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Pretty Prey Draft Extract

He gasped as a hand wrapped itself around the back of his neck, and he was pushed into the bookcase, with enough force to slice open his forehead. 253 more words


Hunter's Maze Chapter 19 Extract

“And that concludes my report.”

Camellia listened as her second-in-command gave his report, occasionally glancing over to Zeram in the corner as she did so. The man’s face is stoic even as he listened to the report being given by the head of the Pursuer unit, also officially Camellia’s second-in-command. 2,063 more words


Things I wish I had told you

One of those nights really broke me,

Did I ever tell you that?

I lay awake, thinking about things that seemingly arise from nothing and end up taking everything, and things that began at everything and ended up being absolutely nothing. 1,158 more words


Will there be war?

In accordance with my orders I report to Dr Różalski, the head of the divisional health HQ with some trepidation…what sort of man is he?

364 more words

My Mother’s Secret - Sanjida Kay - an extract

Published by Corvus, 3rd May 2018

You can only hide for so long…
Lizzie Bradshaw. A student from the Lake District, forced to work away from home, who witnesses a terrible crime.
1,411 more words


Eat the weeds!

This weekend I was on “Auntie Duty” and spent time with my nephew Hunter and niece Tessa June.  Tessa and I collected eggs. But I was super excited to see that dandelions blanketed my sister’s yard, because I’ve been itching to make a tincture! 601 more words