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Kerry Cassidy: Alien Races and Black Projects

Published on Jan 12, 2016

Kerry Cassidy conducts interviews documenting the testimony of whistleblowers with above top secret clearances as well as researchers and experiencers covering all aspects of reality both on and off planet. 206 more words


Bio-signal as possible signature in inter-world communication

Bio-signal as possible signature in inter-world communication:
an attempt of evaluation

B. F. Dorfman

Invited article submitted to international journal December 19, 2015
Abstract… 216 more words

Research Article

The Wind

This is not a romantic story! This is not the dreamy sunny island! This is the real deal!

The wind is really specific addition to the weather. 351 more words


A day with X-tra terrestrials in Kilome

Yesterday had a very interesting day capturing this image as he just starred at me.
Are xtra terrestrial creatures alive and true? Look at this image and tell me (it is a real photo). 29 more words


Bowie SOS And Storm Janus

Firstly, a bit of Bowie trivia from his recent album ‘Blackstar’. On ‘The Tonight Show’, Jimmy Fallon did a skit on the Bowie video ‘Lazarus’, two days before his death, where he observed Bowie appeared to be aping him and added his own segment to the video where Bowie holds the notebook and… 288 more words


Starman (Part 2)

He made us think

beyond this time and space.

Put Germany back together,

redefined our human race.

He made this life

far reaching, gave permission… 76 more words


Black Star

Caltech have said that Nibiru may exist after all.

From Earth Sky.Org

“Caltech announced today (January 20, 2016) that its astronomers now have solid theoretical evidence for a giant planet – a 9th major planet in the outer solar system – moving in what they called a “bizarre, highly elongated orbit.” They’ve nicknamed it Planet 9 and hope other astronomers will search for it. 338 more words