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The DO's and Don'ts of Breakups.

I cannot stress how important this is.

DO try to end things on good terms. Even if the reason you guys are breaking up is really awful, you should always try to end things on at least decent terms. 289 more words


Missing Intimacy

I will admit that I miss intimacy
I miss being so close I can hear his heart beating
I miss his breathing and his voice kissing my ears while my head rests on his chest… 184 more words

The One: Is it fate or a fairytale?

We are told stories by adults during our childhood that one day we will meet “the one” that is meant for us. Kind of like our princess or prince charming…it might take a little bit, but that one special person is out there. 685 more words

Heartbreaks, Ex's and a side of Tequila

Well I just entered my 20th year of living on planet earth and it’s already off to a rocky start. I’m tired of hearing “be positive, good things will come your way” when I’ve had a series of unfortunate events happen since entering adult hood. 1,007 more words

The Bitch Factor: Dating or Whatever We Call It...

Why is it that when lovers ask us to do things for them we do it without bitching, but when we ask lovers to do something for us they say yes then bitch and whine about it? 673 more words


What betrayal feels like.


How would you feel if your best friend of four years , suddenly came out and did something totally unexpected and revealed that she absolutely despises you ? 767 more words