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Mi Manca Catalonia!

Mi manca ti Catalunya!!! Mi manca il calore, il sole, le notte bianchi. Il bei ricordi. Non vedo l’ora andare in Italia. I mangero lamponi, e ananas, e melagrani, e anguria, e amarena ogni giorno!! 13 more words


For the Week of April 12, 2015: Yes: It's a pleasant country.

“I need an attitude adjustment,” I said to my husband.  We were driving downtown last night to share an evening of live jazz with friends.  He said little, a sure indication he agreed with my assessment, since I’d been less than jovial for much of the day.  736 more words

Expressive Writing

For the Week of April 5, 2015: Why Our Stories Matter

She’s lived in my memory for sixty years.

Death steals everything except our stories.

These two final lines of Jim Harrison’s poem, “Larson’s Holstein Bull,” linger in my mind.  1,050 more words

Expressive Writing

For the Week of March 30, 2015: Diminishing that Shadow called Fear

When you first hear the words, “you have cancer,” it’s likely you remember little else from that moment.  Cancer breeds fear, sparking our anxiety and turning it into flame.   878 more words

Expressive Writing


Sugar, you’re like sugar, honey and cream and gold and glitter,
tasting sensations so sweet, no sour, no salt, no bitter
like a cherry on the tip of my tongue, sweet but tied in knots, you are all the words I wish and all the words I taste, 266 more words


For the Week of March 22, 2015: Writing From the Fault Lines

The Midwest has tornadoes; the eastern seaboard has its hurricanes and super storms.  A large part of the country just dug out from another snow storm, while here in California, we’re wondering how long our water supply will sustain the state.  786 more words

Expressive Writing

Suffering from writer's block? Try writing about the block to shift it

I always love it when writers share their tips on how they overcome writer’s block – especially when they joke that other professions (eg plumbers, dentists etc) don’t suffer blocks. 322 more words

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