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HP Challenge Day 4 - Least Favourite Female Character

One of the best things about Harry Potter is that the female cast is so diverse.

Weak, strong, beautiful, ugly, dead, alive, kind, selfish, clever, stupid, loud and quiet—the world of Harry Potter will have it. 263 more words


Found, Establish, Start: How to say these in Thai?

Some time ago a student asked me to explain the difference between ตั้ง//tâng vs. เริ่ม//rêrm so here we go:

1. ตั้ง//tâng vs. เริ่ม//rêrm

ตั้ง//tâng + noun… 302 more words


HP Challenge Day 3 - Why Did The Movies Suck?

Okay, so maybe the question isn’t exactly worded like that. Maybe it’s more like: Is there anything in the film adaptations that annoyed you?

Why yes, yes there is. 297 more words


Nintendo Mascots! |Art Theme Of The Week

Hey guys! So for this Sunday’s art theme of the week, I decided to go ahead and bring it back to the golden age of gaming and shed light to one of the pioneers in gaming that I first grew up with, Nintendo!

228 more words

223/365 - Lunch Time

Today I am sharing a photo that I submitted to Introversion, Inc. The Show – 2nd Edition.

W. Kier  of Introversion, Inc. started a new weekly challenge, very easy and fun to participate. 25 more words


HP Challenge Day 2 - Your Favourite Movie

I did not know that Harry Potter existed until the first movie came out…on DVD.

*runs and hides to avoid the angry mob*

To be fair, I was six when the movie came out. 173 more words