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Exquisite Corpse Complete

This was fun for us, and as a first try, not bad.  Now that we have our feet wet, we can get a bit more adventurous with our second attempt.

What do you think?


Exquisite Corpse

The exquisite corpse is a collective assembly of words or images.  Surrealists took the parlour game “Consequences”–where the participants would write something on a sheet of paper, conceal the top part of the writing, and pass it on to another person to write the next part–and turned it into composites of poetry, drawing, and collage. 20 more words


The exquisite corpse shall drink the new wine

Exquisite corpse drawing by Man Ray, Yves Tanguy, Joan Miro, Max Morise; 1928

‘Exquisite corpse’ was originally played by the Surrealists grouped around Andre Breton, initially as a word play, in which, as in the old parlour game ‘Consequences’, participants wrote a word  or phrase (according to preset rules), then folded the paper and passed it along to the next player to continue. 77 more words

We’re all humans aren’t we?

We’re all entitled to an opinion aren’t we?

I guess the upper hand doesn’t think so

We’re all humans aren’t we? 58 more words

Exquisite Corpse Sect 03

The pleasure was not in burning but in extinguishing.
Forcing them to smother fires formed by curiosity that was trapped within their minds
A curiosity crafted by words read on pages… 62 more words

Exquisite Corpse Sect 02