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October 29th, 2018: Our Friends: They Are Good Medicine

We all need friends.  Without them, our lives can seem empty and lonely, and there’s plenty of research that suggests that isolation and loneliness are often harbingers of emotional or physical illness.  1,124 more words

Expressive Writing

I am back!

‘I am back!’ I pretty much wanted to do Arnold Schwarzenegger thing. He used this in one of his movies or may be in couple of his movies, Remember!

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From Hollywood Heart-Throb to Raising Awareness

Did somebody order room service?

You can’t get anymore GQ than this passionate, fiery Scorpio,

Living in the “Big Apple”, this heart throb

is  more than just eye-candy and a romantic. 94 more words

Soul's perspective

How do you view the world?

It's always different from everyone you know.
Open your heart and just let your thoughts flow.

When you see a rainbow, you know there is always hope
Magic is all around the world,
it is real life, it is your soul. 58 more words

On Leave or not, Work goes on...

My inbox was flooded. Usually, that’s enough to dilate my pupils and trip me off during an ordinary day at work. But not this time. Why? 565 more words


For the Week of October 15, 2018: In The Hospital Waiting Room

We sit on the bench in the hospital corridor
next to the cafeteria, and we wait.
You know what waiting is.
If you know anything, you know what waiting is.
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Expressive Writing

Savior of None

It is the maker of I,

the ruler of my actions; The father of my decisions.

I let it control me far and long enough to the extent of it becoming mine for the keeping. 236 more words

Expressive Writing