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Tonal Studies in Grey - 3

Third in the Series of Five Monthly Workshops with David Chen

Mixing Grey Tones and How to Make Them Better

Last month I talked about how colours when used in a grey tonal paint should relate to each other. 576 more words

General Topics

Portrait Painting-3

Third of Five All Day Workshops with Artist David Chen

Painting from Live Model Alla Prima

Today’s model was a familiar face from my time at Chisholm during the past three years. 861 more words

General Topics

Solar Eclipse 20th March 2015

Another photographic interest that had kept me busy the past couple of weeks and away from studying was preparing for the Solar Eclipse.

Harmful radiation from the sun, can not only harm your eyes, but it can also harm the camera’s sensitive digital sensor. 281 more words

Research & Reflection

Family Portraits

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t done any studying on the course in the past month. However, this doesn’t mean that I have not done any photography. 114 more words

Research & Reflection

so i say thank you for the music...

One thing that proper winds me up are people who criticise teachers. Yes, they may not always be presented in the best possible light by the media, but I don’t need telling that I’m ‘mad’ (or equivalent) because I decided to take a career path which doesn’t involve getting paid overtime, sometimes dealing with toe-rags and being constantly tired. 615 more words

English Teaching

Geoffrey Bartlett

Artist Talk at McClelland Gallery

Geoffrey Bartlett has a retrospective exhibition at the gallery covering forty years of his work beginning with his early work from his years at RMIT. 507 more words

Research And Analysis

Relationships, Abuse, WoW, and more...

I didn’t really date in high school. I didn’t really have an interest in dating anyone at my school because of the way most guys acted – cocky and arrogant, like they’re better than everyone else, and women are beneath them. 1,176 more words