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As we become still and look

My tarot reading last week – see Aquariel

Thrice Great Hermes said, “For never … can an embodied soul that has once leaped aloft, so as to get a hold upon the truly Good and True, slip back into the contrary… 1,160 more words

The Tree Of Life

Life (2017)

There isn’t much wrong with what Life aspires to be. It borrows an existing template to travel a well-worn path, features a clichéd set of characters with base-level characterizations, makes good use of tension & suspense, maintains a consistent pace throughout its runtime, and manages to be quite engaging despite its highly predictable storyline. 482 more words

Film Review

Bloody Wine!

Image courtesy of Sira Anamwong at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The small ochre coloured  pod crashed more than it landed into an open field full of neatly lined green plants. 495 more words


The Grand Finale

Back in November, I included this pic in an article.

‘We’re about to begin a thrilling ride as we enter the first phase of the mission’s dramatic endgame’
685 more words


It's Demented. Sirius Ly.

We’ve gone from it’s nuts to it’s bananas and now upgraded to ‘It’s Demented’. Sirius Ly.

The Dementor across the Moon.

Here’s an interesting place which I had never heard about before now. 479 more words


Gone Fission

‘I could be wrong. I could be right.
I could be black. I could be white.’

Humanity is in a strange place at present. What’s new I suppose. 412 more words