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Passenger Pigeons

There was a time in the not too distant past, the late 1800’s,  that  a gentle migratory beautiful bird, perhaps the most numerous in the world, flew over the skies in North America and Mexico.   809 more words

Passenger Pigeons

Alas, Poor Dodo!

Imagine the poor creature, minding its own business on the island of Mauritius for countless millennia, and then wiped out in the course of the seventeenth century, apparently because of human intervention in a previously uninhabited island. 1,212 more words


November News: Point B Residency New York & Open Studios Exhibition

Two months has flown by!

The Point B residency has given me the chance to undertake research at natural history museums in New York, Washington DC, and Philadelphia. 279 more words


Extinction of Birds

If we do not become aware that we live the wrong way and if we do not help others to become aware too – humans will be inevitable history without birds… 8 more words

Endangered Birds

Graffiti artist ATM honours the birds that are vanishing from Britain

To commemorate the British birds that are vanishing from view due to loss of habitats and loss of wild areas London-based artist ATM creates huge and colourful paintings on the facades of decaying housing estates and brick walls around London. 8 more words

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