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Why Wilde? (Safety First)

Booking a hot session with a hot boy whether it be for a massage, companionship, grooming or a pamper session should be all about you and your needs, your relaxation. 588 more words

About The Business!

"Doing Good Better" by William Macaskill

“Doing Good Better” is about effective altruism: how to make sure your money and time are doing the most good as opposed to simply buying you a ‘feel-good’ factor. 500 more words


Extract from my Current Project

Please note this is part of a first draft. Any and all words are subject to change!

We approached from the back. The road leading to the house was already lined with coaches. 2,697 more words


The Silent Deep

To this day, the Ministry of Defence responds to all enquiries about submarine operations with a simple phrase: “The Ministry of Defence does not comment on submarine operations.” Written with privileged access to both documents and personnel, … 1,757 more words

hōm beauty products new scents

fresh for the holiday season, hōm beauty has some delicious new scents and scent combinations for you to try! these are NOT essential oils, they are high quality extracts, which means they offer no therapeutic benefits and are purely for scent only. 111 more words


The Dragon of the Month Club

Check out this great kids book from Iain Reading, The Dragon of the Month Club…

The Dragon Of The Month Club, by Iain Reading, was published in February 2015 and is available for sale on… 1,913 more words


A.L. Kennedy on Writing

An accomplished novelist and short story writer, and a professor of creative writing at the University of Warwick, A. L. Kennedy understands the perils of relying on real life to draw your fictional characters. 34 more words