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On Friendship with the Ex 

I stopped communicating with my best friend #2 of 16 years, who also happens to be my ex-boyfriend for the same number of years. Whereas in the past I couldn’t last a week without talking or even just texting with him, it has been two months since we’ve had any communication. 217 more words


Today's Rant Sponsored By...

Sometimes I think to myself “will this ever end?” and then I remember who I’m dealing with. I then allow myself a small chuckle because I was silly enough to think for a second said person could actually be a decent person. 1,202 more words


How to Deal With Your Ex At A Show (Without Starting Shit)

The local scene can be a small, and a cesspool of friendcest dating. Standing next to you may be the ex of the bassist who is now dating your best friend. 513 more words


Boy turned man 

My boy turned into a man, & I can’t figure out why I’m not enough for him.

I mean we trade glances & dream of swapping spit, but when I put it like that, it’s not romantic. 222 more words


Reencontro uma pessoa que viveu comigo sete anos e tal. We walk into a bar. Sentamo-nos a conversar sobre o passado, certos da nostalgia que vai mordendo ambos, e às páginas tantas eu apercebo-me de que um dos problemas graves de antanho ainda persiste. 140 more words


Positive Vibes, Positive Mind

Here I am again…

Two days in a row.

I love expressing myself. I used to a lot. Especially when my heart ached like it got split into two. 609 more words



it’s really hard these days dealing with energy shifts. Never know what I’m going to wake up to.

Today was just volatile- I met sadness this morning followed by anger and exhaustion then curiosity and confusion this evening. 413 more words