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Three Minute Crafts

I have created a Youtube channel called Three Minute Crafts where I teach viewers how to make a craft in a three minute-long or less video. 110 more words


Explosion box

Not long ago I made a very special gift for my best friend and this gift idea can be found on pinterest.

Here are a few pictures I took while making it.

two layer explosion scrapbox with squash card

this scrapbox made by order from my friend for her friend bday. I made this scrapbox for a man birthday gift, so I pick the blue n sport as a main themes for this explosion scrapbox. 109 more words


monokuro boo explosion scrapbox

diz is the third explosion scrapbox, monokuro boo explosion scrapbox.¬†Imade this for my cousin’s bday on february. She like monokuro boo character n blue color. 95 more words


batik explosion scrapbox

uuumm diz is my second scrapbox, i called it batik explosion scrapbox.

kali ini explosion sscrapbox nya juga ku-combine dgn circle stand album, mini folding album n waterfall mini album,¬†complicated enough but excited hahaha :D :D… 117 more words


the first explosion scrapbox

this is my first explosion scrapbox. I made this last year on september for my friend bday.

pengalaman pertama, masi kliatan kasar but yang pazti utk smua karya-ku harus sesuatu yang unique. 132 more words