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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) – Our coastlines could be in harm’s way. Not because of a storm or a tidal wave, but because of ocean acidification. Carbon dioxide emissions are changing the chemistry of our oceans which could have a negative impact on coastlines and economies.

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Threats to US National Parkland!

The NY Times reports on a deceptive piece of legislation whose main intent is not to created park land but to take away protections from the National Parks Members of Utah’s congressional caucus, not content with eviscerating two national monuments in the state, have unleashed a new assault on public lands, proposing legislation that hides […]

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Endangered Species of India.

This video from India says about itself: 5 June 2016 On World Environment Day, we look at an endangered species in India that mostly feeds off Guwahati’s garbage dumps — the greater adjutant stork.

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This is an Interesting Petition re Mountain Lions...

Mountain lions that live in Los Angeles are in danger of becoming extinct in 50 years, because their isolation leaves them vulnerable to inbreeding which causes health problems and unusual behavior.

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Rhinos at Risk Every Day! Elephants. Too...

By Gill Cassar Every day, more than three of the 30,000 remaining rhinos that survive in the wild are killed. Thirty African elephants a day also lose their lives – the worst decline for the species in 25 years.

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Year of the Bird!

From Cornell Lab of Ornithology Welcome to the Year of the Bird We’ve joined with National Geographic, National Audubon Society, BirdLife International, and more than 100 organizations to declare 2018 the Year of the Bird.

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United Nations Removes Support for Asiatic Cheetah Conservation

A worrying article was published by The Guardian a few days ago. Robin McKie wrote that the United Nations had removed its support for Asiatic Cheetah conservation, potentially dooming the species to extinction. 280 more words

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