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#84 Gratitude

I am very grateful (shall not explicitly expresses it out as it is not very appropriate to do so and very insensitive for me to say it too). 125 more words

Expressing Gratitude

#83 Gratitude

Realised I deleted the photo before even posting this. Hence, explained the screen shot from instagram.

My papa helped to change the plug of my heated comb within a short 1 minute that I didn’t managed to see how he did it after he snapped the original plug off the wiring. 44 more words

Expressing Gratitude

#82 Gratitude

“What have I given up? My Life.” – LKY

How many of us have given up our life for a much bigger cause?

Today, 23 March 2015, our founding father, Mr. 138 more words

Expressing Gratitude

#81 Gratitude

Woke up as early as my weekdays to attend the WEC event which was held at PA HQ (Lavendar Station).

The HKN WEC brought our very own-made healthy version of the Cupcakes and Soon Kueh to the event in celebration of Women’s Day (I know it came late but it is always better to have it than none). 202 more words

Expressing Gratitude

#80 Gratitude

My mummy, the woman in my life, who cares about her family more than herself, is ever so sweet.

I drew her a simple map to guide her from Chinatown Mrt Station to Hong Lim Complex for her Sunday’s examination day. 63 more words

Expressing Gratitude

#79 Gratitude

Thanks for being persistent & consistent.

Be safe! See you soon, at dubai transit hall.

Thanks for binding up all my travel documents for me. ^_^ 26 more words

Expressing Gratitude

Expressing Gratitude Brings Me Closer to Myself

I am 71. I was born during a World War – another “war to end all wars”. I’ve lived through the Korean War, the Vietnam War, entrenched fear of Communism, Middle East Wars, September 11th, jobs I hated, a challenging marriage, teenagers with troubles – sometimes very big ones, financial losses, early stages of breast cancer and many other events both personal and world events. 395 more words