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What Am I Worth?: prose

Staff Writer

I am more than numbers on a scale.

I am tired of being measured by the size of my waistline. The presence or lack of a thigh gap does not define me as a person. 264 more words

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Broken: prose

Staff Writer

I built walls to protect myself from heartbreak, broken promises and pain. I used to think promises were meant to be kept and secrets were meant to remain secrets. 125 more words

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A Furry Friend: prose

Staff Writer

She was one of the only girls who openly admitted having a teddy bear in college. Some people teased her for keeping one at her age, but they did not realize that the teddy bear had been with her through everything. 149 more words

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Drop in the Ocean

Where will you be after you drop in the ocean?

Adobe Illustrator

Poem#3, January 13th, 2013

I feel the hard turns of the bus
The ragged bouncing
I brace my legs
Keep them still
Hot tears trail down my cheeks
My heart needs stitches… 44 more words

Poem #2, January 13th, 2012

It scares me
His skin so close to mine
So warm and soft
His breath hot on my neck
His lips pressed against mine
His hands like shackles… 52 more words

Big League Chewing Gum. Remember?

Yeah, that’s right, I said it. Big League Chewing Gum. A tiny window into your past, or something you’ve never heard of? I am not sure but even though I may be young, I still remember going to softball and baseball games and chewing it. 243 more words