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Have Kids, Will...Extract Honey

After surviving a long, cold winter and a cold, wet spring, my beautiful honeybees shook off the chill and went straight to work collecting pollen and nectar, building new combs, raising baby bees, and creating that divine food of the gods: honey.   432 more words

Natural Living


Woooooad *Said in best Joey Lawrence voice*

Yeah, I went there. Yes, that’s the direction this post is going in :)

Not the best pics, as it was super windy & chilly this morning. 351 more words

Everyday Farm Life

An Espresso Manifesto, a Dial-In Diatribe, and Related Musings

Espresso.  It’s the base for almost every cafe beverage.  Macchiatos, cortados, cappuccinos, lattes, and a plethora of flavored beverages.  For most drinks, is has the most impact on flavor of any ingredient.   1,005 more words


Lets Split!

What a busy time. What a busy, busy time. What, with work, kids, bees and chickens, all demanding their pound of flesh. In particular, Hive-wise, I have finished extracting for the season, and split a hive using a purchased queen cell. 953 more words


New Extractor and a Billion Bees

The old extractor had to go. Good memories, of warm days and the spinning madman dancing across the floor as it spun, are all that are left to us now. 686 more words


A Bee-Venture

Part 1: Where have all the bees gone?

The last time I wrote about the bees it was the beginning of May and I was putting a second brood box on the hives. 614 more words