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When No-one Pays Attention

Photographers, painters, writers, sculptors, musicians, singers, dancers, and all other creative people are sometimes tempted to feel sad and to let other people learn of it. 378 more words


Exposing Exposure

Exposure is one of the key elements in photography that is often overlooked by the automatic settings on your camera. In this introduction, I will try to explain what exposure is and how it can be manipulated to alter your images. 616 more words


Exposure to Possibilities!

I like photography and there is a simple yet very significant element that determines the quality of a picture. It is called exposure. The right amount of exposure helps you get the perfectly lit photograph. 559 more words

Stories From Schools

Installation- Lecture

Marcel Dunup- concept of two worlds.

H.M.P Pentonville by Darren Almond who explores the nature of time. The sound over a still image implies that something is in fact happening, we just can’t see it, but we hear it. 111 more words



I was trying to take a photo with my mobile phone in manual setting along with flash setting of this plant at night that I was thinking about using in a blog, but I got the setting wrong and the photo turn overexposure, but I like the result of how the photo turnout.


Superimpose- group exhibiton

Me, Jade, Gracie and Holly B

Presenting my work in the exhibition:

The location is in the basement of The Northan Seaman. We chose this location because it is a small and intimate space that will compliment my groups work well as the atmosphere in the location suits our work. 521 more words


posting only to myself: attachment and Facebook

As performance, self-experiment, research enquiry I started this on Saturday 18 November:

Gesa Helms
18 November 11:20am

i will experiment a little with (my) attachment. 
in the course of which albums and posts to you may disappear, but not to me. 682 more words