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Wishing reversal of “Heart to Mind”.


    We nest in the honeycomb hive that is our apartment buildings, tucked in to bed like bugs, eating what weve stockpiled as we live and experience the world around us through whatever possessions weve accumulated while out there in the universe, things happen. 398 more words

Between the spaces,

Circles and lines

Beneath the breath

There’s a quiet wilting

Where existence dies

And shadows walk

Through quiet graves

Searching for moments… 46 more words


Living Sleep

One Rough Day  

And you’re a Wreck 

The countless minutes Done 

Is a masterpiece that Belongs 

But colors induced by Pressure 

Make you feel Dead  106 more words


The lyrics of my pain

We’re all in the same boat, but on different seats

As my faith grows and reality hits…

I struggle to ignore the eternity that awaits the lost souls that never get found… 90 more words


What is it to be alone?

As a Christian I know I am never truly alone and Christ is with me always. But I have to be honest. 318 more words

Real Life? No Way!


Hey guys! Hope you are rocking as usual ! I apologize for the dormancy of posts, since it’s my 11th/12th , I could not give enough time for writing ! 482 more words


Cultivate Your Mind

The Grass Never Stops Growing

Stretch Toward The Sky