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Justinian & Theodora - VIII: Bad Faith - Extra...

Justinian & Theodora – VIII: Bad Faith – Extra History

Mediolanum had fallen. Belisarius wrote a furious letter to Justinian explaining what happened, and the emperor immediately recalled Narses and reaffirmed Belisarius’s leadership.

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Free 2 Addiction (Except Not Really)

In my previous post, I had made heavy reference to video game addiction and demonstrated how exactly it can consume someone’s social and personal life like a parasite. 473 more words


Extra Credits - Still Skeptical of VR

Five challenges for Virtual Reality.

Warning: Unfortunate comparisons with the Kinnect ahead.


2015 Writing Year in Review

Happy New Year!

*Throws champagne, drinks confetti*

The last few hours of a year always seem to bring on reflection, and this year’s no different. The last 365 presented many changes for me–I left the… 371 more words


Educating Yourself


How Everyone’s A Massive Geek And Probably Doesn’t Know It

I’m sitting here chain-watching a lot of Extra Credits videos. If you don’t know, they’re animated, educational mini-lectures on the subject of games design, games industry, and the socio-economic impact of games. 861 more words

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