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ROMANCING THE BEO Part 2: Narrative Drive

This is my follow up to ROMANCING THE BEO Part 1.  Previously, I considered how my playthrough of Dragon Age Inquisition (DA 3) was similar to… 1,324 more words

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Extra History, Crash Course, and the Importance of Online Education Initiatives

Disclaimer: While I do not have any financial stake in either of these projects, I do support them both on Patreon. As I hope to argue, I feel that both of these projects are critical to the future of education, and therefore worthy of a few dollars a month. 1,079 more words


Designing a fantasy, and how devs can do it wrong

(I’ve been inactive here for a while; busy with a project, promoted to guild leader and doing guild stuff, and general summer things. Anyway, I’ve still been posting on my Tumblr where posting is a lot easier and more convenient for quickie posts, and sometimes I think the posts can go up here as well. 871 more words

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Looking at Writing from a Different Perspective

Sometimes, I feel as if I’ve read every piece of writing advice floating out there in the collective consciousness of the Internet. Obviously that’s not true, but the diligent writer is exposed to so much that even the best bits of wisdom can start to seem stale. 413 more words

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Kurzgesagt - The Internet Makes You Smarter

I’m a firm believer that it is a duty to share information, and these days it has been made easier and easier for us to reach a huge audience with the knowledge we possess. 745 more words


Why Extra Credits is Wrong on "Hatred" and the Value of Sadism

Extra Credits is a popular series on YouTube focused on talking about video games. The series is obnoxious for a variety of reasons including the undeserved professorial tone (the narrator’s cartoon avatar even lectures from a podium), the annoying effect put over the narrator’s voice, the lack of research, the bad writing, and the poorly thought-out theses. 3,263 more words

Criticizing Critics