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I see you.

the owl winks, his eyes knowing

the whispers of the moon.

feel his wings

create the wind of my heart,

the heart that pulses… 67 more words



No matter how many times I try

to resuscitate you

You remain lifeless.

I shake

I scream

I yell

I love.

You remain frozen, 57 more words



When I close my eyes I can see

The jewel of my heart.

This crystal clear prism is anchored by golden threads,

Refracting all light, creating infinite rainbows. 23 more words

A drawing a day so far 

Having recently rejoined my masters programme in Art Therapy, I decided to chart each day with a drawing of some kind. I’m interested in my relationship with mark making in various media, be it pastels, inks, pens, pencils or in digital media, using Illustrator and Photoshop software. 49 more words


Treating Depression

If you have experienced depression, you’re familiar with the symptoms. Feeling hopeless, down, sad, blue. Maybe you just can’t bring yourself to do the things you used to enjoy. 233 more words


Love Sharing - the power of imagination 

This is a fantastic example of the power imagination holds!

Support children’s imagination through sustained shared thinking.

Here is a lovely little piece about jargon busting sustained shared thinking… 17 more words


Love Sharing - Natural Resources 

Just spotted this on Instagram, some lovely ideas for anyone who’s been collecting some rocks during their 30 days wild challenge.


If anyone has any ideas on resources you can create from goodies you collect in nature, please share in the comments as I would love to share some. 8 more words