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10 Months 1 Week - Bilingualism

Our opinion on second (sometimes even third or fourth!) languages is the earlier the better! The sooner you expose your child to the sounds, words, and intonation of a language the more likely they will become fluent in the language. 264 more words

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10 Months - Ways to Promote Self-Feeding

At this age your child should be trying to feed himself/herself with his/her fingers. They can also be exploring how to use spoons and forks during mealtime. 367 more words

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9 Months 1 Week – Baby Sign Language

Babies communicate in many ways – through vocalizations, babbling, gesturing, pointing, jargon, and first words! Teaching children baby sign language gives them yet another way to communicate with family members and peers. 599 more words


8 Months 3 Weeks - Traveling with Baby!

Many of our friends with kids recommended we travel before the year mark and before Roman starts walking – I totally agree! As you may have read in this week’s “Babbling to Talking” speech and language milestones blog, we took a mini trip to Mexico to meet our cousins. 828 more words

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What to do with the Super Duper catalogs....

**This activity can be used with any catalog**
I don’t know about you but, every month I get a Super Duper catalog in my mailbox and often put it in the recycle bin.   395 more words


Identifying difficulties & developing effective interactions

The KidzSpeak team has been very busy over the past few weeks. We have recently started in three new preschools, which is very exciting! The past few weeks has involved meeting all the children at each centre as well as educator training sessions. 603 more words

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How Many Words Does Your Child Say?

When you take your toddler to a well-child check-up at the pediatrician s/he will certainly ask you how many words your child says. The developmental milestone that they are looking at is your child’s spontaneous use of words. 175 more words