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“Maybe you don’t understand the problems he has….”

“Did you talk baby talk to him instead of real words?”

“He’s better off in public school. They can help kids like him…” 14 more words

Cognitive Delays

A Mix of A Good and Bad Day

B has had a really good week so far. I was a little nervous yesterday when I was picking him up from school, but it was just paranoia on my part. 621 more words

Cognitive Delays

I.E.P Meetings Suck

I think the hardest part about I.E.P meetings is the way other people talking about your child. You sit in a room filled with people who know your child, but they talk about him as if he were a stranger. 510 more words

Cognitive Delays

“You should have read to him more.”

“You should have put him in preschool earlier.”

“He shouldn’t have been allowed to watch so much t.v.” 59 more words

Cognitive Delays

19 Months 3 Weeks - Ways to Incorporate Language into Bath Time

Bath Time is a fun time! And when children are having fun you can get tons of language out of them! We start out by making sure the bath itself is extra motivating. 295 more words

Speech & Language Development

19 Months 2 Weeks - Concept of “Mine”

Have you noticed that your child recently thinks everything is theirs and will often say “mine” or something similar such as “me” or “my”. It’s definitely early for learning a variety of pronouns, but you can begin with the difference between “mine” and “yours” to make your child aware that items also belong to other people. 151 more words

Speech & Language Development

17 Months 3 Weeks - Importance of Brushing Toddler Teeth While Simultaneously Encouraging Language

Even though your toddler will eventually lose their baby teeth, it is very important for you to keep them clean and healthy to avoid future dental problems. 215 more words

Speech & Language Development