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Micro Chapter 7 Review (Mateer & Coppock)

The Kahoot provides 16 end-of-chapter questions on externalities, public goods, the Coase Theorem and the tragedy of the commons.

This Kahoot! is not publicly available because the author uses it as an assessment. 27 more words


Home Sales Surged 24.7% in July, with Prices Hitting an All-Time High (Micro News for August 22, 2020 - August 28, 2020)

Bahney, Anna

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Posted 8/21/2020


supply, demand, price, equilibrium, shifts in demand, interest rates

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# 2 Supply Demand and Market Equilibrium… 320 more words


We Gave You Public Transport And You Should Be Grateful.

I took a short break from studying to quickly wade into the ongoing saga that is the “I-redrew-bus-routes-in-your-neighbourhood-to-save-us-money” saga at Bukit Panjang.

Blah blah – Externalities. 1,791 more words

Externalities (We CAN do this)

As Python programmers like to have their computers say,

“Hello world.”

It has been a long time. On the calendar it has been just months, but it has been what seems like a lifetime, since I have posted to this blog. 881 more words

Going beyond Zero-Sum Games

One of the foundational concepts in Game Theory is that of a Zero-Sum Game. In such a scenario, a person or entity gains at the cost of another and vice-versa. 547 more words

Demerit Goods - Which Curves To Shift?

This was actually a question posed to me over at the Ask Me section, but I felt my response merits a full-length post in its own right. 695 more words

Is it possible to be prepared for a crisis?

This article is part of the series Governance, in crisis.

By Adam Przeworski
Carroll and Milton Petrie Professor Emeritus
Department of Politics

New York University… 1,240 more words