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South Africa Taking On the Poachers in Ernest!

After years of carnage, the number of rhinos killed by poachers is decreasing in South Africa. The dip is thanks to the sharp increase in arrests, according to the Dept.

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Dailies 3/1/17: art, wind, dresses, & a cache of photos of the last Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

Extinction Event:
A Cache of Photos of the Last Ivory-Billed Woodpecker РDavid Wojahn 

after J. T. Tanner & Rice Miller

The feet, gladiator tridents, creeping up the sleeve of J.J. 162 more words

Important: The Greys use positively charged air for energy. This video discusses radio pulses that discharge electrons from the upper atmosphere, which explains how the Greys make "positive air" in the first place.

We’ve been saying that these Grey aliens travel around in miniaturized space buggies that are powered by positively charged air. Once we were informed of that we bought an air ionizer or ozone machine to see if adding electrons back into our air locally here would have any effect on the space ships, which can literally miniaturize to nano-size with no effect on the Grey behind the wheel. 250 more words

Sharks Do Get Cancer

Looking for “natural” remedies can lead to unintended consequences. Potential extinction of another species.

“That misconception is promoted in part by those who sell shark cartilage, who claim that the substance will help cure cancer, said David Shiffman, a shark researcher and doctoral student at the University of Miami. 105 more words

Anthony Bourdain Talks Drilling Holes in Victims' Heads to "F*ck Their Brains Out" (#Pizzagate, Illuminati)

Notice Bourdain’s Illuminati hand signal V sign in the image above. ¬†We recently saw Anthony Bourdain on TV and realized instantly that he is another “human persona” of Illuminati Leader Kodiak (Jimmy Comet is another of his personas). 4,070 more words

What To Expect When Expecting a Woolly Mammoth

What happens when you try to bring back the woolly mammoth from extinction? According to Professor George Church, from Harvard University, we will know in 2 years or so (give or take 10 years) [ 848 more words