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Religion As a Community Social Structure

There are not many things that pull people together quite like religious beliefs. Sports pull us together when our kids are on the same team, when we are all in a stadium, or when two of us are wearing the right hat on an airplane, but those don’t make for strong ties that are lasting and uniting. 365 more words

The Elephant In The Brain - Hanson And Simler

Here is a term used in economics, “externalities”. It means costs incurred as a result of running a business that are not picked up by the business, but by those living in the communities in which they operate.

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Climate Breakdown

"A good rule of thumb is to assume that everything matters"*...

Every few months, a news outlet will write a story heralding the next financial crisis, with an assumed assuredness that we should all view as suspect.

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Cow farts, or quite a bit of hot air?

Very likely, the only reason why one would have missed all the “commotion” around cow farts is to have been stranded on a desert island without any access to some telecom network. 1,458 more words

Production Systems

True cost is all about The External Ripple

When something is bought, we think the true cost is what we paid in that transaction. The true cost of anything however is much more than the transactional cost. 587 more words

Better World

Norms and Productive Coordination

In my previous post I wrote about wasteful competition that occurs between animals within the same species, including us humans. To try to be impressive, we do a lot of things that are relatively wasteful. 487 more words

The Elephant In The Brain - Hanson And Simler

Ford Announces Launch of Largest Electric Vehicle Charging Network in the US (Micro News for October 19, 2019 - October 25, 2019)

Valdes-Dapena, Pete

Link to the article

Posted 10/17/2019


electric recharging stations, new technologies, electric vehicles, positive economics, normative economics, externalities

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