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small stones - February 8, 2016

art credit: Freedom of Expression by Sandra Bauser

what a blessing it would be
if we all lived authentically
the life we choose
not the one chosen… 12 more words


I don’t know about you, but I love to watch YouTube videos on how to do my makeup. That is mainly how I learned how to do my makeup. 95 more words


Aaron Anderson - Oblivion

Do you remember the impressive, flowery editorial ‘Juno’? Here comes another artful photo-series 122 more words



Her parents bones creaked with the bitter music of reality

Random Words

Battle Scars

Each movement
Elicits a sigh
Passion fills the room
Moans are heard
Sheets are crumpled
Toes are curled
Scratches are made.


True Colors

The truth must
Hurt for you
Attacking me with words
I’ll sit and take it
I won’t complain
But I’ll watch
As your true colors
Grow in vain