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The Monkey Trap

This is just a rehash of a story I’d read about a long time ago. It took place somewhere in Southeast Asia or thereabouts. It was about how the local natives would, for what ever reason, capture a monkey. 146 more words


Don't Give Me Those Puppy Dog Eyes

Nasty old lady parks her van at the far end of ALDI’s parking lot. She unloads her two large dogs, a couple of pit bull mix. 123 more words


The African Slaveries: Distinction of Trade

For millenniums slavery has infected cultures and civilization around the world, seeping its way into the histories of Babylon, Rome, and the Americas. Yet perhaps no slavery compares to that within the African continent, from which hundreds of millions of humans have been enslaved and trans-continentally exported for centuries, dating back to at least 800 A.D. 1,810 more words

Expository Writing

Native American Magazines

I love culminating projects that wrap lots of skills together in a tidy finished product. Before the holidays, my students finished our Native American unit with a research project focused on one aspect of a Native American group from a specific region. 421 more words

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Anything Can Happen Day

You might want to Copy and Paste this somewhere for future reference:

One cannot explain how or why, that, from time to time, this type of cerebral detritus burbles up from the subconscious mind but, bemusingly, it never-the-less does. 77 more words



At some point in the future society must come to recognize greed as a form of mental illness and intervene for the betterment of society as a whole. 282 more words


In-Text Citation Guide





Any thought or idea that you did not think up, any information that is not your own, any material you got from another source must be cited.  294 more words