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Where is Illustration?

Answering this straightforward question, I can certainly say that illustration is everywhere. It is broadly used in advertisement, mass media, magazines, books, etc. We’re surrounded by illustration and don’t even notice this for most of the time. 366 more words

Internalism/Externalism notes

Some notes on internalism and externalism

I made a bad mistake and tried to discuss philosophy with some Christian Reconstructionists.  I couldn’t get them to move beyond sloganeering and cliches.   1,099 more words


Internalism about Justification

Both Foundationalism and Coherentism are internalist accounts of justification. Both seem to be plagued by problems, in part because they are proposition based accounts of justification. 507 more words


Some Notes on Scriptural Epistemology Pt.1

§ 1. Who Told Adam He Was Naked?

After eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Adam says that he was afraid of God because he, Adam, knew himself to be naked. 1,054 more words


Internalism vs Externalism.

Where is the mind?

At first I immediately think that the mind is in our heads; I thought that our brain controls everything we do. 130 more words


Stained Glass as a Model for Consciousness

Philosophical Explorations, 18:90–103, 2015

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Abstract Contemporary phenomenal externalists are motivated to a large extent by the transparency of experience and by the related doctrine of representationalism. 174 more words



To begin is to end, to end is to begin, and upon the awakening of death, the dream of life is reinvented eternally via Thought. 233 more words