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Who says big girls can't f*****g swear?

Swearing is a touchy subject for some of us. Whether it is to express frustration, to be obscene, to be provocative or to be intentionally hurtful, not everyone tolerates profanity. 1,103 more words

Expressive Language

Preschool Voice, Lesson One!

The voice is a very complicated thing…especially when it comes to 3-5 year olds! As children are “finding their voice” i.e. yelling, screaming, making animal noises, car noises, etc., it’s important to teach vocal health and hygiene to create healthy voice patterns and preserve vocal quality for years to come! 162 more words


24 Months 2 Weeks - Using “I” in Sentences

Everything is “I I I I” and the world revolves around them. When they finally get the concept of “I” and that it is actually them they will start commenting on their actions like no other! 345 more words

Speech & Language Development

23 Months 3 Weeks - Playing Doctor & How to Encourage Language

By this time your toddler is really getting a handle of basic body parts such as eyes, nose, mouth, legs, etc. It’s a perfect time to build on that during play. 236 more words

Speech & Language Development

23 Months - Using Phrases to Give Compliments

Your toddler is becoming very aware of his surroundings and people around him. You can use it as a chance to really connect with people and things by giving compliments. 165 more words

Speech & Language Development

22 Months 2 Weeks - Teaching Basic Conversation to a Toddler

You are probably at the point where you might be in an elevator and a stranger asks your child “What’s your name?”. Your child may not answer right now, but it’s a great time to practice holding a basic conversation. 198 more words

Speech & Language Development

22 Months 1 Week - Combining Chores with Following Directions

It’s never too early to start learning about chores and how to help out in the house!Now that your child is getting better at following directions feel free to intertwine basic “chores” into the daily routine. 201 more words

Speech & Language Development