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Question of the Week #125

Assuming that complete recovery were instantaneous, would you be willing to accept a year of complete paralysis below the neck to prevent the otherwise certain extinction of the blue whale? 115 more words



This is a modern kind of bitch, a kid then girl that aspired only to success trying yo achieve this goal using her body, tits, pussy and shortcut brain link she inherited. 30 more words

Problemi Generali

Memento Mori

The modern tradition of disaster-forecasting has become a part of the fabric of the developed world.  An author sits calmly, I imagine, at his (in this case) desk and click-clacks out a presumptuous and disquieting headline declaring something like, … 684 more words


75% decline in insects in just 27 years.

Latest research indicates that over three quarters of our insect populations have died out over just twenty seven years.

This is horrendous.

Insects form the basis of most food webs. 60 more words


Young Wild Horse Deaths in Captivity!

Healthy foals with their moms in Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Territory For more info on what causes colitis in foals, read HERE. SOURCE: BLM News Release For Immediate Release: Oct.

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The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert

Originally published in: 2014

What it’s about: Kolbert talks about how we (humans) may be orchestrating the sixth major mass extinction on Earth and the possible consequences. 199 more words