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Getting Settled in

A big bonjour to all my blog friends! Yesterday was my first day at Glendon and already I’m starting to feel more at home. I had a 6:15am flight from Thunder Bay to Pearson, and my aunt and uncle (known to me as Zia and Zio, or plural as ZI…some Italian lessons for you!) picked me up at the airport and we went straight to Glendon! 348 more words



Prague is by far the most impressive city I have been to so far in Europe. After Frankenjura, we stopped by Prague for a couple of days to see some of the cultural side of Europe. 274 more words

Loving The Life- Climbing

With the Grain

It’s another of these times when I’ve looked back over my journal and noticed a theme. If you have never tried prayer journalling, I would recommend it. 685 more words


Paris - City Break

Late last week I had the great pleasure of visiting one of the best cities in the WORLD¬†– yes, I am obsessed with this place if you can’t already tell. 527 more words


Explore Campus

So school has started and we all need to hunker down and study right? I mean who has time for dating? Well here’s an idea: If your or your date¬†are new to your campus or college town, why not take an evening and explore it? 53 more words


Oh hey wow guys it’s September 1st and I’ve officially been home one month. Which is weird. And I don’t really like it entirely. But classes have started so I’m seeing my friends more and have things to do with my life so that’s good. 280 more words


September rain

It was a rainy day here in Holland so I thought a nice rainy pic from SL would fit the RL day. We opened our sim to public a few days ago and it will stay open for a couple of weeks, so if you want to visit, now is the time! 147 more words