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Reflection of a Servant

I live in a country where Islam is the biggest number. I was born as Muslim, and I’m so free to worship my Lord. My families and my community are Muslims. 255 more words


The Who, What, Where & Why.

“I’m not going to change the way I look or the way I feel to conform to anything. I’ve always been a freak.”  -John Lennon…

389 more words
First Post


In your silence, I found my answer. In your relentless search for perfection, you have not found yours.

Silence speaks volumes. Perfection does not exist. Awareness, although hard to swallow, is key. 186 more words

Mental Health

Café Table

Maybe it was my own
conversation, this time, that
was the indecipherable murmur
keeping someone wondering if
they were the only person
truly alive, and that I… 66 more words

"Why do you need a statement item?

So today I decided to go lazy and wear the most comfortable outfit I own, this may be the most statement outfit in existence, but it was 6am and I needed comfort. 178 more words



cattle everywhere.

human cattle.

despondent; babbling.

(pizza! he says. pizza pizza pizza!)

i sit in a hole: blue walled, airless;


women walk in.

families. couples – never marital, always siblings or trios. 52 more words

Grace and Dignity

With grace and dignity
I allow a space in my soul
For the memories of you and me
The throbbing, broken feeling
Of my heart that beats… 70 more words