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Inside Vasini 2: The Founding Laws

Vasini existed for centuries prior to the fall of the deities. However, ‘modern’ Vasini is considered to have been founded 68 years after the Fall as a result of two key events: the beginning of the construction of a wall around both the city and the nearby farmland; and the signing of the Founding Laws by the leaders of the city at that time, most notably Thomas Everett.

Extract from Conflict of the Throne: Fall of Freedom

In the not so distant future, news had been flashing ceaselessly on television screens around the world. For the first time nations shared a common ground. 602 more words

Conflict Of The Throne

Inside Vasini

As publication draws closer, I thought I’d provide a little more information about the setting of The Silver Mask (and the world of The Vasini Chronicles). 39 more words

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Intimate days of wine and roses

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some reminders, in case I forget

In bullets, for it is too tiresome to construct them in paragraphs:

  • you’re not always right, and it’s okay
  • anxiety and intuition are two different things…
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