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Intelligence/Work Ethic

Written on July 20, 2015

Intelligence (noun): “the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills”

Work Ethic (noun): “the principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy of reward” 556 more words


Creamy Salsa

2 ounces of raw cashew
1/2 cup Salsa Verde
1 cup Salsa

Boil Cashews 20 minutes, blend with salsa verde in high speed blender, mix into Salsa. 8 more words


Dear the world, trust your kidneys!

And your liver.

In general, trust your body’s mechanism for removing waste products and toxins from itself.

Your body has evolved over thousands of years to be really efficient at getting rid of things that are toxic to it. 708 more words


Baked Tortilla Chips

Use Pizza cutter to cut corn tortillas into wedges, I use the Mission Brand Extra Thin ones.
Arrange in single layer on cookie sheets and bake in oven at 370° for 15 minutes, if using both oven racks switch half way through. 37 more words


Sherlock’s “The Abominable Bride”: A Review

By Emilia Wurtz

Sherlock is a BBC show, based on the famous work of Arthur Conan Doyle, that has gained popularity in the United States. … 617 more words