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RTA Gets More Time to Figure Out Bus Access for Public Square

CLEVELAND, Ohio– A day away from the deadline, RTA found out they will have a little extra time to figure out what to do about bus traffic through… 166 more words


Data Selfie by Data X

Aujourd’hui une petite présentation d’une extension très utile,

Un aspect de console vieillotte, un petit côté darkweb (bouhouhouuuu), et pourtant il s’agit de l’outil le plus adapté pour analyser sa présence sur internet. 578 more words


How do we get from “The garden of Eden” to modern representations of women? Culturally, through our values and through texts?

The famous story of Eve and many other well-known texts such as Pretty Woman, Interstellar, The Social Network, etc. are all sexist towards women. These texts give society, specifically men, a reason why they should restrain and restrict the… 159 more words

Wordpress web development using important extension

This post is dedicated to all WordPress site owners as opposed to software engineers only.

WordPress does not come with built-in caching.
And it is criticized for same because along with… 150 more words

AmazonBasics 1 Meter USB 2.0 Extension Cable Review

The AmazonBasics 1 Meter USB 2.0 Extension Cable is available in the UK from Amazon.co.uk  at a cost of £4.49 +P&P or with free P&P for Prime Members. 1,258 more words


Tips for Class Connection Representation using PlantUML

Distinguishing connecting representation.

Extension <|-- Composition *-- Aggregation o--

Normaly developers used to 3 types of line such as Extension, Composition and Aggregation for representing connectivity of classes. 170 more words


Still Waiting!

Nearly there, but still extension not quite finished, and poor garden trashed.