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Lark Voorhies Posts EPIC Instagram Rant: I Don't Have a Sex Tape! My Ex's Junk Smells Like Corn Chips!

For four seasons, Lark Voorhies wisely rejected the advances of Dustin Diamond’s Screech on Saved By the Bell.

Unfortunately, in real life the 41-year-old actress is not as adept at avoiding romantic entanglements with creepy losers. 8 more words

Just A Thought About Ex's

Ex’s can be troublesome —

You’ll know this if you’ve had one —

But its hard to know meals are great

If you’ve not had

A bad one

Original Poems

Honest: Hello

Hello from the other side

Not only have I not called you a 1,000 times, I have not called in three years.We were on the phone when you dumped me. 600 more words

Nashville's Cupid

Mothers-in-Law ~ What I've Learned From Mine #3

And the saga continues.  It’s amazing, actually, that no matter how comfortable, or how trying, this relationship has been in my life, I’ve learned something from each and every one of these connections and these women. 6 more words


To See The Ex Or Not To See The Ex? Facebook Will Soon Let You Do Both

Break-ups are the worst for everyone. We spend our mourning stages constantly battling between feeling like you’re doing OK and dancing around to ‘’we are never ever ever, getting back together’’ and sobbing through mouthfuls of ice cream, looking at old photos and stalking your ex on Facebook *Guilty*.   194 more words


He was asked to be the photographer at his ex's wedding. What happens next will shock you!

We are all aware that love can be very complicated sometimes right? Fate can even play with your own feelings. In life, you tend to meet someone who will make you happy yet he still isn’t the one destined for you! 12 more words

The girl before me. 

To the girl before me, I remember looking at you and thinking how can I compete with her. I realized it wasn’t a competition he noticed me the moment I walked into his life. 175 more words