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Drowning Out All Sound

Lay me down in a field of grass where my eyes can rest on the sky.
Play with my hair while the water laps, I’ll watch the sun sink as my mind flies. 109 more words


What the hell is 'penny dream'?

I was a fairly standard child. I had an obsession with washing machines and enjoyed playing with dead trout but aside from that, I was fine. 568 more words

Did you write today? Yes? Then you are a writer today.

This quote by Julia Cameron, author of The Artists Way was the theme for my course on day seventeen. The course, Sebastian Michael’s 21 Days to Creative Abundance… 1,075 more words


What's my story?

So you might be wandering how to get started with telling your story. First decide what part of your story is most important to you, what made you who you are and center your focus on that area. 440 more words


The Truth About Finding Your Home In Other People

I’ve always enjoyed the sentiment of calling someone else my home. It’s one of my favorite similes in regards to love- to find a person that is so comfortable, so perfect for me, that they feel just like a place I want to live in forever. 619 more words

Heron Clan Anthology is Open For Submissions

The Heron Clan is an annual collection of poetry tied together by the quality of expressions and conveyance of human experience, no matter the realm. Diversity of voices is the goal. 118 more words