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Bold Curb Appeal

An outdated, dark and uninviting entry was updated to bright, fresh and welcoming by replacing the outdated glass with contemporary glass panels, replacing the brass hardware with bronze, painting a fresh new color, and creating a custom-made house number plaque made from reclaimed fence boards and metal numbers.





Downers Grove

Galvanizing - what is it?

What is it?

Galvanizing is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron to prevent rusting. The most common method is hot-dip galvanising, in which parts are submerged in a bath of molten zinc. 229 more words

Wrought Ironwork

Bersó time 

Arriva l’estate e noi ci siamo preparati, pronti al caldo, al sole e a trascorrere tante bellissime giornate tra amici e parenti. 22 more words

Interior Design

A stunning private residence in Porto-Vecchio France, designed from the one and only, Jean-Louis Deniot.

“Minimalism is not for Jean-Louis Deniot as neither is excess. Balance and osmosis is what he is after, offsetting the sometimes rigid facet of architecture with an inmost vision of refinement, comfort and openness making his creations around the world havens to revel in.” JLD



Canvas Back Awnings says:

Look up, and know whats above your head! CHECK

Awnings provide a wonderful service for all who appreciate shade, protection from in- climate weather, attractive signage for storefront retail shops, lower cooling costs, but not all owners pay attention to inspections yearly , after extreme weather conditions, or even poor quality workmanship and materials. 38 more words


How To Reduce The Use Of Water For Your Landscape

What can I do on my own to create a yard that is a joy to relax in? What do I have to do to get an impressive landscape. 1,309 more words

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Panoramas of My Cottage

Playing around with the Panorama camera on my iPhone and the pictures are really cool. I had to share.

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