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BW Filler Video: History Of Jules Verne

The show Extra Credits has taken on a few extra series. One of them is Extra Sci-Fi, an examination of the history of science fiction. 95 more words

Book Spotlight

Extracredit. Mata uang kripto pertama di dunia didedikasikan untuk pendidikan teknologi Blockchain.


Saat ini, banyak orang mendengar tentang koin kriptografi, tapi mereka tidak tahu apa itu, sedikit yang mereka ketahui adalah karena mereka telah mendengarnya dari orang lain, berita, dll. 418 more words

Extra Credits Blockhain Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Extra Credits - Picking at the Lockbox Thing Some More

The whole lockbox thing continues to meander down the road, hoving in and out of view as various politicians try to hitch their name to some aspect of this debacle.  790 more words


Extra Credits - Why Do Games Cost So Much To Make?

After running a video about why AAA video games should cost more than $60, something we’ve heard a lot, they followed up with a video about what it costs to make a AAA video game. 28 more words


Extra History: Cheng I Sao, Pirate Queen

When I met with the Extra History crew this summer, I could talk about one thing and one thing only:

It was time to greenlight… 151 more words

Extra Credits

Extra History: The Berlin Airlift

Yet another post-December catch-up post!

Freelance writers often slow down in December. Budgets run dry at your usual outlets, and everyone’s more interested in wrapping up admin projects. 64 more words


Extra History: Christmas Truce

I have a tendency to only update this blog when new work goes up—and when work goes up over the holidays, it can be double-slow to update! 69 more words