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What To Do With A Millennial Employee That's Bored At Work

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I sat watching in horror as my older colleague slowly worked away on a laptop with the inefficient “two-finger peck” typing style. Most millennials can relate to this experience. 585 more words

Money Matters

Day In The Life Of A Film Extra

What are y’all crazy kids doing in Atlanta? It can be hard to describe what we do exactly, but to put it shortly: We are extras. 1,608 more words

The Happiness Project

EXTRA! #23 for L.A. from California Sean Riley & The Slowriders solo debut album.


Microsoft claims to make Chrome safer with new extension

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Chrome already provides effective protection against malicious sites: go somewhere with a poor reputation and you’ll get a big, scary red screen telling you that you’re about to do something unwise. 237 more words


April-ceation Week 4

April is the month of when ,,die Roboter” first started as an idea and then blossomed into a project… way back in 2014! As a way of celebrating regular posts and what-not, I’ve decided to share the soundtracks I’ve put together for certain characters. 108 more words

Marvel - Quinjet


Used primarily by the Avengers for transportation to various locations, the quinjet was first designed by the Wakanda Design Group, headed by Black Panther, T’Challa. 137 more words