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Climate Change

The whole world is in a huddle to discuss the global climate situation and its impact on the environment and our life. Climate change is not a new phenomenon and there is historical evidence about major climate changes and their aftermath. 770 more words


Big Game Trophies: Airlines Say No!

The “Cecil the Lion” aftershock is being felt internationally, with airlines announcing they will not ship trophy hunters’ prizes.  Delta Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, Qatar, KLM, and Air France… 224 more words

Endangered Species

Pleistocene megafaunal extinctions – were humans to blame?

Australia and the Americas had an extremely diverse fauna of large beasts (giant wombats and kangeroos in Australia; elephants, bears, big cats, camelids, ground sloths etc in the Americas) until the last glaciation and the warming period that led into the Holocene interglacial. 650 more words

Geobiology, Palaeontology, And Evolution

Sweeter World

This world would taste sweeter

If there were more honeycombs

Bees waggle dance, with elegance

More flowers would bloom

Almost drowsy with sweet nectar

Awaiting a transformation… 41 more words


Started the month with two more movies; 'Extinction' and 'Pixels'.

Heii…I’m back with movie reviews again! I’m jobless recently and so I have plenty of time to catch up with both new or old movies. However, beginning tomorrow, I will not have that much of time onwards for movies and other leisure activities. 566 more words


It's the End of Times!

Museum of Natural and Cultural History: Eugene, Oregon

Anyone who knows me also knows of my nervous preoccupation with the end of the world. I blame it on too many disaster movies, hyped-up news coverage, and the general craziness of Mother Nature. 317 more words

Nature Bats Last, Podcast with Guy McPherson

Repeat. I was NOT seeking attention in doing this, but how fast it came. A gem of a man, the most esteemed Guy McPherson interviewed me days ago on his show.   34 more words