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Chips and drinks

I have been playing on the playstation 4 for a while little while and then my boyfriend and friends tell me shit. I get off and they blow me off and im like what the fuck! 82 more words


Bumping into an ex (and looking manky)

Things are going fairly mightily with our friend, Ross. We met up for a dander around the @rhagallery Annual Exhibition on Saturday. The first few moments were a little awkward as I had managed to burn my lip through sucking on a roll-up too hard days prior. 835 more words


Exes Ask Each Other Questions While Hooked Up To A Lie Detector! (Video)

This is great! I want to be hooked up to a lie detector.  

Elite Daily.com got a bunch of former couples to sit down and take lie detector tests and ask them various questions.   64 more words


7 Things I Learned While Waiting for the Right One

1. There’s always more of yourself to discover.

I didn’t know I enjoyed fitness, & I forgot I loved to read. Sometimes when your life has a puzzle piece that doesn’t fit, you forget that some of the other ones fit perfectly.   180 more words


Alleged Depression and Eating My Feelings

So in recent times, I’ve had a touch of depression. Or at least that’s what I think it is. It’s kind of hard to tell these days. 379 more words


Things Unexpected

Yesterday morning at 8:28, I got a text from David. The text said “Just letting you know I got your letter yesterday” and he even sent a picture of the envelope to prove it. 330 more words