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Typewriter: Barter Faire 2016

Barter Faire 2016
too far and then back again
If I’m going to go on then I’ve got to step across this gate

into a different time and place, a sentimental cozysplace… 90 more words

Photography portrait

Spent whole day in studio taking pictures of our body parts, using different techniques, playing with shutter speed, lights and so on.

Our task was to maka a portroit of 3 body parts, had, body, legs base on our narrative we wrote on 1 session. 25 more words


Photography - Independent task Second Stage

Throughout this independent task we were asked to start making mock ups of our final pieces which are to be 3 different parts of bodies formed to make one person. 165 more words


Photography, Exquisite Corpse

As part of our photography workshop we had to photograph three separate parts of the body – a head, a torso and legs – and to create a complete collaged portrait. 55 more words


Film Photography

Today we’ve been taken pictures with non digital cameras, we had to load film in camera and take a photos. This one is thought, i’ll explain you why, because it is not digital camera and it does not adjusting automatic focus or light plus you have limited amount of shots around 30, depends on a film. 214 more words