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The Real Reason Behind Those Creepy Space Suits in E.T.

The first thing I thought watching E.T. last month (yes I know, I had no childhood) is that everything is overly exaggerated. Every authority figure, that is not the mother, looks like a giant, always being shot without their head, teacher is exceptionally boring, even the NASA space suits coming in to the house as if they are monsters in a horror film. 964 more words


Future - "100it" Ft. Drake & 2Chainz (Prod. DJ Esco)

We were recently blessed with a Future project fully produced by DJ Esco (with some help from other producers). What makes this even more of a blessing is that it came with a Drake feature. 14 more words


965. Fermi paradox

Joseph had spent seven years pondering little other than the Fermi paradox. It was his job as a scientist. Every morning he would go to work and for eight hours would ponder the Fermi paradox. 160 more words


Tin foil hats actually make it easier for the Feds to track you, your thoughts

Let’s say some malevolent group — the government, powerful corporations, extraterrestrials — really is trying to read and/or control your thoughts with radio waves. Would the preferred headgear of the paranoid, a foil helmet, really…

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Send in the God Botherers cont...

So here we are again back to my waffle. Some people would call me an Atheist, Well the definition of an Atheist according to the Oxford English Dictionary is “A person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods”. 1,227 more words