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Saving the Corpse Flower... and its friends

Deep inside the corpse flower are its developing fruits (painted in the sketch above). After 6-9 months, they’ll look like a column full of beautiful ripe tomatoes, tempting birds to eat them and distribute the seeds inside. 127 more words



I read you
through pictures,
past and fading,
fast forgetting what it was
to be free,
what it was to be healthy.
I read you in… 164 more words


We are eating the world’s wild mammals to extinction — Quartz

You’re probably aware of the deplorable trade in wildlife that’s driving many mammal species to extinction. Rhino horns for Chinese traditional medicine, elephant ivory for ornaments, or monkeys as exotic pets.

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Dream: WCFF

Grab the tissues! A tear-jerking animation video for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, of animals facing extinction by Zombie Studios.


George Carlin - Outrageous, plain speaking comic - religion and society

This is George Carlin – a remarkable man. He says it as it is. He speaks about taboo subjects like religion and politics. An incredibly intelligent man. 51 more words


Blessing with the power of extinction

Excerpt of Luangpor’s Reflections 16/10/16 (prior to departure for blessing trip to India):

Those who are not physically going to bless in India, use the mind that is mighty and limitless to rejoice in the blessings, it will reach all places in the same way. 222 more words