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Johann - 78, Slugs - 0

After months of letting the slugs have their way at night, I have come to the point that enough is enough.  They are not welcome in the house anymore, leaving dried, silvery paths accross the walls and the kitchen door, eating our cat’s leftovers, and simpy leaving slime everywhere they go. 167 more words

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6 Things To Do When Moving into a New House

As any new home owner knows, there are more than 6 things to do when moving in to a new home.  But here is a list of 6 things that might slip you’re mind when compared to other more prominent ‘to do” tasks.   447 more words

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Ants in the winter?

Ever wonder what’s going on when you find ant activity in the dead of the winter? It’s usually a sure sign that you’ve got a nest somewhere in your home! 740 more words

Bats: Friend Or Foe? The Myths Vs Facts Of A Misunderstood Species

An unfortunate reality of pest control is the need to trap and remove nuisance wildlife. Often there is a delicate balance between satisfying the needs of the customer and also protecting the environment and supporting animal welfare. 835 more words

Key Aspects For Pest Control Rochester NY Revealed

Hello and welcome. Welcome to our blog site which is dedicated to providing information on pest control fort worth. All the information you will ever need about the niche can be found in this site. 417 more words

The 300-Pound Exterminating Angel from Ferguson and the Self-Destruction of America

A few years ago a relative of mine was sent on business to General Motors’ headquarters in Detroit. Her company gave her the exact itinerary to follow – she was supposed to drive through specific streets without stopping anywh… 6 more words