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Dodo bird illustration from Atlas de zoologie,1844

August news 2015: '22 extinct birds' to be shown at Heiser Gallery in Oct 15

Pleased to announce the ’22 extinct birds’ installation made at Point B in NYC Oct/Nov 2014, will be exhibited at Heiser Gallery, Brisbane in my… 138 more words


The Bird from Hell

In the latest edition of the journal Scientific Reports, S Brusatte, Edinburgh and zoologists from the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences have published details of a recently discovered winged dinosaur 125 million years old. 102 more words


The Great Auk

We sat at the dinner table tonight talking about our days. The Muppets were filling me in on all the day’s activities from poetry readings to art projects to super hero training in PE it sounded like there was not a dull moment. 396 more words


Passenger Pigeons

There was a time in the not too distant past, the late 1800’s,  that  a gentle migratory beautiful bird, perhaps the most numerous in the world, flew over the skies in North America and Mexico.   809 more words

Passenger Pigeons

Alas, Poor Dodo!

Imagine the poor creature, minding its own business on the island of Mauritius for countless millennia, and then wiped out in the course of the seventeenth century, apparently because of human intervention in a previously uninhabited island. 1,212 more words