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Exquisite Corpse 29 April 2016

All month I’ve been trying to post some poetry every day, starting with the poetry of our wedding! My students are busy, tonight, putting the finishing touches on their month long projects, and this morning, this was on my desk. 116 more words

Exquisite Corpse

For his project, I scanned the stuff I brought into class however I wanted. Afterward I gave the file I had created from that scan, after it was altered to show only 20%, to 2 classmates. 105 more words

Exquisite Corpse Digital Round Robin By Sarah Harris

This is the 4th project in this course which has involved more than one collaborator for me to produce a final result. For this project I started off scanning images of personal items I brought in that all have meaning behind them. 123 more words

ART 201

corpse two-hundred six | bad geography

I changed this one up a little Instead of worrying about being sure no one saw the drawing on the other side of the fold I simply let it go and some participants even took it so far as to draw back into others drawings while others drew in protest as it seemed rules were being broken and it was a little difficult to get past that Also I was looking for options for bicycle handle bars and a friend has some and was trying to describe them so I asked her to draw them and this was the only paper I had on hand but alas they will fit my stem This same friend is also headed to Denmark in the near future so an attempt by someone else to describe where Denmark was resulted in a bit of a skewed geography lesson Once again I asked to draw it instead of a lengthy discussion of words I have been thinking about how the primary focus of this blog is visual and some of my projects I often refer to as visual correspondence and how little I write or get the inspiration to write about something rather than simply draw it so I am considering doing away with punctuation on this blogspot Any thoughts 


Project 2: Exquisite Corpse

First & Last Name
Year (2016)
Medium (e.g., Digital Photography, Digital Collage, Photographic Collage, etc.)
Size in W x H inches (6 x 6 inches) 42 more words

Digital Photography

What talent! (update on #GlobalMixup)

The Mixup is a global collaboration project – with almost 50 artists from 7 cities getting mixed up in each others’ creative process. In each city 5-10 artists each start a piece of work, which gets swapped with a second artists to work on, which gets swapped again for a third artist to finish (like the old game… 721 more words