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Monarch Numbers Up Slightly, but...

Butterfly Still at Risk of Extinction
Favorable Weather Boosts Population But Pesticides Still Threaten Butterfly’s Chance of Survival

The annual overwintering count of monarch butterflies released today shows a modest population rebound from last year’s lowest-ever count of 34 million butterflies, but is still the second lowest population count since surveys began in 1993. 251 more words

Next Step for Unit 2

Here’s are the next step of Unit 2

1) adding colour into lip balm and testing for hardness with poportion of ingredients

2) beginning the test mof making soap… 59 more words

Working Process In Uni

Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi - lyrics concerning the destruction of the environment - You don't know what you've got til its gone!

Way back in the sixties when we were worried about the environment; we had no idea of the pace of events. What was happening then was piffling compared to what is going on now. 256 more words


Anthropocene Apocalypse - we take for granted the things around us. We won't miss it until it's gone.

We make assumptions that the world around us will remain as it is whatever we do to the life on it. We create Sci-Fi visions of the future in which we continue to live in vast numbers in massive urban conurbations where all other life has been eradicated. 378 more words


Ancient DNA adds a piece to the PIE

By Wolfgang Haak

It’s no secret that the history of mankind has a fascination for me. As a boy, I used to make bows and arrows, spears and stone tools, hung out in the large woods behind our house in the German countryside, and read books about Stone Age mammoth hunters of Europe (I won’t mention the loincloth I made of rabbit skins). 1,049 more words


Anthropocene Apocalypse - 3.6 billion years of evolution all interlinked.

It has taken a staggering 3.6 Billion years for life to have evolved from one single cell in the glutinous soup of oceans that came out of a Billion years of heat, lightning, UV and gamma to create fourteen million species. 205 more words


Anthropocene Apocalypse - HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIFE - 3.6 billion years old!

Yes – Happy Birthday planet Earth – by my reckoning a mere youngster of 4.55 Billion years!!   Happy birthday to you and many happy turns. 293 more words