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This Is Being 23 And Scared

I am 23 years old
and still come crying,
arms open like a scarecrow,
reaching out to my mother,
asking her why things hurt
asking her why it’s still so difficult… 182 more words

10 Things That Happen When You've Found A True Best Friend For Life

1. You let them see the parts you shield from the rest of the world

This could be quite literal and you just strip with ease in front of them. 786 more words

Feeling Wheel

Hello my dear supporters <3 ,

I just wanted to share this little information and story with you. Last Thursday I saw my counsellor and we were just discussing my feelings and emotions and how I felt towards the traumatic experiences I have been through and also how I felt towards people who have hurt me. 639 more words


Danish furniture design

Børge Mogensen 

Som nogle af jer muligvis kan huske, arvede jeg en smuk gyngestol for et par måneder siden. En gyngestol der engang har tilhørt min oldemor, men som sidenhen har stået hengemt i mine forældres kælder. 110 more words


Character Drawing: Viveca

This character belongs to a Wrimo from the YWP.  I had fun drawing her, mainly because I’ve never drawn a character with that pose and disposition before, so it was a fun new thing. 23 more words


The Constant Contradictions of Expression

None of you know me, really. In fact this blog purely exists as a way for me to express myself to some sort of empty vessel that has the potentiality of replying. 364 more words