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How to save your heart

I tend to have this habit of always looking at the good in all people. Even people who may not, on the surface, seem like good people…somewhere in there there is always some compassion and good. 591 more words

Diva Training

The feels...

The day wasn’t easy. It’s barely day 1 of 90. I’ve had mixed emotions. Sadness. Anger. Loneliness. I tried to see the good. I have only seen the bad. 64 more words

Dealing with Baby Daddy Drama

Gabriel Pacana

Dealing with Baby Daddy Drama                                                      

You meet a woman who you find attractive. You enjoy a few dates with her until you find out that she has a child or children with another man. 542 more words

Designer Original Magazine


Your spirit
and smile
are infectious.
Your vulnerability,
We could have
been friends
in another life,
if your return
did not paralyze
me with fear. 21 more words


Drama with the Ex's

I thought I would write a little about this since it is a major issue for many. One thing I truly believe is people must start out in their relationships the way they intend to hold out. 768 more words

A Letter to Her Ex's

Thank you.

The best I can do to explain is simply to tell you the truth.  I have known this woman before, we have created a deep love and lasting bond that time cannot break, and in this life we are meant to be together again for an important destiny. 84 more words


Our brand of chaos

It’s messy but it’s ours. Our own brand of chaos in the household, because spending time with my daughter is more important than putting clothes away. 410 more words