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  • ‘So forget indeed, your revolutions, your turning-points, your grand metamorphoses of history. Consider, instead, the slow and arduous process, the interminable and ambiguous process- the process of human siltation- of land reclamation.’ 
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Extracts of a speech that Mr R shared from Mr Bilahari in 2012:

  • Destiny and contingency — what has been indelibly written in the stars and the unfathomable vagaries of heaven — are not rivals.
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No one looks good in this light

Today I completed 2 weeks of radiotherapy to my cheek, shoulder and chest wall. To say I feel “fried to a crisp” is an understatement, the lingering burning sensation continues everywhere and there is an aura of habaneros chilli peppers about this that I cannot run away from! 766 more words


Medicinal Trees: Elder

Elder {Sambucus nigra}

Also, Known As:

  • Bourtree
  • Elder
  • Elder-berry
  • Elder-flower
  • European Elder
  • Pipe Tree

The plant called the elder is used to describe a bushy shrub like plant that can reach a few feet in height as shrub-like forms normally do or it may be referring to a tree reaching up to fifty feet in height – the elderberries which are borne on both types of plants range and differ markedly in the shape and taste. 2,914 more words


What fate saves for us.

The Sum of Cycles.

Round Two.

At what stage in life does it all become round.

When you decide to leave and your feet find the ground. 52 more words


to you, may you live well

//To you, my high-school crush, i dedicate thee this segment for the hour, and let my mind depart from its usual thought process to your soul, and try to tell what i feel, a weak decision, i know, for you do not even read my blog, but hey, that’s what we cowards do. 771 more words


Laguana Blends

Laguna Blends is a product development, sales, marketing and distribution company for Hemp based products and solutions. We specialize in identifying emerging trends and opportunities such as Cannabidoil – CBD, one of the most useful compounds found in the Hemp plant. 43 more words