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Not All About Guys

Taylor Alison Swift has been getting a whole bunch of hate recently and she doesn’t deserve any of it. People fuck up, people do stupid things but nobody deserves to be bullied or harassed online. 505 more words

Never in my high school years have I ever taken a relationship seriously where I thought we’d end up married. Now don’t start thinking I cheated or anything because I always respected the person I was with.Though most of my relationships lasted for about three days… Yeah. 139 more words


July 15, 2016

I don’t really get how people can stay friends with their ex’s.

Like if your my ex that means I liked you and probably felt pretty real things for you. 857 more words

Falling out of love is the part that NO ONE talks about. Think about it. When you’re in the “puppy-love” stage everyone is happy for you, and everyone thinks you two are perfect for each other. 1,033 more words

A Few Good Words About... My Ex

Ok. The marriage didn’t work.
We’re now each happy (very) —
Perhaps it’s safe to say nice things,
Though not quite

When first we were divorced, it was… 228 more words

Original Poems

Is it dejavu or are our futures lining up?

I’ll admit, I look him up every now and then and try to imagine what it would be like if I ran into him. What would I do? 539 more words


Show me this a few months ago...

And i would have shared it willingly for the whole world to see. Cause a few months ago I still held a grudge, a deep bitterness towards my ex. 103 more words