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Endangered Species

16 mm Elephant by DianiRalph

Another privileged memory from Ekorian’s!!!

I nicknamed this little bull 16 mm after he got so close to us that even at 16 mm I was no longer able to frame him properly. 109 more words


Extinction means more than a loss of species to Australia's delicate ecosystems

Matthew McDowell, Flinders University

European settlement of Australia, and the exotic predators and herbivores they brought with them, caused rapid widespread biodiversity loss. As a result, for the past 200 years Australia has had the… 824 more words


Interests and Passions: Why Protect Wildlife?

We know that wildlife extinction is a growing problem. National Geographic reported in 2014 that we are in a unique time where animals are facing extinction at a rate of 1,000 times faster than in previous centuries. 370 more words


The Quagga Ressurection

© Bonnie U. Gruenberg

Over the past 2,000 years, more than 100 mammal species have become extinct, includ­ing the Tasmanian wolf and the Caspian tiger, along with countless species of bird such as the passenger pigeon, the Carolina parakeet, and the dodo. 1,435 more words


Understanding the "Appendix" for Rhinos

Getting serious about preserving rhinos entails international cooperation. The first step is to set a definitive standard which all countries can and will be responsible for. 216 more words

Rhino Ramblings

New Scientist Subscription, 23 January - Head Transplants, Nano-cars & A Moon Village

Another interesting issue of this magazine, there are talks of giant viruses, teeny tiny racing cars, animals that were thought extinct turning out to be not quite so extinct! 673 more words

New Scientist