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Chickpea "tuna" spread.

I’ve noticed a couple times already that many new vegans find it hard to figure out what to eat on their bread. It always surprises me, because that’s something that’s never been an issue for us. 521 more words


Shenanigans of a background performer when a big star is in town!

A bunch of us lucky local background actors got to be in a scene with Donald Sutherland in a feature film that he was part of. 82 more words

Feature Film

Tanzania 2017

We have returned from our 7 day safari in the northern circuit of Tanzania! Hence the radio silence over the last few weeks – it’s been a bit manic! 50 more words

In one of our early collab sessions we were required to attempt the Marmite Competition for which we had to design a new label for the bottles. 29 more words

The 4-Letter Code You Never Want to See on Your Boarding Pass

(Source: mentalfloss.com)

There are plenty of reasons flying is stressful, but one of the biggest headaches of modern air travel is the security procedures. Who knows what fresh nightmares the… 467 more words

Money Matters

Embellished Booties...Really Embellished

The biggest concern I have is will they make my ankles look ridiculous?!  :) 38 more words


What To Do With A Millennial Employee That's Bored At Work

(Source: www.forbes.com)

I sat watching in horror as my older colleague slowly worked away on a laptop with the inefficient “two-finger peck” typing style. Most millennials can relate to this experience. 585 more words

Money Matters