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Exquisite Corpse Review

Exquisite Corpse follows the life of main character Zoe who works as a booth babe at conventions and hates it. Her life consists of going to work and then coming home to a boyfriend who is outright verbally abusive at times. 990 more words


Exquisite Corpse

Surrealist party games never disappoint! On the first day of Studio Art, students worked together to play the cooperative drawing game, Exquisite Corpse. Here’s some info on surrealism, and how the surrealist artists “ 46 more words

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Building Community Through Creativity

note bene: while this post is directly applicable to educational organizations, the strategies may be effectively applied to any organization

As schools start back up again, teachers seek ways to “get to know” their students and cultivate a healthy classroom community. 1,617 more words

corpse two-hundred ten: jeters last game

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