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Jungles in the city

Jungles in the city sounds metaphorical, doesn’t it?  

In the recent times of growth and development, the representation of word ‘jungle’ has changed drastically from something wildly to something representing the larger blocks of human settlement. 318 more words


North Atlantic Right Whales

The North Atlantic right whale, as some of you may already be aware, has been in the news recently as the Canadian Federal Fisheries officials investigate the death of yet another endangered right whale on the Canadian east coast.

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How to kill the dinosaurs in ten minutes

Ten minutes difference, and Earth would still be Planet of the Dinosaurs

We have suspected for some decades that the dinosaurs1 became extinct as the result of a massive meteorite, an asteroid, hitting the Earth. 3,566 more words


Humans vs Neanderthals – the mammoth competition that ended in extinction

After thousands of years, the reason for the Neanderthal’s extinction has finally come to light. Using isotopic analysis, it was found that both ancient humans and the Neanderthals were in direct competition for their main food source – woolly mammoths. 506 more words


Empty Cages

We went to the zoo today.
We saw the cockroaches at play.
Elephant and rhino have gone,
Of the panda there is only one.
Empty cages in the zoo today. 14 more words


August 12

1883: The last quagga dies. The animal was a subspecies of South African zebras. Originally thought to be a separate species altogether, DNA studies have been done and it was found that the quagga is the southernmost subspecies of the plains zebra and particularly close to Burchell’s zebra. 497 more words