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There is an interesting paradigm shift taking place these days. The article below makes an interesting read as it points out that even people who believe in evolution as it stands in today’s world are also going through a paradigm shift. 1,985 more words


New Breed

I was born twice. Once in my own world, of which I recall very little, and once again by a human vessel. My consciousness was merged with human seed and implanted in a hot womb of thriving tissue. 
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Pen Of The Damned

Sassy Saturday - Mission Improbable Part 3

It’s Week Three in the Sassy Saturday Blog Hop, and here’s the third part of Carrie Hatchett’s first space adventure, Mission Improbable. If you’ve followed this story from the beginning you may remember it was originally called… 868 more words



In this new chapter of my life I began to seek out a non-exclusive status. I would purposely skew my test results to get something lower than an A. 762 more words

Sassy Saturday - Space Detective Part 2

It’s Sassy Saturday time again. Living in Taiwan means I’m several time zones ahead of many Sassy Saturday writers, so I think my post might be first in the blog hop. 950 more words


"What The Hell Is That On Your Roof?" Prompt

I recently participated in a writing prompt exchange with K.J. over at kj86chapman. She gave me a wonderful prompt that I spent ten minutes with and came up with the very short story you can read below. 480 more words


Sassy Saturday - Space Detective Part 1

Over the coming weeks I’ll be participating in a blog hop called Sassy Saturday, which showcases kick-butt heroines in published and forthcoming fantasy and action novels. 939 more words