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One more thing about Chinese honey. . .

Occasionally, we take honey from the hive too early. It’s bad honey – some beekeepers call it “green”. High in moisture, and maybe not fully enzymatically converted by the bees. 905 more words


Honey part two

The Eastern Seaboard of North America is getting snowed on tonight.  Mostly it’s a question of how much snow are we getting? In our particular spot the forecast is “not as much as some”.   283 more words


Extracting the valuable metals from your smartphone

A BBC summit dedicated to exploring world-changing innovations in science, technology and health has been taking place in Sydney, Australia.

One of the speakers was Prof Veena Sahajwalla who wants to create a swathe of miniature furnaces that will recover valuable metals from discarded mobile phones. 55 more words



I harvested (stole) honey from my bees this year.  How exciting!

They filled four supers this year, I took two, and they’ll winter in two.  This is my first “harvesting”, as I took no honey last year.  751 more words


Whole Lotta' Lemons

An adage says: “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

I say, “Psh, that’s not nearly complicated enough.”

Let me describe my lemon tree. It is a beast.

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Bright Shiny Extractors

I’m continuing with the series of questions I overheard at last week’s bee meeting. Today, it’s the bright shiny extractor.

Here are those questions: