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Painting the Exterior of Our Home

Jason and I bought our home August 2012 in Yucaipa, Ca. The home we ended up after 6 months of aggressively house hunting is a 1960’s ranch style home on 1/2 an acre. 164 more words

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Guide On How To Go About Interior Design At Home

Although interior design may make some people think of expensive projects that they have seen on TV shows, it does not have to be that way! 381 more words

Exterior Paint

Interior Design Tips That Will Save You Money

If you want to get started with interior design, this article has the information that you need. Interior design can seem intimidating, but with guidance, you can become an expert. 403 more words

Exterior Paint

Tips For Painting The Exterior Of Your House

There is more to exterior painting than just spreading paint all over your wall. If you want the paint to last longer and for your walls to maintain their shine for an extended period of time, you’ll need to first prepare your surface before applying any paint. 320 more words


Tips For Painting The Exterior Of Your House

Painting, whether interior or exterior paint, can be a tricky task that requires the right skills and tools to perform correctly. Most DIY enthusiasts end up wasting paint and ruining their walls simply because they decided to paint their exteriors without first learning the steps. 323 more words


Vinyl Siding Transformation

What do you do when your “maintenance free” vinyl siding is looking dated and down in the dumps?

While you might be hesitant to consider painting your siding, if it’s done right, painting it will give you up to 10 years of stunning results –at a fraction of the price of new siding. 411 more words


Choosing The Right Color For Your Home’s Exterior

Thinking of changing the color of your home’s exterior? Changing the color of the outside of your home of course will give it a whole new look – but there are always factors to consider. 222 more words

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