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And the Winner Is...

With the earliest humans living in Africa dark skin is obviously the default skin color. Lighter skin color evolved so that homo sapiens who didn’t have the good sense to remain in Africa could still produce Vitamin D. 36 more words

Climate Change

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On The Monitor this week:

  • An interview with Dahr Jamail on the “Sixth Great Mass Extinction Event” that is already underway.
  • An interview with Adam Johnson…
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Anthropocene Apocalypse - Positive Action and news! The Dalai Lama, Pope, Barack Obama!

Fortunately it is not all doom and gloom.

I said in a previous post that the people who can make the difference are the politicians, billionaires and religious leaders. 284 more words


Anthropocene Apocalypse - Who is responsible for the environmental/climate devastation?

It is quite apparent that the whole world has undergone immense catastrophic change in the past forty years. The rate of deforestation, species extinction, wilderness despoiling, and pollution has reached a point where we are endangering all wild-life and altering the climate of the world. 1,169 more words


#ClimateChange -Turkish glaciers shrink by half. #Auspol #keepitintheground

Reasearchers and citizens have known for some time that Turkey’s glaciers are shrinking. Now scientists have calculated the losses and found that more than half of the ice cover in this mountainous country has vanished since the 1970s. 156 more words

Climate Change

T.E.A. News: Compliance is no longer an option, The Earth's vital Support Systems are in Decline.

@ T.E.A. News

Scientists recently as we have noted have claimed we have entered the Holoscene Extinction. And we humans are largely to blame. In the chart above you can see that this is not a lie. 352 more words