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Jeremy & Dragon

Jeremy and Dragon!

I love the way that O’Brien’s ‘Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH’ is a book for kids with reletively straight-forward science fiction themes, and Don Bluth’s ‘Secret of NIMH’ is something more of a science-fantasy tale? 21 more words


Caraval Giveaway!

Caraval Giveaway Alert! 

Caraval is one of my all time favorite¬†series so I thought I’d share it with all of you! You can join my giveaway on my… 89 more words


DNFing Books...Is it a bookish sin?

DNFing a book. Is it a bookish sin? The question that just might divide bibliophiles.

For those of you who may not know, to “DNF” a book literally means you put it aside and “did not finish” it. 641 more words


This Week in NBA 2K League GIFS: Week 5

More NBA 2K League action, more GIFs. You get the idea.

But this week, all GIFs have been optimized to be posted to Twitter from your phone. 113 more words


Armoq Marmotini

Ground Squirrels! Rockin’ it all day long! These guys are the dwarves and gnomes of our little world. A bunch of serious-faced craftsmen and savage troublemakers. 33 more words


Celaen or Celenae

The name debate continues! Chime in if you have a favorite! Terribly embarrassing not to have the name of your game-world nailed down.

These are some landscapes that depict what I imagine Betsy’s world looks like… mountains of crumbled arcologies and strange shapes in the firmament sky.


Top 10: Best Dads in Movies

Happy Father’s Day to the UK and USA readers!

In celebration of all the dads out there, here is a post about the best father characters on the big screen. 857 more words