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For the first time in a century, bald eagles are back in New York

New York may be gentrifying even faster than we thought.

According to the Audubon Society, the first active nest of bald eagles in about a century was spotted last week on the South Shore of Staten Island. 252 more words

A Tale of Two Playing Cards

The Museum Ethnographers Group conference is being held on Monday and Tuesday at the excellent Powell-Cotton Museum in Kent. The theme is ‘Nature and Culture in Museums’ 665 more words

Advocating Collections

Flight Ways on the New Books Network seminar

A great interview on Flight Ways has just been posted on the New Books Network seminar. Thanks so much to Carla Nappi for taking the time to read the book and chat with me. 309 more words


Early crocodylomorph increases top tier predator diversity during rise of dinosaurs

Triassic predatory guild evolution reflects a period of ecological flux spurred by the catastrophic end-Permian mass extinction and terminating with the global ecological dominance of dinosaurs in the early Jurassic. 677 more words


Palaeolithic remains show cannibalistic habits of human ancestors

Analysis of ancient cadavers recovered at a famous archaeological site confirm the existence of a sophisticated culture of butchering and carving human remains, according to a team of scientists. 400 more words


Species Loss

By: Amanda Hansen

Extinction is not new. Animals experienced this long before human interference as part of natural cycles. Mass extinctions occurred thousands of years ago. 1,016 more words