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The Safety Message - Reinvented

Companies that provide minimal amenities as part of their service package have been historically frowned upon by the editors of this blog.  However, there is always a slight chance that fantastic employees can connect to their guests by being nothing less than who they are; human.  136 more words


The issue of Sanitary Service

Try to think of a restaurant venue that brandishes all of the following amaranthine service praxes that we have come to love:

– Features singing and dancing wait staff every thirty minutes during primetime. 623 more words


The Coca-Cola Miscalculation

By miscalculation, we mean FAILURE.  Few products are capable of making the Exquisite Failures of all-time shortlist, but Coca-Cola’s “Dasani” product is definitely one of them. 364 more words


The Cost of Sustainability

The eternally negative stigma surrounding “boxed wine” is enough to make any and all thirst for such libations cease without recourse.  The mere utterance of the word, “Franzia” can send epic repasts into a tailspin; completely ruining the libido inherent in the service of wine out of a bottle.  275 more words


The Tribeca Concept

Themed stores and Exquisite Service have always gone hand-in-hand.  J Crew’s decision to convert the old Liquor Store Bar in TriBeCa to a Men’s Shop looks like it’s going to pay off. 193 more words