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The Sweet Spot

I have entered a ‘sweet spot’ in mothering my daughter. She is a keen walker, eater, sleeper and is just generally good at being gorgeous. Our routine works and our days are fairly relaxed and easy. 197 more words


Mt Fuji & Aokigahara

When KF and I were planning our trip to Japan, I asked her if there was anywhere in particular she wanted to go, or anything she really wanted to see/do there. 1,002 more words


Sis, how are we getting home?

So, finally it happened… I decided to wear this outfit and when sis logged on she was also dressing up with this outfit… we were in IMs but neither tped the other yet… when she said, sis look I found a good area for the pic of the set I want to wear, I replied with TEEPEE me woman! 337 more words

Wardrobe Of Myst

Walla Walla by Bicycle

While I love being outside in the spring and fall, I have a hard time with the summer heat.  I tend to stay indoors enjoying the air conditioning.   538 more words


Exploring TO : Colors and ice cream

It was a great day to explore Kensington Market. My friend dragged by yours truly were on a mission to find ice cream to complete our mission that day so we headed down to the market for some casual strolling and food eating. 405 more words


All Our Waves Are Water

In Yoga philosophy, as with all the great faiths, God could never be captured in words.  But if you tried, you might say God is an intelligence akin to the Force in Star Wars or what Voltaire seems to have been getting at when he wrote that “God is a circle whose center is everywhere and circumference nowhere.”

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Beargrass & Coffee

Beargrass and coffee might seem an odd combination but the two go hand in hand as part of a great day.

Beargrass is a funny looking flower that often thrives in burn areas here in northern Montana and it’s one of the signature sights in Glacier. 191 more words