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AHV Best Practices Guide Version 4.1 Released — VCDX56

As you might know there are a few new AOS and AHV versions released since the last AHV Best Practices Guide (BPG) were released. Newest AOS releases are 5.6 and 5.5.2 depending on what release track you have chosen.

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Nutanix Calm Blueprint for Auto Scaling Compute Resources for Cloudera — IT BLOOD PRESSURE

Adding additional compute resources by first looking at seasonal trending data from Prism Central. Auto scaling is done with using Nutanix Calm. Save the blow code as a json file.

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Active Directory Domain Services Section (Version 1.1) — SID-500.COM

This article describes how to use a graphical menu to discover and administer your Active Directory Environment. It’s like sconfig, but much more powerful when it comes to automation with Active Directory.

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What are the differences between 'internal' and 'external' methods of training?

The most significant difference between internal and external training methods lies in the result that is achieved. Put in in its most simplistic form; internal methods build energy (Chi) whilst external methods build muscular strength (Li). 2,743 more words

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