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Over the last year or the concept of the ‘All’ has come full square into my life and I am confronted with the question about how the individual can be the microcosm of the macrocosm, the Universal consciousness, the Alpha and Omega, One Mind etc, etc and have made attempts to explain something I don’t fully understand myself. 893 more words


Meditation Piece

Let us make our bodies comfortable. Taking in one deep breath, become aware of the tension in our muscles. Breathing out, let us start to relax the tension we feel. 1,166 more words

Sex In Space

Welcome to the Program with the Pornhub Space Program Sexploration. Super Fly. It’s out of this world.

The Whore and the Beast are moving into space. 540 more words


Why haven't we been able contact intelligent civilisations in space?

The reason why we haven’t encountered or detected intelligent life on other planets is not because it hasn’t evolved elsewhere. It has probably evolved in our own galaxy hundreds of thousands of times. 546 more words


A Long Time President Opens Up About His Experience With Extraterrestrials

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Collective Evolution

Martin (Moderator at Transient’s.info): ”

This is a pretty cool article with some great clips (the Dalai one is a hoot!).

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Extra Terrestrial

The Iron Giant, Dir: Brad Bird, 84min, 1999

On the weekend I picked up a stack of animated films, mostly Disney classics(yay!), so I’ll probably write about¬†one of them a week for the next little while. ¬† 336 more words