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Developing lasting games while balancing the addiction

The business of game development is strange.  Games are being developed with incentives for replay including new game + (Tales of Symphonia) and new high score parameters (Tetris).   1,293 more words

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Top 5 places to Start Learning Game Design

So you wanna be a Game Designer, well woopdie doo. I have been around the block before with block heads just like you. Each and everyone a dreamer, taking up projects they don’t have the skill for. 843 more words

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World-building Advising: The Empire Writes Back

So as I build the world of the Arcane Realm, I often find various concepts to build up this weird setting of mine.

So I vaguely looked at the idea of empires as in real world history, they have been a big part of it, spreading cultures, ideology, political powers and similar things to that. 410 more words

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Game Start; passing the torch through tutorial conveyance

Let’s Get Started!

Seriously, does anyone honestly like hearing those words? If I were to start writing the basic steps of how to read these very words I’m writing, carefully walking you through every syllable and sentence, would you still read this? 750 more words


Road signs.

Today I would like to devote one short blog post to the “road signs”, some valuable resources that gives me the first directions in game dev. 165 more words

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#GamerGate and the stupidity of this whole affair.

So James Portnow of Extra Credits threw some shit at TotalBiscuit at a panel and later on twitter. I have tried to figure out what TB has done to catch his ire but I’m genuinely lost. 178 more words


Do you know the difference between difficulty and punishment in game design?

Extra Credits illustrates how to properly identify the difference between difficulty and punishment when developing your game. Some games like Dark Souls may be able to leverage one or the other well, but you have to be careful. 7 more words

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