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You are sometimes excludable and sometimes, that's a good thing?

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Now some of you may or may not know what that word means, but from what I can tell, the word kinda has a negative connotation, but trust me, being excludable isn’t all that bad. 674 more words

Is snoring a negative externality?

Snoring is a negative externality.

What is an externality, well there is two known externality a negative and a positive externality? Both with the same representation of different meanings, the positive externalities are the things the government subsidize in order to increase. 369 more words


Not Everyone Wants to Be Happy

One of the most common goals people express is their desire to be happy.

As Americans, our Declaration of Independence speaks to our  right to the “pursuit of happiness” ie our RIGHT to chase whatever our… 1,375 more words


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Doughnut Economics (5): Understand emergent behaviour. Oh, and what externalities are

The fourth of Kate Raworth’s “Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist” is to replace the old, rather Newtonian model of economics by one that treats the economy as a complex adaptive system. 1,487 more words

Links for 21st March, 2019

  1. “In a 2011 paper, trade-policy researchers Anwarul Hoda and Shravani Prakash analyzed the impact of “the proclivity of the U.S. administration to leverage the GSP program to achieve its economic and political objectives.” They found that with major developing-country trading partners “the reciprocity requirement has proved to be ineffectual.” In 1992, the U.S.
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Defending yourself defends others

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There’s a meme going around the feminist community that is very well-intentioned, but dangerously misguided. I first encountered it as a tweet… 1,612 more words


Further thoughts on the carbon tax.

This post is in response to feedback from my previous post on this topic.

There are no panaceas.

But as abstract ideas go, pollution taxes are pretty appealing. 1,419 more words