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His Fear

I can feel the fear

But it’s his not mine

A gaping hole

Someone carved and left behind

Not too long ago

His wounds are fresh… 315 more words

It's Not Okay

A month before my 19th birthday I married the man that I thought was going to be my happily ever after. The day that I said “I do” was a pretty delusional day for me. 556 more words

Running Away From An Ex Literally 

So me and my sister decided we had such a productive morning. That means waking up early and leaving the house before 10am shock. Unemployed Graduate life is tough you know? 417 more words


Is she right to be mad?

My girlfriend of 8 months broke up with me 9 months ago and as heartbroken as we both were to be losing our girlfriend, we were more upset about losing our best friend. 1,490 more words

Should I stop holding grudges?

I have inherited my stubbornness from my dad and the family trait of holding a grudge has been passed through the generations like a cherished heirloom. 558 more words


"Do Men Really Mean What They Say?"

Sorry Guys, but this blog is all about you and my perception! Bearing in mind that most of my readers are women!

This has happened to me three times now! 1,582 more words

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