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Ufologists Claim Aliens Spying on Welsh Nudists

A group of UFO experts have claimed that aliens may be observing nudist bathers, after unidentified flying orbs were spotted nearby.

Several glowing objects have been seen recently above Morfa Dyffryn, a Welsh beach famous for its naturist area. 230 more words


Eclipsed by a Fidget Spinner

by John K. Adams

There is nothing more charming than seeing children, faces all aglow, quietly joined in the group activity of staring at their respective smart phones. 761 more words


Intergalactic Signals Could be From Intelligent Life

Scientists from a project co-founded by Stephen Hawking have detected radio signals coming from a galaxy around three billion light years away.

The astronomers working on the… 226 more words


UFO Filmed Over New Jersey

A New Jersey couple have filmed a ‘freaky’ but ‘awesome’ UFO, flying over Bayonne, NJ.

Crystal Otero and her husband filmed the anomaly last weekend at around 1:30am.  60 more words


Australian UFO Captured on Camera 

A father and son have captured ‘cystal clear’ images of a UFO, flying over Melbourne Australia.

Roy and Ralph Keane were in their garden when they spotted the strange object in the sky, which they claim remained hovering for some thirty minutes. 187 more words


British Ufologists Investigate 'Alien' Mummies

Two British-based ufologists have travelled to Peru to investigate the findings of supposedly extra-terrestrial remains in an ancient Nazca tomb.

Steve Mera and Barry Fitzgerald mounted an expedition to see if there was any truth in the outlandish claims reported in… 216 more words


Huge Crop Circles Discovered in Essex, England

Aerial footage has emerged that captures massive crop circles in the English countryside.

They have appeared following a spate of UFO sightings after the recent solar eclipse. 148 more words