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Made in Stone

The earth as a stone,

Aliens at distance,

We live as a dust.



Overriding protocol propped in fortified mortal caveat defiantly restraining

Glorious essence resiliently pursued earth’s submerge in live drench captivating

Unlikely poles headed for Siamese embrace unprecedented in ensuing spectacular aftermath… 72 more words

Inspiring Hope

Retro First Impressions: E.T. [Atari 2600]

Welcome, one and all, to the latest instalment of Retro First Impressions. Unlike my In Desperate Need Of Love feature, RFI focuses not on underappreciated games, but rather retro legends. 962 more words

Game Reviews

Annihilation (2018)

Dumped on the Netflix platform after the studio heads deemed it too intellectual for casual filmgoers, thus resulting in its worldwide availability for which I sure as hell am not complaining, … 732 more words

Film Review

80s pop star Kim Wilde UFO has changed is life forever

The pop star said her brief encounter with the extra-terrestrial has changed her forever: “I’m not the same person and is constantly searching the night sky for another UFO. 6 more words


Beneath an Unblinking Eye

In the light
I am caught

It hangs there
No rotor wash
No engine sound
A not quite motionless
A spectacular
Unblinking eye… 103 more words


Aliens in Cambridgeshire?

Over the course of 2015 and 2016 the Cambridgeshire Police Department received multiple calls reporting Aliens in the area. https://proofofalien.com/5-possible-types-of-the-alien-spaceship/ 109 more words