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Join us for the kick-off & network meeting March 16, 2018, 16:00-18.30 Utrecht (venue to be confirmed).

Many of us have a shared interest in the field of creative expressive arts therapies (dance, music, theater, visual art, etc.), or are an advocate of using creative arts therapies as a tool for promoting growth and healing, We want to share knowledge, experiences and ideas with you, in the creation of a new & exciting organization promoting the betterment of society through the arts and the use of expressive arts as a viable form of prevention, treatment and healing in mental health. 83 more words


Brolga Dancing

Sit comfortably, but erect! Let your shoulders relax and your feet rest on the floor. Close your eyes! Choose colours for brolga dancing! Choose colours that will help your spirit dance! 91 more words

Heather Blakey Purveyor Of Creative Stimuli

Host A Brolga Party

Along the theme of experiencing joyfulness, brolga also lets us know that it might be time to draw in ‘party’ energy. While this might literally involve organising a party, attending one with friends, or going out with a group it could, equally, simply mean that you intentionally release stress and energy and have a good time. 283 more words

Art And Healing

Embryonic Diapause

Over 52 weeks I will be learning all about how to live and work creatively. My teachers are Aussie birds and animals. It is week seven and the creative force has produced the Kangaroo to… 251 more words

Heather Blakey Purveyor Of Creative Stimuli

Can you see a dragon?

I can!

I took this photo from the back garden. You have to love cloud formations!

There are dragons sleeping everywhere, particularly in Edinburgh!


John Byrne Drawing Competition 2018

I am fortunate to have been asked to support some young people in entering this competition. I spent quite some time online trying to discover how others have tackled this creative challenge over the years so I thought I would share what we did – acrostically over a 5/6 week hour lesson period. 91 more words


A is for Alexithymia



Alexithymia is a Greek word with two parts: lexis meaning ‘word’ and thumos meaning ‘soul/heart/mind’. Put together, alexithymia is the clinical term used to describe the inability to recognise emotions and their nuances. 759 more words