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The International Baccalaureate

206 Days Left

I cannot keep my stress at bay

Because of the Extended Essay,

Even if the exams are in May

It was still due yesterday… 131 more words


Let's show his real colors.

Writing Tool #27, “Reveal traits of character,” really resonated with me as I liked reading more detailed descriptions of who people are, rather than a simple word that describes them. 507 more words

Writing Tools Activities

Making ideas more concrete.

For this weeks writing tools activity I used Writing Tool #22, climb up and down the ladder of abstraction. I think that this tool is extremely important when writing an introduction to a paragraph or story, as the writer can take the abstract idea or object that they what to write about and then expand upon it. 228 more words

Writing Tools Activities

The power of three, the power of two, and even the power of one.

For this writing tool activity, I found #20 (Choose the number of elements with a purpose in mind) to be the most interesting and useful for how I write. 644 more words

Writing Tools Activities

Keeping your style 'fresh,' like the Prince of Bel Air.

These last four writing tools were hard for me to implement in my writing, as they don’t usually appear in my writing. I decided to use tool # 16, … 601 more words

Writing Tools Activities

Cosmic debris is useless.

For my third writing tool activity I decided to use tool #10, Cut big, then small. I think this tool is probably the most important that I’ve come across of all the writing tools, specifically for my writing style. 507 more words

Writing Tools Activities