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Horses and Beef also cause extinction

Here’s a little (unfinished) video which I shot and edited on the run in the Northern Territory, Australia.  The location is about one hour drive east of Alice Springs, known as Ross Creek.  177 more words


Wildlife Habitat Destruction

Wildlife! The true beauty of nature but due to habitat destruction and fragmentation we humans are exerting many species lives into danger. Many of species have come to extinction, critically endangered. 261 more words


The Desert Sun has series of videos on what is happening to the Salton Sea The Desert Sun investigates the crisis of the shrinking Salton Sea, from its worsening dust storms to its disappearing birds.

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Bye Bye Buffalo

An estimated 50 million wild bison roamed the plains of North America prior to the arrival of European settlers. By 1884, only 325 survived. They were hunted to near extinction for their hides, as prizes, and to clear railroad tracks. 50 more words


Welcome to Earth...Population: 0

I once saw a television show named “Life After People” where scientists, structural engineers, and other experts speculate about what could possible become of Earth should we face human extinction. 324 more words

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