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First Contact Conundrum

With so much space travel and money spent to expand capabilities, as well as governments all over the world sending out signals to who knows what kind of alien civilizations, have world governments actually thought this thing through? 1,054 more words


Operation: Extra Terrestrial

Week two-forty-three of Operation Graphite – theme: Extra TerrestrialĀ 

Did you see, Arrival? it was pretty cool. A smart movie about radially symmetrical heptapods that giveĀ a new idea to both how aliens would look but also communicate. 56 more words

Operation After Action Report

Where is everyone? Answering the Fermi Paradox.

Look up at the sky on a clear, cloudless night. You see uncountable stars. That empty patch of sky that seems dark in between stars? Zoom in on that using a telescope and you’ll see the that the emptiness has been replaced by blinking stars. 981 more words