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Good Riddens

Today was a reminder of why it is a good time for me to leave this job.  In the 6 years here, I have “dated” 2 people and had a 1.5 year relationship with one person.   235 more words

Exs and Dogs

Mocha was my ex-husband and I very first fur baby. She really was our baby, a beautiful grey and white husky with the most gorgeous sympathetic brown eyes. 286 more words


Another One Bites the Dust.

It was like yesterday.
I was obsessed with you.
Your eyes, smile, laugh, heart.
Any mention of your name had my attention quicker than a dog spotting a stray cat. 285 more words

Broken is never a valid excuse

Where you are doesn’t have to be where you’ll be.

There was this point in life I believed I had to endure. That that was my purpose. 837 more words

What I want

Today I sat poised to write. It’s been a while.  I blog, sure, but to write as my soul demands, is another story. I feel it backed up in my spirit. 500 more words

Sorry and Thank you

The funny thing about growing up into your self is looking back and seeing the choices you made. Now you wonder how you ever chose him, how you ever left that place, gave up on that project, that idea. 671 more words

What is done in the dark, will eventually come into the Light.

Today, I got the closure I needed. After months and months of wondering whether my ex was messing around with a fellow teammate, it was confirmed. 280 more words