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9 Killer Steps You Must Read Before Buying Any Digital Cameras

Every time we make a decision, there are few questions and factors to consider. And buying a camera is not an excuse.

You want to… 582 more words

Not exactly sure where she got this to help with her research on action scenes – from the anime Eromanga-sensei. 73 more words


Ranking The Grey's Anatomy characters

I have never worked as hard on an article, I don’t think I’ve ever worked as hard on homework even. To start, I had to re-watch every episode of Grey’s Anatomy, from Season 1, episode 1, to Season 13, episode 20, keeping notes as I went along. 5,976 more words

Best Of

Marinated vegetables

A delicious accompaniment to any cheese platter and to many meals is a side of marinated veggies. It’s a decadent and delicious flavor, which I love to have with a little feta cheese on a cracker. 84 more words


Pickled onions

One thing I remember as a regular addition to our meals when I was growing up was pickled onions. (There was also the eternal beetroot, but I can’t iamgine myself pressure-cooking beetroot, never mind making sure it never runs out! 105 more words


Vision: The Mantis Shrimp and Color Perception

The mantis shrimp is an amazing little creature with eyes that have impressive capabilities. Check out this KQED Deep Look video below and try to relate some of what’s described in the video with your understanding of sensory neurons and receptor proteins. 19 more words


My awful attempt at a bookshelf tour #itried

Hey all, the other day (aka yesterday) someone suggested I make a bookshelf tour… and seeing I don’t have that many books I figured this would be a rather quick thing to do, and… 1,043 more words