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Extra Innings - Part 40

This is the second to last installment of Extra Innings. A few of you have been with me on this journey and it has been a long one, 12 weeks shy of a full year. 2,560 more words

Don Massenzio

The HR Derby should be the "shootout" of the MLB

The MLB is in a time crunch, always looking to quicken the pace of the game for the fans that cry out that the game is too slow. 542 more words


Extra Innings - Part 39

This story is winding down. The action is going to be fast and furious this week and possible 1-2 more. Then I will turn my attention to turning this saga into a book and I am going to try something different with my weekly writing. 1,674 more words

Don Massenzio

Extra Innings - Part 38

This week there is a super-sized edition of Extra Innings. You can blame this on being stuck on a plane waiting to come home. The words just kept coming. 2,827 more words

Don Massenzio

Extra Innings - Part 37

Joe seems to be on a good path in this week’s installment of Extra Innings. As you read this, however, I would encourage you to remember the old adage, things are not always as they seem. 2,151 more words

Don Massenzio

Extra Innings - Part 36

Joe escaped FBI custody using time travel last week. This week we get to see what he is going to do to try to fix things based on the latest timeline. 1,804 more words

Don Massenzio

Extra Innings - Part 35

Joe finally gets to meet with Beth this week. It’s a meeting that inspires him into action. The action he takes is a bit reckless and unpredictable, but that’s to be expected given his situation. 1,776 more words

Don Massenzio