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I received a text from my ex the other day… I am so damn tired of getting them. It’s always something with suicide or going to prison. 839 more words

Anti-Valentine's Day events

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While every single friend of yours (ok fine, some friends) is desperately hooking up with dates on the next hottest dating app before V-Day, you’re still holding on to your ex’s sweater, flipping through the anniversary scrapbook and sobbing your eyes out. 63 more words


Dedicated to my ex's

( Not all my my ex’s are bad guys & Girls so not all the songs are about being hurt )

  1. Robin Thicke – Locked the door…
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When Ex's Hijack Your Dreams

On a regular basis I have nightmares that my ex husband comes to take my daughter from me. Occasionally I have good dreams where I forgive him and we are all nice and friendly etc etc, sometimes I have awkward sex dreams about him, but the majority of the dreams he steals from me are about him taking my baby from me or abandoning us in a life or death situation. 838 more words

Eggnog and Ex's

The holidays are over. At least almost over. You just have one more holiday to fake through, and this time you get to get drunk with people and make up lies about all the wonderful things you resolve to do in the next year, most of which you’ll break by Jan 7. 247 more words


I’ve only just remembered that I said I’d break things down in future posts and here’s me rambling about ex’s.

Well, now that I’ve sort of covered my breakup I guess I’ll move on to the health scares. 401 more words


I was asked an awfully random question about my most recent ex today.

“Did I love him?” And still talking about him brings a lump to my throat and tears I fight back… But why? 45 more words