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Field Test - Duclos 2x Extender

For many years now I have used 1.4x and 2x extenders with my still lenses for both photography and video, and I am familiar with their advantages as well as their shortcomings.   852 more words



So on Tuesday I reserved two stair gate extenders as the stair gates I bought were sort by a few inches. No issue. The stair gates came from Amazon but I decided to get the extenders from Argos. 568 more words


Gobierno exige a Obama no extender sanciones a funcionarios venezolanos

El Gobierno Nacional informó que rechaza categóricamente la aprobación por el congreso estadounidense de extender las sanciones a funcionarios venezolanos hasta el 2019, por lo tanto exigió al presidente de los Estados Unidos, Barack Obama no promulgar ese proyecto de ley.  421 more words


Quality Fence Accessories from Fencemate

TBS recently changed its supplier for fencing accessories. Fencemate, from Birkdale, is a complete range of post supports, specially developed for DIY projects. They’re easy to use, and designed to save time and effort whilst delivering a great looking, long lasting finish. 105 more words

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#IT - Extend Your Wi-Fi With A 2nd Router

Getting a good wireless signal can be quite difficult sometimes. The construction of your building can reduce the range, the amount of neighbours with wireless can mean all the channels are crowded and interference of the signal can lead to drops of connection etc. 599 more words


Gefen Extender for HDMI 1.3 over one CAT5 R ( Receiver only ) 

1 used Receiver only ; No transmitter

Gefen Extender for HDMI 1.3 over one CAT5 R ( Receiver only )

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