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Extended Essay - Chemistry

Chemistry is a popular option among students to write for the extended essay. Much like other group 4 subjects, the chemistry extended essay relies on a detailed analysis of a certain topic, focused by a research question. 243 more words

Extended Essay

Extended Essay - Math

Math is a subject which it may seem difficult to do an extended essay on. On the surface, it has no real in-depth practical aspect like the group 4 subjects, but neither does it have a layer of complexity like English or the languages. 181 more words

Extended Essay

Extended Essay - Physics

The physics extended essay focuses on one aspect of physics in the IB diploma, on a specific topic. The process for the extended essay is much like the others for group 4 subjects: a research question is chosen in the specific topic area; this question needs to be very specific in order to narrow down the focus of the investigation. 221 more words

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Extended Essay - English

In the previous extended essay article, I’ve briefed you upon the basic requirements of the Extended Essay and the possible subject choices. Now I’m going to delve into the process of writing an EE in each particular subject, beginning with English (A1, Literature). 532 more words

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IB World History and Psychology

Juli, a senior at ASD, is working on her extended essays for IB Psychology and IB World History.


My Extended Essay: Barcelona Trip to the Cathedral La Sagrada Familia

After many months of agonizing, I finally handed in my Year 13 Extended Essay. I’mĀ interested in architecture as a career, so I decided to write an Arts essay on the Spanish Basilica in Barcelona, “La Sagrada Familia”. 379 more words