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Shout out to Savannah Brown for inspiring this post with her amazing slam poem.

I’ve been doing this whole dating thing

5 years 7 months… 239 more words


I Went on a Date

I sometimes wonder what in the world I’m doing.

I went on a date last Saturday.
Mostly as a joke/bet with a friend.
Yes, I know better, but I did it anyways. 999 more words

He Got a Girlfriend

“What If “ guy ended.
2 weeks later? On Facebook the guy listed himself as “In a Relationship.”

I don’t have a lot to say about this. 492 more words

The Boy with Stars in His Eyes

There once was a boy

with stars in his eyes,

speckles of bronze,

in an ice blue sky.

He had a smile so sweet

that every girl he’d meet… 170 more words

A day like any other day… right? It’s Sunday in  July.  Sun is shining, sky is blue, house is well if not spotless, semi cleaned and de-cluttered.  

359 more words

Dating, Faith & the Nonnegotiable!

So I’m dating, and honestly the correct statement should be I’m attempting to date. This past weekend my ex blew into town under the guise of me seeing his son, whom I adore. 903 more words


After a Relationship Ends, this is all that Matters

When it comes to loving someone, there is one thing that matters past the fights, lies, disagreements, and break-ups. Past it all. That’s how much you’ve touched that other persons heart. 268 more words