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Advanced Seascape Painting

Final in the Series of Five Monthly Workshops with David Chen

Loosening up Versus Painting Against the Contour

If you are like me, and admire the work of the Impressionist painters, you may look atyour work and think that it looks too ‘tight’ and wish you could ‘loosen up’ your method of painting. 827 more words

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The Importance of being a Busy Kid

“Be prepared.” – Baden-Powell, Scouts Motto

Reflecting on my life today and the way I am able to cope with so many seemingly negative things that occur in my life made me wonder where I get my strength, determination and commitment from. 579 more words


Just a Touch of Love

I was preparing for my history lesson today and was reading about the Franciscan and Dominican orders of priests and nuns in the Roman Catholic Church. 468 more words

Living On Jupiter: Encouragement, Musings

Eskom Expo 2016

After nurturing their projects for nine months the Life Science Grade 11 learners were ready to present their hard work at the District Expo held at Potchefstroom Boys’ High. 223 more words

Extra Curricular Activities

Advanced Seascape Painting

Fourth in the Series of Monthly Workshops with David Chen

Relating Objects in the Background to Those in the Rest of Your Composition

Most of us are aware of the concept of the foreground, middle and background divisions in compositions. 863 more words

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Making the most of your degree on campus

The Department and the University provide many opportunities for you to enhance the skills that you gain during your degree. For instance, we offer:

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Portrait Painting for Artists

Workshop Number Four of Five 2016

Tutor: David Chen

In this session we discussed the difference between painting portraits using high key colours in contrast to low key, and where these methods have been and are used. 778 more words

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