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School Committee: 15 February 2017

School Committee Meeting 15 February 2017

6 present, SC Descoteaux absent, Student representative: Onoste Omoyeni

Mr. Gignac requests taking Eagle Scout Michael Wojas’ report on textile recycling out of order. 1,998 more words

Lowell School Meetings

Put Down the Books. Your Future Wants Some Other Experiences to Look Back On. TUB-Thump 029

High tuition fees mean that a lot of people want to make the most of their time at university.

For some, that means knuckling down and focusing solely on the academic work. 265 more words

All Students

Year 6 - Week 3

Back to SAT’s.

This week, all of Year 6 sat their English SAT test for the term. This time, all the classes were spilt into groups, and the test taken in the exact way they will be in May, rather than in whole classes. 161 more words

Year 6

Engaging Students in Green Issues

Children across the globe are joining the green revolution. What is your school community doing to fire a passion for the planet?

Although our community of refugees face daily hardships, their passion to create a brighter future is clear through the love and care they show for their fellow pupils, and their passion for wanting to create a brighter future. 60 more words

Afghan REfugees


As part of a national competition, 39 members of Year 6 have volunteered to take part in ‘Bananagrams’. This is a really fun, easy spelling game (a bit like scrabble but without a board) where you make your own word grid using  little letter tiles. 130 more words

Year 6


Recently, Galgotias School of Business (SoB) organised a Guest Lecture which was delivered by Prof. Kaushik V. Pandya, Associate Professor, Sheffield University, London, UK on the topic ‘Lean Management’ for its MBA final year students.

Advanced Seascape Painting

Final in the Series of Five Monthly Workshops with David Chen

Loosening up Versus Painting Against the Contour

If you are like me, and admire the work of the Impressionist painters, you may look atyour work and think that it looks too ‘tight’ and wish you could ‘loosen up’ your method of painting. 827 more words

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