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making it happen

How you get around the fact that you are in a state and somehow, some way you have an obligation to show up; to make your mark by writing and not just anything, yet that is how it goes most of the time. 669 more words


Did Roman cavalrymen smell a bit horsey?

The fact that the same Latin word was used for a Roman soldier’s cloak as for a saddle blanket – sagum – gave me pause recently to wonder whether this may have been more than just a coincidence of vocabulary. 440 more words


extra eccentric

where it was the hurry

and how it was the outrage

and its own lights

and the bolts

and when it was the maddening

and its own hearing… 44 more words


In preparation for 2015

I have to stop doing this. It’s been too long again. I’m sorry folks. Just feels like there’s nothing to write about, but when there actually is exciting stuff then it’s not like I want to start writing about it, because I’m just enjoying it. 3,425 more words

Everyday Life

Programming language discussion on reddit

For those of you that might be interested in other programming languages or just how people view the various languages that you might learn in university in the future, here’s an interesting reddit thread.