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Researchers say sleep training is not emotionally damaging, and can actually reduce stress for your baby

As Akshat Rathi, Quartz’s resident scientist, and I reported that sleep training does no harm. And, if you believe that everyone getting more sleep, and having some predictability in life is beneficial, it does more than no harm: it can be life-changing. 343 more words

Endangered Species

A critically endangered species is one that faces very high risks of extinction in the wild. So, you’d think that we’d be helping the endangered fish replenish their population sizes, and hold off on killing them, as we do with land animals, right? 365 more words


VIDEO: Mexican Gray Wolf Pups Have Come Out Of Hiding At Brookfield Zoo

Remember when I told you about the Mexican Gray Wolf pups that were born about a month ago at Brookfield Zoo?

For the longest time they were just hanging close to Mom and weren’t really hanging out in public. 77 more words


Robots Kill 60,000 Jobs at Just One Factory as 40% of Labor Force Faces Extinction


by Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple

Human labor is worth less than ever at the notorious Foxconn factory.

The company, known for producing Apple products and other American consumer electronics, was already notorious for driving workers to suicide at its Shenzhen, China location and prompting suicide nets outside the buildings. 299 more words

Daily News

The endless hunt

World Turtle Day is being celebrated every year on 23rd May, since 2000, and is sponsored by American Tortoise Rescue, a nonprofit corporation. The main purpose of this event is to bring attention to turtles and tortoises, protect them from extinction and encourage human action to help them survive. 414 more words

Far East Leopard

Usually when you think about where leopards live, you think of Africa but there is a species of leopard that has adapted to be able to live in Amur-Heilong, which covers northern parts of China and the Russian Far East.  200 more words