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Circles of Light appear in Hounslow High Street

Mysterious ‘circles of light’ appeared in Hounslow High Street earlier today amidst scenes of complete indifference by passers-by who seemed to be unaware of the presence of these strange icons that have been likened by experts to ‘crop circles composed of light’. 113 more words


Leonard Nimoy: From Guest Star to Super Star

When thinking of Leonard Nimoy’s death, the words “totally logical” come to mind. Why, Mr. Spock himself would probably agree. After all, death is simply a part of life and “how we deal with death is at least as important as how we deal with life.” (Well, those are Kirk’s thoughts on the subject anyway.) 359 more words

We Made It!

Flight was fairly uneventful.  We took off later than expected, though.  It turns out that you cannot fly a plane when it’s covered in ice, so we had to wait for the professionals to take care of it.   91 more words


At The Airport

We made it to the airport, despite the snow.  E.T. was stopped by security for suspicious luggage, by he was cleared. Time to enjoy expensive drinks while we wait to board.


Greetings Earthlings!

Hello Earth! My name is Laura and this is my blog about everybody’s favorite extra-terrestrial from the early ’80s and his trip to Florida. E.T. has been my favorite movie for many years, and I try to incorporate him into my every day life. 512 more words


The Fastest Story Ever Written

If you had only a few minutes to set down the details of your life, what would you write?

The Fastest Story Ever Written appears at  11 more words




E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was a movie directed by Steven Spielberg (who, like, everyone has heard of), written by Melissa Mathison and released in June 1982. 299 more words