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For me, the way I dress, do my hair or makeup are all direct reflections of how I feel internally.
If the sky were to collapse there are days were I would lie down and watch each cloud come tumbling down. 197 more words

Using Active Share To Evaluate The Reasonableness Of An Investment Management Fee

By Michael Kitces

Financial advisors and investment management consultants have long recognized that different fund managers have different investment styles. Some focus on stock picking, while others rotate amongst sectors or asset classes based on macroeconomic bets. 279 more words


React-router: Create link (internal/external)

Since you are now in react (SPA) the normal link won’t work as desired. All router are different but most of the time they help you. 138 more words


Inside Job

by Danielle N. Hall


For every painful experience there is a corresponding time of, and process for, recovery. While it may not appear that progress is being made, know that healing works from the inside out: it’s an inside job.