went to a Local H show in Valpo, stopped at that one church on the way home… she’s looking rough, these days. Many have been here, but few come back when lit purely by moon and street light.

Fifteen-ish minute exposure.


... and so to Lake Titicaca ...

One more shot of the awesome scenery from the rail journey across to Puno … it was so special. The observatory car enabled us to see the scenery in the open air; I learnt how to make Pisco Sour cocktails in the bar and listened to some great live Andean music at the same time – a real highlight! 70 more words


Monday September 29 2014 Inner Mongolia

I woke up early to use the bathroom, and instead of crawling back into my bunk I stood staring out the window, mesmerized by the expanse of rolling hills. 457 more words


Are We Really Doing This?

So, we’ve crossed the Rockies and have arrived, still awestruck, in the lower British Columbia mainland. Whiterock, to be exact. It’s been a long drive, made longer and more emotional by the visits and subsequent leavetaking of our children. 731 more words


Lake Living (For 3 days at least!)

That’s my bedhead and I, and the newest friend I made this last weekend.

So this last weekend a few friends and I decided to get away from the hustle n’ bustle of college life and spend the weekend on Lake Coeur d’Alene. 358 more words


Hydration Pack

Hey all! Sorry for the delay on our blog about hydration packs! There are a lot on the market right now. To be honest when I bought mine I was a newbie and didn’t look at the different options or research what I actually needed. 151 more words