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Deepwater Horizon Survivor Mike Williams Speaks Of 2010 Disaster: "It Haunts Me"

Deepwater Horizon opens in theaters today and recounts the story of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.  Mark Wahlberg portrays Mike Williams, the Chief Electronics Technician who was one of the last people to leave the rig after helping save others who were trapped in the wreckage. 380 more words


U.S. regulators warn consumers about exploding Samsung washing machines

First it was the smartphones, now it’s the washing machines.

In the same month that Samsung admitted it knows of at least 35 instances of Note7 batteries exploding or catching fire amid a nationwide recall in the U.S., the company is also having to deal with reports that some of its top-loading washers are also exploding. 260 more words

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Poetry (Day 273): Better


Improvement doesn’t happen
in an explosion
of self belief
or a sudden flash
of skill.

It happens
moment by moment
step by step,
until you are exhausted… 13 more words


Dutch Inquiry Links Russia to 298 Deaths in Explosion of Jetliner Over Ukraine

A Dutch-led investigation has concluded that the powerful surface-to-air missile system used to shoot down a Malaysia Airlines plane over Ukraine two years ago, killing all 298 on board, was trucked in from Russia at the request of Russian-backed separatists and returned to Russia the same night. 1,435 more words

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CPSC Issues Warning After Reports Some Samsung Washing Machines Exploded

(ABC News) — The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a warning about certain top-loading Samsung washing machines after reports that some exploded, ABC News has learned exclusively. 451 more words


Amid Complaints Of Exploding Samsung Washing Machines, Safety Agency Says To Use Delicate Cycle

Some owners of Samsung top-loading washing machines say their appliances exploded while in normal use. Now, federal safety regulators have confirmed they are looking into the matter and are advising Samsung owners on the best way to avoid the potential problem. 614 more words


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Jerry balanced the tray properly on his head and waved a goodbye. His mother, a weary looking diminutive figure, waved back. She was bent over, blowing air with her mouth towards the fire she had prepared using wood. 735 more words