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All About the Extended Essay

At the beginning of the school year, BSGE 11th graders begin their year-long assignment: the Extended Essay. Although this assignment may sound tedious and intimidating, it is a crucial part of the IB program. 613 more words

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Extended Essay - Language

Your group 2 subjects comprise of the various second languages that you must opt for and learn, in addition to English. They can be taken in any one of three levels; ab initio, SL, or HL. 219 more words

Extended Essay

Integrating to infinity #1


Over the next few days I will be discussing Gabriel’s Horn, a piece of mathematical intrigue on which I wrote my Extended Essay (a 4000 word investigation for the IB programme). 324 more words


Understanding DP: The Extended Essay

By Avery Howell, 11th grade

If you aren’t an 11th or 12th grade student, the phrase ‘DP’ may sound foreign to you, and perhaps a bit intimidating as well. 671 more words

Extended Essay - Business and Management

Business and management is another popular option for doing the extended essay. The extended essay for business and management has a student pick out a business or a group of businesses and take them as a case study example. 247 more words

Extended Essay

Extended Essay - Chemistry

Chemistry is a popular option among students to write for the extended essay. Much like other group 4 subjects, the chemistry extended essay relies on a detailed analysis of a certain topic, focused by a research question. 243 more words

Extended Essay

Extended Essay - Math

Math is a subject which it may seem difficult to do an extended essay on. On the surface, it has no real in-depth practical aspect like the group 4 subjects, but neither does it have a layer of complexity like English or the languages. 181 more words

Extended Essay