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It’s her love
It’s her groove
Her tenacity
Her gentleness
That makes Earth move
So it’s no wonder when she smiles
That the world stops

A. Hymn || mother’s everywhere


Expressed in the Abstract

Or a Bucketful of Sense

I have a deep—albeit, vague—appreciation of abstract art because it proves that a work of art (or anything, really) need not be conventionally attractive, or even understandable, straightforward or coherent in the established sense for it to be seen as beautiful. 394 more words


Talk-a-lot Tuesday

It’s Tuesday again and I’ve decided to start the trend Talk-a-lot Tuesday. It’s simple. Out of all the days in the week, posts on Tuesday will include topics that I’ve discussed with a friend or relative. 184 more words

Our Expression of Love.

TOI COMPETITION ENTRY : Our Expression of Love.

  • By Nishita Agarwal


She was in my college. No I guess, I was her in college and it was my luck. 1,904 more words

In her eyes


Haven’t seen Jay in forever, and everyone’s asking me why they haven’t seen him. Each time I just feel like answering them with, “how am I supposed to know?” but I can’t. 770 more words



People hold you down when they see you can perspire,

once I opened up my eyes i could see where the darkness lied,

so now my I’m lighting up all my steps, marking where I went wrong, 10 more words