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17 Months 3 Weeks - Importance of Brushing Toddler Teeth While Simultaneously Encouraging Language

Even though your toddler will eventually lose their baby teeth, it is very important for you to keep them clean and healthy to avoid future dental problems. 215 more words

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Rory's Story Cubes

I thought I published this post on November 19, but obviously I did not. Here it is now for your viewing pleasure.

We had literacy night at my 5th and 6th grade school a few nights ago. 237 more words

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17 Months - Encouraging a Sense of Humor

Do you have a jokester on your hands? Kids at this age tend to really start testing their limits and boundaries. While they are doing so they develop quite a sense of humor on their own. 210 more words

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16 Months 3 Weeks - Identifying and Labeling Clothing Items

Your child is beginning to be very aware of the world around them! They keep seeing the same people, the same types of food, familiar items, etc., which makes them more confident and secure as learners. 334 more words

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16 Months - How to Promote Bilingualism

Earlier on we had written a blog post about the positive effects of bilingualism. You yourself may be bilingual, but we know how hard it is to promote the other language especially if everything and everyone around us is English speaking. 614 more words

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15 Months 3 Weeks - Ways to Introduce Different Cultures to your Toddler

Your toddler is still quite a blank slate. Whether you are part of a different culture or not, we think it’s a beautiful thing to introduce them to other cultures! 1,090 more words

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15 Months 2 Weeks - Eat Out with Your Child & Encourage Language and Age-Appropriate Feeding Skills

Now that your child’s schedule and behavior is more predictable take them out to eat! It’s a great way to practice first words and social skills. 353 more words

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