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#57 Gratitude

I think my gratitude post is getting more random each day. Today I took a photo of the bottles I had in office. How random of me to do that. 380 more words


#54 Gratitude

1st day of work after the extended weekends break all thanks to Lunar New Year. Gained 3-4 kgs over 5 days worth of eating & snacking from Lunar New Year Eve till Yesterday. 356 more words


#53 Gratitude

Thanks to *Ching for sharing this post on her facebook.

Here’s the link: http://elitedaily.com/dating/30-signs-youre-lucky-girl-dating-simple-guy/917469/

Was taking out all my Winter Wear; thought of him and the article. 296 more words


#52 Gratitude

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! 我们跟你拜年咯! 我们一条心, 来迎接美好的一年。

Today, the day I met them all. Who? Dear’s mama’s big family. Overwhelmed by the uncountable unfamiliar faces. From aunts and uncles to their children and the children’s kiddos. 443 more words

Expressing Gratitude

#51 Gratitude

Woke up early in the morning and had a relaxing time eating my breakfast. Helped my mummy in the kitchen, preparing lunch for my relatives who will be coming over around noon. 200 more words

Expressing Gratitude

#50 Gratitude

Half way mark towards my 100th Gratitudes!

大年初一, 小倩在此祝贺大家, 新年快乐, 事事顺利又顺心! 羊年行大运!

The annual photo taking session on Day 1 of Chinese New Year! Presenting to you my loveables. 130 more words

Expressing Gratitude

Keeping a Gratitude Journal

Expressing Gratitude – Start Now

One of the ways to stay focused on the habit of expressing gratitude is by writing in a gratitude journal… 279 more words