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The prime minister gives a speech on the occasion of the crisis:

– Citizens! I have good and bad news.
– The good is that our debt is gone. 72 more words


Feminerd: Internalized Sexism

Fangirls, a couple weeks ago I was working, and a woman came up looking for assistance bringing a stroller up front to purchase.  One of my managers (a female), said that she would be happy to grab it for the woman, if she wouldn’t mind walking back with her to show her which one.   482 more words


Waddle for the Cure

Deformed.  It’s a word I’ve heard a lot in my life, mostly in the doctor’s office.  It’s a tough word to hear, even in the sterilized vocabulary of a clinician.   1,748 more words


48. Self-movement

“Truth” Hegel wrote,

is its own self-movement, whereas the method just described is the mode of cognition that remains external to its material.

Pigeon Of Minerva


All our lives we’ve been set to believe that beauty is the one we see in models and superstars, that it has certain standards and criteria, which is completely false, but unfortunately we live our lives looking for and trying to chase an illusion. 76 more words


Ghost dance task 1.3

1.3Four key movements from the beginning section are the bird like, non locomotive movement, the poses at the start, non locomotive, when they are all lying on the floor on their sides with one leg sticking up with a flexed foot, non locomotive, head tilts from right to left, locomotive. 431 more words


Ghost dance task 1.2

I think that Christopher Bruce has chosen bird like and reptile like movements for the ghosts to perform because it gives them a look of being a predictor, searching for their prey. 57 more words