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​I have loved you despite of all the impossibilities. I am loving you regardless of all the pains. I would be loving you still even when silence part us. 114 more words



When you’re running towards your goal, stay focused. There are going to be a hundred roadblocks or maybe even more. Could be challenging moments or ones that tempt you to stray. 89 more words


Expression! – A couple from Unknown Planet, one of my really first acrylic painting I still take to my hand from time to time to find there another interesting motif. 7 more words


The 9th Hour

This came up in heart on the 18th as I died standing on the front line willing to be crucified for Love in peace.

In the 9th hour I was crucified. 83 more words


Posing Critique 2

Here is a photo of me at AMDEF 2016. I am wearing an outfit by Paper Dollz Clothing.

I actually quite like this pose. It is a fierce pose for a fierce outfit.It says strength.This would not work with many outfits but for this skin tight number it’s perfect. 299 more words


"Take your Broken Heart, Make it into Art." - Carrie Fisher

Why is it that when we have a good day, a productive day, and with little thoughts of those that bring us pain, that at the end of the day our minds become saturated with the memories from before? 168 more words