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Day 15 - The Other Woman

I found myself watching a movie called, The Other Woman, about 2-3 times a week for the past 2 weeks…since me and him stopped speaking. I have Xfinity, so when that particular movie was on the channel list for the day, I could hit the ‘watch now’ button, or restart it if was already playing. 320 more words


Exs aren't bad guys

One thing that can be difficult when you’re in a relationship is if, for whatever reason, you have to face your partner’s ex. Or, for that matter, your ex’s new partner. 342 more words


Friends with an ex and the jealousy of a girlfriend

It’s been a little while since I last posted anything and my inner blogger couldn’t hold back any longer!!! A few weeks ago, out of the blue, I received an email from my ex-wife.   374 more words


Isn't It Strange? 

Isn’t it strange that people can change in the blink of an eye? Some for the better and others for the worse. People you considered your bestfriend and boyfriend are lost in what used to be. 209 more words

High School

monogamy, femininity & feminism: part one

i’ve been thinking about this one a lot. the definition of modern monogamy and femininity and feminism are all intertwined.

let’s start with one though. tackling all three at once would prove too big a challenge for me. 402 more words

I hope he buys you flowers I hope he holds your hand Give you all his hours When he has the chance Take you to every party 'Cause I remember how much you loved to dance Do all the things I should have done When I was your man

So I haven’t published anything in a while.  However a lot has happened since.  Valentines day came and went, Had a very interesting week that started with my ex’s girlfriend messaging me. 889 more words

Do You?

Do you compare me to her? Like ever?

Do you compare the way I kiss you to the way she used to kiss you?

Do you compare what I do for you to the things she did for you? 169 more words

Coming A Long Way