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Data and your profile

Have you ever wondered what’s all the fuss about FaceBook and other social media sites? As one of my mentors said,  “it’s the data stupid!” 157 more words

Open Source

Mermaid Hair, don't care

I’ve been looking into hair extensions for Burning Man.

Reason #1:  I like really colorful things – just look at all the rainbows in my Burning Man closet! 189 more words

Burning Man

Visual Studio - useful tools

1. Brace Completer

– Automatically adds closing braces after typing an opening brace and pressing Enter.

More information: Brace Completer does exactly what the name says. 302 more words


School Week Round-Up: Week Twenty-Five

Lessons: I left school early one day this week to go to immediate care. A colleague took over one of my classes. I thought it would be fine, since it was one of the routine AIR test preps we do. 668 more words


Create Product review with Customer Image Magento Extension

Product review with customer image extension addresses your concern of image upload field in product review by enabling users to upload their image on product review form. 7 more words

Magento Extensions

NAV Development Preview - February Update is Here!

If you are a Dynamics NAV developer you should hopefully have heard by now of the upcoming changes to the development environment for building extensions. 110 more words

The Guild and Mise-en-Scene

  1.  Create a PAGE (not a blog post) on our WordPress site where you identify and analyze the significance of the 5 types of mise-en-scene in The Guild as captured in TWO different screenshots.
  2. 235 more words
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