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Yes siree, Bob.

First of all, I just want to gloat…I’m the first!!! :)

Ok, enough of the cryptic messages. Things have been…interesting. Thanks to the hormonal surge before my period, there has been much more drama than I would like but that seems to be mellowing out now. 410 more words


Day 2

So i did start my art journal today, but im not ready to show what i draw yet but it did feel good combining the two things that i love. 129 more words

Florida Man Pulls Out Girlfriend's Intestines After She Yelled Ex's Name During Sex

A 24-year-old Florida man is under arrest for murdering his girlfriend after she called out her former husband’s name during sex … twice.

Police in Sunrise, Fla., arrested Fidel Lopez and allege that he disemboweled Maria Nemeth, 31, last weekend, pulling her intestines… http://ce.ivyrc.com/florida-man-pulls-out-girlfriends-intestines-after-she-yelled-exs-name-during-sex/


Somebody that I used to know.

I’ve always wondered about how different people react when they come face to face with a past lover. I did a little survey where I asked people how they felt when they had to see their ex at a social gathering or even just by accident. 737 more words


Man Disembowels His Girlfriend After She Called Out Her Ex's Name During Sex — See His Horrifying Confession!

Warning: Graphic Details Ahead!
This weekend, Fidel Lopez was arrested for killing his girlfriend after she called out her ex-husband’s name during sex.
Police in Sunrise, Florida said the 24-year-old claims he disemboweled Maria Nemeth on Saturday morning by pulling her intestines… http://ce.ivyrc.com/man-disembowels-his-girlfriend-after-she-called-out-her-exs-name-during-sex-see-his-horrifying-confession/


Epidemic: HIV

In my current science class, we are discussing epidemic outbreaks, and everyone is talking about ebola, h1n1 and what not… the only one they did not talk about is HIV, where nearly 50,000 Americans get infected on a yearly bases, 94% of this is due to drug abuse, 4% of the rest is caused by unprotected sexual activities. 788 more words

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Just Talking...

Its Monday and I’m on my second cup of coffee, Olivia fell asleep so I get some time to write.

The other night David and I stayed up all night talking about our ex’s, past, and reminiscing on how we fell in love. 649 more words