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~Another Day~

Another day
Is gone~
Melts into history
Of what is you and me….. Others
There is no going back~
Even more another day could be Tomorrow a step forward… 282 more words

Human Behavior

A Day in the Life: Overexposed

I recently posted a Facebook status about artists being asked to use their work for free, with the promise of exposure or promotion. Another artist had directed me to the website of someone who makes a living as a coach for “infusing spirit to transform your life.” Amongst the many items for sale on the site are CDs, which sell for about $22. 867 more words

A Day In The Life

Becoming a Manual Photographer: Aperture

Today is the day! Today you become one with your camera; you become a Manual Photographer! In short, I’d like to share my first beginners camera tutorial. 447 more words


Human exposure to arsenic in household water, Pakistan

Rasheed H, Kay P, Slack R, Gong YY, Carter A. Human exposure assessment of different arsenic species in household water sources in a high risk arsenic area. 235 more words


Day by day, I learned and learned

The time in instruction during Ms. King’s photojournalism class, I have learned a good deal about cameras and what situations can occur out in the field while shooting. 503 more words

I Have Always Seen You

“I have always seen you”

At first, that could sound creepy, kind of stalker-ish. But, it can also be reassuring. How many times have people looked at us but not truly seen us? 703 more words



THERE IS A WHOLE SEPARATE WING OF THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ESTATE that values dark almost more than light. It’s a photography of near-night, work that suggests only the merest intrusion of illumination into a palette of black. 405 more words

Available Light