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Hello World,

I have been playing video games since I was four years old. I have played retro classics from Super Mario World to Pacman and modern masterpieces like Skyrim and Rocket League. 1,377 more words

Extra Credits

Dragon Quest Builders (Part 1) - I need to stop watching Extra Credits

Well here’s another topic Extra Credits had already done.  I don’t know whether I should be happy that they were right OR trolled because I need to think of something extra to add beyond what they’ve already done. 662 more words


ROMANCING THE BEO Part 2: Narrative Drive

This is my follow up to ROMANCING THE BEO Part 1.  Previously, I considered how my playthrough of Dragon Age Inquisition (DA 3) was similar to… 1,324 more words

Video Games

Extra History, Crash Course, and the Importance of Online Education Initiatives

Disclaimer: While I do not have any financial stake in either of these projects, I do support them both on Patreon. As I hope to argue, I feel that both of these projects are critical to the future of education, and therefore worthy of a few dollars a month. 1,079 more words


Young Film Academy

I enrolled in The Young Film Academy summer school, where I learned how to handle full film equipment and use Final Cut Pro software to achieve multiple effects. 176 more words


Designing a fantasy, and how devs can do it wrong

(I’ve been inactive here for a while; busy with a project, promoted to guild leader and doing guild stuff, and general summer things. Anyway, I’ve still been posting on my Tumblr where posting is a lot easier and more convenient for quickie posts, and sometimes I think the posts can go up here as well. 871 more words

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