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The Benefits of a Bilingual Brain

It’s easy to see the physical gaps in bilingual education when we observe how much content, receptively and expressively, is developed in our second language.   Current studies have shown, however, that as far as the brain goes, bilingualism is actually strengthening our brain. 25 more words

Bridging The Gap

11 Months 2 Weeks - Learning the Concept of “No”

Now that your children are becoming more mobile you might be hearing yourself say “no” more often – or at least I do! ☺ Many children at this age are beginning to understand the concept of stopping a negative action when someone says “no”. 1,049 more words

Speech & Language Development

11 Months 1 Week - Increasing the Distance with Commands

Now that your little one is on the go, you can begin working on intertwining receptive language tasks within everyday activities. Have them follow directions, which involve a different room, location, etc. 594 more words

Speech & Language Development

11 Months - Repetition is Key

Repetition is crucial to learning language! You will note that in this week’s milestones blog I mentioned Roman wants us to read the same book over and over. 806 more words

Speech & Language Development

10 Months 3 Weeks - Exploring Different Functions and Actions**

Your child is trying very hard to learn the world around them – my mother in law said it perfectly when she called it his “job”. 1,123 more words

Speech & Language Development

Apple SoHo Workshop

Thank you to all the #parents and #professionals who came out this past Wednesday May 20 to the #SoHo #Apple store! We hope you took away lots of valuable knowledge about #iPad #technology #apps & #ibooks #slp #slpeeps #slpbloggers #slp2b #speech #speechtherapy #speechpath #speechpathology #speechies #ashaigers #instaslp #schoolslp #slpmom #earlyintervention #babies #toddler #preschool #kids #nyc #professionaldevelopment #autism #aac

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