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Ex’s That Keep Your Shit! by @Jerrylavignejr


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Yay B-Fast. I'm Really Proud Of My Ex's, Friends & Myself :)

Yay B-Fast.
I’m Really Proud Of My Ex’s, Friends & Myself :)

A Date of Silver Linings

So, I’m not the type of girl who goes on datey-dates. Like, the “hey, let’s go out for dinner and a movie” dates. Usually, I will meet a guy through a friend-of-a-friend at a party and after some awkward flirting over Facebook, the next time I meet them we’ll be an item and by that time going on a date seems somewhat unnecessary. 643 more words



have you ever hated someone? and i mean really hate them. like, their entire face breaks you out into hives?

have you ever been in a relationship with someone you hated that much? 7 more words

20 Steps I will take after you leave: From Thought Catalog

1. If I could put all of the hurt you have caused me into you, you would cry. If you knew how it felt when you don’t answer, you would answer, every time. 723 more words

What to do when your boyfriend breaks up with you

  1. Do not beg for him back, it’s over, move on. Besides…do you really want to try and stick it out with someone who just tried to dump you?
  2. 1,536 more words


well, a relationship that i’ve been in for a while has ended. my longest relationship. we were engaged.

I think that it’s okay. It’ll be okay because I feel excited for all of the things I can accomplish and start now. 120 more words