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I woke this morning thinking about something I learned in physics at school. A wire carrying a current in a magnetic field is acted on by a force (if it is not parallel to the field): in what direction does the force act? 887 more words


Story of my Life

Imagine, for a second, that you were holding in your hands a little black storybook. When you flip the pages open, you realise that it’s not just any old story, but a story about you. 231 more words


2 Chronicles 7:14 - Observations

The context of 2 Chronicles 7:14 goes all the way back to (and further than) the beginning of chapter 6. The account is the finishing and dedication of Solomon’s temple to God: and God’s statement to Solomon after the fact is this- 540 more words


Saturday Review: A little life

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Just, no.


Okay, so first of all, a disclaimer: apart from the first and last 150 pages or so, I skim read and skipped over a lot of this book (you’ll understand why if you get that far into it). 740 more words


This Thing Called Strategy: An eXposition

For the past few years, a question has been haunting my dreams: What is strategy? A narrower follow up question is: What makes a compelling strategy game? 4,585 more words


There is no McLaughlin geometry

Congratulations to Patric Östergård and Leonard Soicher, who have just completed a big computation whose conclusion is “There is no McLaughlin geometry”. The run-time of the computation was about 250 core-years. 562 more words


Infodumps: Why They're Awful, and How to Fix Them

Rather than introducing information organically, infodumps deliver it in large blocks. They aren’t in scene, they stall the plot, and because they usually appear as a wall of text they’re actually much harder for readers to parse. 795 more words