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Waves: prose

Expressions Editor

Roughly brushing off the grains of sand, I silently observed the steadily lessening mobs until only my shadow and the expanse of the sea remained.The year’s relentless changes left war in my beating heart and anger in my shaking soul. 431 more words

Sword And Shield

Ball Three

                                     B a l l  T h r e e

                       Three dog night.

                          Three little words.

                       Three hens a laying.

                        Third time’s a charm.

                         And baby makes three. 23 more words

Experience The Moment

Free: a poem

Expressions Editor

The mist of dawn

Unveils a soul

Captured in a cage of relentless captivity

Yearning for freedom

To be free like a deer… 8 more words

Sword And Shield

Childhood Dreams

When I was 5 I had the most amazing teacher. Her name was Mrs Forbes. She was a small lady with short white hair and adorable glasses. 582 more words


One Way

A One Way Street…

Never see’s the other way…

It continues to see..

One way..

That will never change…

A One Way relationship…

Never sees the other side… 107 more words


Words and Emotions

Feelings lead to words…

The emotions carried within them….

When spoken take another form….

As they are passed on they form changes…

The feeling that once was… 41 more words


Yet Ignorance Is Bliss: a poem

Expressions Editor

The petals wither and fall their significant deaths
And the impoverished state of mankind sinks deeper into depression
Deprivation outstretched its fingers to grasp hope… 24 more words