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The Brutal Truth Is I'll Always Be Waiting For You

In this version, you don’t make the safe choice.
You don’t go for a proven thing,
a path that promises no bumps,
no hills, just endless flat terrain. 103 more words

~My Beauty~

Don’t claim my beauty as yours~
I share true beauty in moments of Silence~
Windows left open~
Regard left unspoken~
The world at large suffocating~ 52 more words

Bipolar Disorder

So close yet so far away

I can’t help the compulsion. I was addicted. I’m an addict. The desire to want more plays rapidly through my mind. Sometimes often sometimes not for days, but the urge to want to use, it never leaves me. 208 more words


When Nostalgia Is Your First Love

It’s not often you get a second chance. It’s supposed to be impossible to time travel. But there we were – different living room floor, different time, same us. 235 more words

This Is How Being Lost Turns You Into The Person You're Meant To Be

Our twenties. It’s a time when the only constant we experience is change, and the future can appear to be unclear and wildly intimidating. When we repudiate change, we find ourselves becoming a prisoner to a life that’s occupied by complacency. 315 more words

I Guess I'm The Crazy Feminist You Tend To Avoid

Hey, I call myself a feminist. Now days it’s difficult to say that without people judging you for being an ‘aggressive’ man hating femanazi. A term generated by someone who probably couldn’t bear women standing up for themselves. 414 more words

Queer (from Feeling)

In anticipation of Pride 2017, a poem/manifesto.


in this world of world whirlwind
of orthodoxy and patriarchy
is washed whitewashed
in hetero-dominant hetero-oppressive
never homo-friendly or homoerotic… 450 more words