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Voice Mail

I observed my voice in the midst of writing and acknowledged the delicate, innocence in its Beautyfilled expression…and admired The Most High’s creativity.

I have realized that this is my voice in everything that I express from my Heart…songs, art, the word of Yah, parenting, cooking, communing, etc. 65 more words


Words and Expression

“Love yourself before you love somebody else” – D.J

In my deep love for all things creative, I think that words, by far, holds the key to everything that is pure, beautiful and expressive. 749 more words

"Indomitable Riddle" by Kelly Miller [A Question Framed]

The following is a poem called “Indomitable Riddle” from my book, “The Riddle And The Dedication”:

I am what you’ve never heard of
I have many invisible powers… 150 more words


A lot of people learning tango seem to focus on learning and performing adornments as if they were somehow essential to the dance. They are essential if one’s goal in dancing is… 556 more words


She Calls

Silently beckoning movement forward
In fragmented steps
Destined to affect change
Tears radiate from sorrow
Entrenched in years of becoming
Or the denial thereof
As “American” as the fallacy of 1776… 125 more words

Streams Of Consciousness

Expression modules in S. pneumoniae

I recently read a pre-print from the Veening lab where they had reconstructed various (22 total) physiological conditions in vitro and then measured expression levels with RNA-seq. 202 more words


An ode to the Bangkok tuk-tuk driver

A fun way to travel!

This shed on a bike,

It makes for great photos,

We’ll go where we like!

The locals all use them, 254 more words