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Effective Altruism as an intensional movement

Cross posted on the EA forum
This text grew out of discussions with some of EA global planners, many previous discussions with individuals considering if they want to identify as EAs and strategic considerations scattered around many EA articles. 2,015 more words

Just keep chipping..

It’s been a busy bank holiday weekend here at the cottage, as we continue to chip away the cement on the stone faces. We are extremely tired and slowly beginning to lose the will to live, but are reminded of how great it’s looking by all the lovely passers by (thank you!). 186 more words

May 2015

Quick site visit to this restoration/extension (design & planning only)

I’m often asked whether I provide a partial service and this cottage restoration and extension is a good example where I did the design and planning and then handed over to another for completion. 127 more words


canal13 v/s tvn: Diferencias

TVN al igual que canal 13 son sitios dirigidos y creados con el mismo fin, informar, promocionar e interactuar con los usuarios y televidentes de sus respectivos canales de televisión, en esta entrada nos dedicaremos a comentar y comparar estos sitios, enfocándonos en sus diferencias. 306 more words


Slow Sunday

I’m pretty sure I’ve used this line before but Sundays really are best for relaxing. I did go outside a few times today to take in that brisk sea breeze. 112 more words

1 General Belize

El objetivo del 13.cl: La cercanía con la sociedad tecnologizada.

Bienvenido nuevamente bloguero!!!!. Hoy te contaremos los principales objetivos de nuestra web de el 13.cl, el que tiene como fin expandir su contenido medial a otras plataformas distintas a la televisiva, para adaptarse a la sociedad tecnologizada de hoy en día. 309 more words


Libro de SUGERENCIAS, más que reclamos

El 13.cl es una página que constantemente es actualizada en cuanto a contenidos, sin embargo, a veces estos sitioss web poseen ciertas falencias que obstaculizan la navegación. 317 more words