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Monday Motivation: The humanity of the featured extra

I often wonder about the minor characters in stories, the third ranking characters who appear in just a single scene or two, utter a line or two, and then disappear into the void from which all fiction emerges. 920 more words

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Glacial crabs

Glacial crabs, despite sounding like a crazy STD, are actually one of the more interesting creatures of A’Rt.  From a distance, they look like slow moving glacier drifting across the seas.  155 more words


Why do states join organisations like the European Union?

What are the European Union, the World Trade Organisation and International Monetary Fund actually about? It is not widely understood where, exactly, international institutions come from or how they might be destroyed. 685 more words

Additional Perspectives on Human Evolution and Group Selection: Simon Sinek's Why Leaders Eat Last

If you’d like to get more perspective on our evolutionary heritage, especially in terms of how it pertains to leadership, check out this 99u talk by Simon Sinek. 10 more words


What's in My April Ipsy Bag?

Last month’s bag o’ goodies was a little hit-or-miss, but I’m really pleased with almost everything I got this time!  Here’s my take on the handful of treats in April’s bag: 312 more words