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Is E.T. calling us? Stay tuned!

New Scientist magazine reports on a paper by Hippke, Domainko and Learned, suggesting that fast radio bursts, which were first discovered in 2001, may be artificial signals produced by alien – or human – technology. 257 more words

Science News

Cool Story bro, needs more aliens and shit

X-Com. The extra terrestrial combat unit. This is a video game franchise worth talking about for a few moments as it is pretty damn cool. 654 more words


Does Alien Life Exist?

Does Alien Life Exist?

Ever since the times of our childhood, we find ways to amuse ourselves.  We like to pretend or imagine things in order to satisfy our boredom or curiosity.   897 more words


Kim Jong Un, Time, 15th August And 8:15

“Time – It Is A Changin’.”

My first article this year in 2015, concerned the numerological synchronicity with 2015 and the OMD song ‘Enola Gay’ 375 more words


Conspiracy Theorist

On Friday night, Roddy Piper the WWE wrestler died. My interest in Roddy Piper is not his wrestling ability but his claim to fame for Merovee, is that he was the star of John Carpenter’s wonderful movie… 823 more words


Bored teenage aliens explained properly.

Recently my favourite podcast show on the internet. The Fortean Slip: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQuO9RxQ_FTsR2bbWMIvgXw gave me a five minute segment to rant about something fortean. I was at a loss. 378 more words