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Writing Prompts For Kids

If your kids are anything like mine, at age 8 and 9 when you ask them how their day was, you get a short and sweet answer. 337 more words


Therapeutic Writing: Names in the Sand

Twenty years ago, just as my children were blossoming into adolescence, we spent Christmas camping at Moana beach about an hour’s drive from where we lived. 936 more words

Reflective Writing

symbolic speak

Consciousness swims, continually

above me

suspended in a showery layer

of cloud nectar and prism cry

Like a warm

Summer exhale

From the great

monster of the mundane, 39 more words

Creative Writing

scratching off the surface

Spill into the red wood of my skin

Sorry faced and tounge tied

Why would you punch

Into me when

Deep down i knew you… 48 more words

Creative Writing

Λίγο πριν το τέλος (για μια νέα αρχή)

Το καλοκαίρι βρίσκεται στη μέση του σχεδόν. Εγώ παραμένω στο μεγάλο νησί δουλεύοντας την διατριβή μου στα πλαίσια της ολοκλήρωσης του μεταπτυχιακού προγράμματος.

Μετά από μία πολλή κοπιαστική και επίπονη χρονιά, σε δύο μήνες όλα τελειώνουν και θα έχω στα χέρια μου το πτυχίο που πάλευα και προσπαθούσα για χρόνια.

Δεν Έχω Πρόβλημα

For the Week of July 19, 2015: “…But first you must have the quiet”

(Portions of this week’s post previously published on May 26, 2013)

Paying attention, the act of being fully present to our outer and inner worlds is the writer’s work.   981 more words

Expressive Writing

Writing as therapy

Anyone who ever kept a secret diary as a teenager, or indeed in later life, can attest to the cathartic and healing effects of putting distress into words. 437 more words