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Starlog #193 August 1993

I didn’t have a copy of this cartoon and for some unknown reason I’m missing my copy of Starlog #193, but I was able to grab a screenshot from the online Starlog archive.


5 Faces of Extinction due to Humans

Extinction is forever, and the number of people who truly care about the extinction of species is a saddening minority. People who may chance upon the thought, say that extinction is a part of nature and that species have come and gone since life first started on Earth. 689 more words


5GoToSea: Pt 4: Extinction and Shaping

Resurgence and Regression: Understanding Extinction So You Can Master It

From a presentation given by Dr. Jesús Rosales-Ruiz during the 2014 Five Go To Sea Conference cruise. 924 more words

Clicker Training

In the Killing of....rabbit Allan

There are many things done to provoke interest and raise awareness. Still, very few of us find the perfect balance between rhetoric and intelligence or decency and profanity. 945 more words

Saying Something

Notes on Extinction: Accelerationism/Annihilationism

It’s a little too easy to say that doomers, those who subscribe to near-term human extinction, lack imagination. The optimist remains incapable of imagining anything ending. 637 more words



Every night, I’d tell her a story as I tucked her into bed: about feathery birds, roaring lions and squeaking mice. She was in awe of my imagination: her favourites were the felines. 9 more words

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