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Dream Lunch

Have you ever felt like you were worked to the bone? Have you ever said, “Man I can’t wait for lunch.” This 30 sec video is for you. 13 more words


Poem // Escape


Rough pavement chills my feet
as I step briskly, purposefully,
off the porch,
across the sidewalk, and
down the driveway.

Toes curl involuntarily
into the freezing blades, 143 more words

My Mental Illness Journey

Your Only Purpose

The biggest journey you will ever go on in life will not be to the other side of the world or even to the moon if you ever get the chance, it will be the journey within, the journey of discovering yourself, your true self of who you really are. 194 more words


Why I Write Romance and Erotica

Humans have this nasty habit of telling ourselves that anything fun or pleasurable is also a waste of time. I have been reading erotica for years and writing my whole life, but I never wanted to actually spend time writing romance and erotica in any serious way. 261 more words


The Art of Doing Nothing!

It takes a bunch of leave letters, dozens of permissions, and  a couple of projects more than the routine pile to snatch that right to vacation and head straight home. 411 more words


Words alone can’t express the sadness and pain I currently feel. Yet I purposely conceal most of it, use the energy to support you, and implement my pledge of commitment to this young relationship. 210 more words