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For the Week of July 24, 2016: Putting One's Life Back Together

We returned home late last night after three weeks away, visiting our daughters and their families in Canada and Florida.  We lived out of suitcases, made do with uncomfortable beds, adjusted our daily routines to fit our grandchildren’s and daughters’, suffered through days of extreme heat and high humidity and squeezed our tall bodies into cramped airplane seats.  821 more words

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For the Week of July 17, 2016: Learning as You Go

These past two days, Emily, my five-year old granddaughter has been teaching me games, some that although they include detailed instructions, are played according to her rules, created or improvised on the spot to her advantage.  656 more words

Expressive Writing

Ghouls live among us, the same as normal people.

I’ve felt worn and tethered as of late.

The unwarranted routines slipped into the folds, disrupting what enjoyment once was. “How did the days get so old?” I know inside that I’m not meant for a settled life; steady and comfortable buys me no enjoyment, I lust for new avenues and adventures, friends and the un-known. 78 more words


For the Week of July 10, 2016: Making the Journey

This past week has been all about my granddaughter, Flora, who celebrated her fifth birthday.  I was lucky enough to participate in her festivities, squeezing my tall body into a cramped and uncomfortable airplane seat to make the five hour trip to Toronto, then sleep on a futon bed that guaranteed I awakened with an aching back each morning.  766 more words

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For the Week of July 3, 2016: Remembering the Joys of Summertime

…After a morning’s surfing; paddling frantically

To top the brisk outsiders coming to wreck me,

Trundle me clumsily along the beach floor’s

Gravel and sand; my knees aching with salt. 903 more words

Expressive Writing

For the Week of June 26, 2016: The Stories in Our Scars

Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in your joints and very shabby.  1,188 more words

Expressive Writing

The "Workshop": Expressive Writing

I have mentioned before that for years I have created characters, settings, plots, etc, in my mind. One night I finally let them escape my mind and find their way to paper. 230 more words