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Astronomy is my Favorite Subject

Did you know astronomy is my favorite subject? The sun, Moon, planets, stars, Galaxies, and other matter in universe are beautiful. The people known as astronomers has studied these objects for years now. 150 more words

4th Grade

Dancing with the Dead

Life can be measured in many ways – chronological time is but one.

Using the biblical allotment of three score and ten as a benchmark and allowing eight hours of sleep to prevent going completely mad; we measure out our waking lives in hours: 444 more words

Expository Writing

Machine Learning: Predicting the 2018 EPL matches

Machine learning model, written in Python, to predict the outcome of the 2018 English Premier League (EPL) football matches. Built by training suitable machine learning algorithms on historic results data. 1,093 more words

Expository Writing

Bean Counters and Paper Shufflers

Everyone has an ego that seeks power and control. The Bean Counters and Paper Shufflers (mid-level bureaucrats stuck-for-life in midst of the government hierarchy) are no exception. 117 more words


The Plagiarists

Plagiarism in the usual, legal sense has to do with works published for profit or acclaim. It may be scientific research, books, magazine articles, plays, music and lyrics for sale. 275 more words

Expository Writing

Let It Snow!

It is now Christmas Eve in the year of our lord, Jesus Christ, 2017. The decorations are up; the gifts, such as they are, are all wrapped. 179 more words



Curiosity is an instinct. Whenever any one of your five senses detects something new, something different, something strange, something out of the ordinary, or even just out-of-place; – a thing you’ve never encountered before; – your curiosity instinct kicks in and draws your attention to it. 223 more words