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An Alledged Problem with (most) Religious Beliefs

There is a common objection to religious belief which is often aired in something like the following tone: “you’re only a Christian because your parents were Christians, but if you had been raised in India you would have been a Hindu, or if you had been born in the middle-east you would have been a Muslim,  2,963 more words


Varieties of externalism

Here’s a very useful close-grained conspectus sharing the same title of an earlier piece by Susan Hurley. Unsurprisingly, Hayek nor Simon are nowhere to be seen and surprisingly Heylighen et al are referenced.

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The World Beyond Your Head

Reviews in The New Yorker, The Guardian, The National Review (interview) of Matthew Crawford’s The World Beyond Your Head.  

True freedom requires that “the actor is in touch with the world and other people, in comparison to which the autistic pseudo-autonomy of manufactured experiences is revealed as a pale substitute.” — 

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Philosophy Of Mind

Internalism vs Externalism


the J-factor
when a belief is justified, there is something that makes it justified. Let’s call the things that make a belief justified or unjustified J-factors. 557 more words

সমকালীন জ্ঞানতত্ত্বের ভূমিকা

Field - Robert Pepperell 2nd Lecture: Location of the Conscious Mind

Throughout this session I had ‘Where is my Mind?’ by the Pixies in my head as the question we were tackling was: Where is the mind located? 810 more words

Field Year 2

God's Door Host

If one wished to visit the most exclusive bars and night clubs in Miami Beach or Soho, one could not arrive at the posh club, open the door, and walk right in. 552 more words