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My Father...

I looked at him. The reality sunk in. He is the one who held my index finger and introduced me to normalcy. That normalcy of life which a motherhood would fear. 435 more words

Expressive Writing

Are you rich?

I am rich. Why would you care? Why would you tolerate the cockiness? That doesn’t change a thing. I will still stay rich.

Rich, by the abundance of love bestowed on me, by the moments of care showered on me. 93 more words


For the Week of August 6, 2018: When the Heart Breaks: Loss of a Loved One

August 6th, and I remember that on this day, my father was born 100 years ago.  I also remember how his death from lung cancer twenty-five years ago left his family torn apart with sorrow and grief, some of the wounds never fully healed.  1,558 more words

Expressive Writing

I lost the track...

A notion that nearly reflects my current state and being. Please do comment and share your thoughts how you felt reading it.


I lost the track. 333 more words


For the Week of July 30, 2018: Transitions: Matters of the Heart

Earlier this morning I participated in a conference call with a group of medical professionals in the Canadian Heart Failure community, a group tasked with creating a joint paper on Heart Failure care guidelines in Canada.  1,553 more words

Expressive Writing

Head on with nature...

I woke up before my dream reached its climax. The sweat and the rising pulse indicated its intensity of impact. ‘What was that?’ I thought and tried to remember what pulled me out of the deep sleep. 975 more words


For the Week of July 16, 2018: One Thing is Certain, Life Changes.

This morning, I opened my notebook for the first time in more than two weeks, a lapse created by the intensity of preparing for a move to a new apartment, then living among the boxes as we tried to make sense of fitting ourselves and our lives into a smaller space once again.  1,384 more words

Expressive Writing