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Empty bottle 

This Saturday night I could go to my exs Christmas party with a bunch of couples OR, I could just get drunk alone for the same effect.

Such options.

Yes, I deserve the world

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I will not settle no no half assed, mama’s boy lazy, excuse makin’ boy. I know I deserve a MAN who is strong, hardworking, and smart. 534 more words


Dirty Rowdy Thing

Harlow Vega liked to experience life and took all that it had to offer especially having fun with guys but since her quickie marriage she hasn’t been successful.

238 more words
Thoughts On Books

Inner DevilChild

When rilled up, I can have the temper of Kanye west when surrounded by paps. It’s my alter ego and God I hate it most times. 398 more words

Sasha Fried-Snoad

Date of Interview: November 3, 2016

Name: Sasha Fried-Snoad

Age: 25

Pronouns: She/Her

Locations: Washington, DC

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about music. And the way that music… Just what it evokes in people and how people come together around music. 849 more words


Fiction: Legal Theft Project--Glitter and Vengeance (238 words)

Sally had many mixed feelings about the look on Maria’s face.  That look was her idea look, which sometimes ended up with the best moments of Sally’s life—but just as often ended up with the days that Sally would most like to forget. 203 more words



It is true what people say , you need closure. I never really got closure with my ex, well with any of them actually. I was always hanging on or they were hanging on and in a way you never really finish the chapter. 66 more words

Few Of My Thoughts