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when you dont care all you have to do is say! I was fine all day until he said something and then he just ignores me while im on the phone so i just got on my playstation and started playing depressing music on pandora it really got to me now im just a pitiful stupid bitch!


You're an X but you often make me say F U

Hello and welcome to my blogging life. Todays topic is going to be exes.

Yes we all have past relationships ,but at what point do we allow this person to stop controlling our lives? 647 more words

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I think its allergies oh my god. Im getting sick and im so sleepy, i just want to sleep. Im on the phone with my boyfriend and i just want to sleep listening to his voice.. 6 more words


Besties and Exs and Relationships


You know that feeling of love? That feeling of being loved and getting loved back? That really awesome feeling you get like when you know that someone out there super duper cares a ton about you? 643 more words

Moving On?

Am I the only person who does this? But say you hear a word, a phrase or part of a conversation that also happened to be in a movie, you repeat that word or phrase in the same way its said in the movie? 534 more words


Throat Punch

Every time my phone goes off and it says “New Messages From Captain DoucheBag” I have the sudden urge to punch him in the throat and watch him struggle for air afterwards.

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Another one bites the dust 

“Never shit where you eat” I said to my friend at work not so long ago…and here I am in one of the worst situations I have ever been in coz I did exactly what I told him not to do I went there with not only another friend of mine but also my supervisor at work it is probably one of the bigger mistakes I have made (and believe me I have made a few) and as I could of predicated it has all gone wrong. 465 more words