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30 Days of Thanks: Day 22

Day 22: For my Exs

Now, hold on before you call the crew with the white jackets and padded rooms.

I was first married in 1998. 102 more words


Just Walk Away.

Friends aren’t friends forever. They come and go. She won’t be a staple in the manuscript but rather a speck of graphite left on the top of the page as I reach the bottom ready to flipped to the next blank piece of parchment to continue writing my life story. 214 more words



A lot of people will say if you’re truly over an ex you wouldn’t care what they do after you guys are broken up, etc. etc. 1,019 more words

Ex's and F' You's

So today, I opened the wound. I went and I searched for his Instagram, scored through friends to find his face in a thumbnail photo. I feel terrible. 414 more words


Im so tired of feeling like this.

I’m stuck in some fucked up emotional manipulation time loop.

How an Elixir program is compiled and Executed ?

Let’s write a simple module in Elixir.
Create a file named Calculator.ex and copy the below code.

defmodule Calculator do
  def add(a, b) do
    a + b
  def subtract(a, b) do
  def multiply(a, b) do
  def divide(a, b) do
157 more words


What's in the background?

So, one of my roommates moves out in two days. He got the Uhaul all packed up today and is doing tidying and last minute stuff tomorrow and then heads out on Thursday. 923 more words