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13 Months 3 Weeks -Unique Experiences for Toddlers that Encourage Language

Now that your toddler is crawling and walking all about this is the best time to try a few unique experiences with them. Before you head out, think of some target words that you want them to learn throughout the experience. 1,229 more words

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Using Spoken Language Benchmarks to Characterize the Expressive Language Skills of Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

In this study, spoken language benchmarks proposed by Tager-Flusberg et al. (2009) were used to characterize communication profiles of toddlers with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and to investigate whether there were differences in variables hypothesized to influence language development at different benchmark levels. 105 more words

13 Months - Increasing the Separation Between Parent

It’s a little over a year now and like my son many kiddos are attached to our hip (literally) and won’t let go! While we love the cuddling, hugs, and kisses, we also know it is important to teach them to gradually separate from us during certain circumstances so when it comes time for babysitters, going to preschool, going on playdates, etc. 288 more words

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12 Months 3 Weeks - Using Walking and Stairs to Learn Language

Your child may or may not be walking and attempting to climb steps yet, but they will surely get there! We wanted to help you incorporate language into their newly learned gross motor skills. 1,129 more words

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What our hands say: Exploring gesture use in subgroups of children with language delay

This study investigated whether children with receptive-expressive and expressive-only language delay differ in their use of gesture, to examine relationships between their use of gesture, symbolic comprehension and language, and to consider implications for the nature of problems underlying different profiles of early language delay and for assessment. 60 more words

12 Months 1 Week - Initiating Socialization

You might notice this month that your child is willing to separate from you and go initiate social interaction if he/she has not done so already! 476 more words

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what is a poem?

A poem is defined as expressive language. It is an art form that allows for free verse. Poems are musical and rhythmic and uses sounds and imagery to convey meaning. 283 more words


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A poem is defined as expressive language. It is an art form that allows for free verse. Poems are musical and rhythmic and uses sounds and imagery to convey meaning. Poems use metaphors and similes and they can create a very intimate conversation between the poet and the reader. The following is a poem about poems. Poems are words a poet collects to convey messages hard to forget or to tell a truth so there are no regrets. Poems are stored in the heart and soul of poets waiting for their muses to call Poems flow like rivers through the mind and words can be sweet and sometimes unkind And if there is a cause that needs to be fought A poem can manage and never be caught without a deep thought to stimulate thinking elevate the spirit, and comfort the soul.