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Active, Not Reactive Revisited

Characters are actors in our stories and must be active, this doesn’t mean they can’t react to situations but this can’t be all they do. If characters only react they become passive and the story loses forward momentum. 592 more words


Which Way Will We Go? // Malachi 3:16-4:6

Text: Malachi 3:16-4:6


As I was reading over the text in preparation for this message, the words of Jason Upton’s song, “The King’s Way” kept coming to my mind: … 3,840 more words


Exposition Cow & Cow

Exposition Cow & Cow
Sophie Neury • Mat Elbé • Vincent Pompetti • Tarek

Du 26 juin au 3 septembre 2018 à la galerie Atelier 17 à Moulins. 48 more words


Clarifying Character Revisited

This week we’re looking at what we mean by active characters, how you don’t need a complete backstory to begin, and we consider character arcs. 152 more words


Mentioning Memory Revisited

The internal monologue can also be used to fill in backstory and introduce memories. I list the separately because we can fill in backstory without showing memories or we can show memories to fill in backstory. 687 more words



Narrative is the narrator telling the story. A novel needs a good balance of dialogue, description, narrative, and exposition. The narrative portions move the story forward, telling us the actions characters take, the things they do. 129 more words

Gap Between Thought and Truth Revisited

As we’ve already mentioned when we’re using internal monologue we don’t have to be entirely truthful, this can be the gap between truth and interpretation, a selective truth or even an outright lie. 515 more words