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Expressing Gratitude | Meredith Sweetpea

Growing up, I don’t remember being forced to write thank you notes, but I did anyway. Now, as an adult, Miss Meredith Sweetpea finds that it is more important than ever to graciously express gratitude. 565 more words

Meredith Sweetpea

Day 1644: What is the name of this post?

Hello, my name is Ann and I think the name of this post should be

“Projects” (because I’m doing lots of projects as I prepare for the move to our new home), 202 more words

Personal Growth

My thoughts for today...

I can’t exactly say I have had the best week this week. I’ve had tough decisions to make, had to deal with fussy clients, creative doubt, the list goes on! 299 more words

Art & Creativity

How Expressing Gratitude Rewires Your Brain for the Better

The positive psychology movement might not be your cup of tea — especially if you view it as some kind of Pollyanna sugarcoating of hardships, that’s superficial at best, downright denial at worst. 687 more words


3 Happy Things

Don’t do what others expect of you.

Be you,

For everyone else is taken.

Stay true to yourself and don’t follow the crowd,

Stand out, 424 more words


Dedicated this to you...

I had written this two years ago, on Jan 30, 2015, as a dedication to a good friend of mine.

I can be mad at the world for a hundred million thousand things…

409 more words