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God Loves Frauds, Too ...

Here, in Micah 5:2-4, the prophet gave us probably the best-known passage in his book, and one of the most precious promises of the coming Christ. 195 more words

Christian Life

Some thoughts on the internalist/externalist debate, the meaning of justification, and a bit of metaepistemology

It is a strange fact that our experience isn’t body-shaped. If it can be said to have a shape at all (which it can’t), it is an ill-defined blob shifting with each slight movement of ours. 2,092 more words



Any following of the externals of religion which is not made profound, compassionate and wise by an active and transformative spiritual life, will be a mere husk without a kernel: abrasive, hostile, self-righteous, lashing out at the innocent, and thriving on schism and controversy.

Shaykh Abdal-Hakim Murad


Organisms in their niche: passive modeling clay or problem-solving entities?

One person’s cultural background can bias their view about people from other cultures…even before they have ever met. Could people also have a bias about how they think about other creatures? 1,234 more words