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Expressing Gratitude Brings Me Closer to Myself

I am 72. I was born during a World War – another “war to end all wars”. I’ve lived through the Korean War, the Vietnam War, entrenched fear of Communism, Middle East Wars, September 11th, jobs I hated, a challenging marriage, teenagers with troubles – sometimes very big ones, financial losses, early stages of breast cancer and many other events both personal and world events. 362 more words


What I Learned This Weekend

Today I had the privilege of gathering with 10 other women at the Midwest Mind Body Health Center for a class I taught on Mindful Stress Reduction. 368 more words


Honoring Your Unique Relationship When Preparing to Take The Plunge

‘Tis the season for love and marriage. Not only is it summer—the most popular time of year for weddings—but we’ve also reached that point in our lives where most of our friends have already gotten married and are having kids, or they are planning to. 716 more words


The Closure

After a trauma, loss of a loved one, your body is at its most vulnerable. And the response time is critical. So you’re suddenly surrounded by people….doctors, family, friends, everyone putting you back together again. 924 more words


"Without Mud, The Lotus Blossom Doesn't Grow"-Thanks Katherine Stone

Katherine Stone is a tireless warrior, crusading for women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders(PMAD’s) to “like the lotus which can only blossom in the mud,” turn the “unfortunate circumstances” of their life into something beautiful. 379 more words

Self Care Tips For Women

Keeping a Gratitude Journal

Expressing Gratitude – Start Now

One of the ways to stay focused on the habit of expressing gratitude is by writing in a gratitude journal… 279 more words