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Turkeys voting for Christmas?

James Staten, an analyst at Forrester who studies the cloud market  believes many companies, particularly large ones, have what he calls “server huggers,” or IT officials who resist cloud deployment.   138 more words


Still driving to work every day? Why?

Apparently, UK workers have the longest commute into work in Europe with an average of 45 minutes per day spent travelling (source : RAC Foundation).  The question has to be, why do we (as business owners) still insist that gathering everyone in one place is the only way to run a business? 124 more words


UK spending on the cloud to reach £1BN by 2012 researchers say

Research company TechMarketView estimate that UK businesses will spend up to £1.2billion on cloud based computing services by the end of 2012, approximately 12.5% of the UK’s annual software spend or double the amount being spent today. 142 more words


Calling all ISV’s

As part of their burgeoning cloud initiative, MS are pushing the Azure services platform as the place for software vendors to place their software solutions. Effectively providing web server/services layers and integration to SQL 2008 this allows the ISV to scale out their application on demand with linear, predictable costs. 194 more words


In the spirit of balance….

We do have to balance out our previous blog with an update, just to show that every industry has its mavericks…

This time we were asked to provide a fully resilient infrastructure – migrating an existing VM server environment to our hosting centres. 175 more words

Cloud Based Services

Voices in the Cloud

VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol – is now a well established technology for business telephone communication. VoIP telephone systems offer significant cost benefits, more advanced features and now better call quality than traditional phone lines. 168 more words


“We’re both fluent Boff, unfortunately, not in the same language”

The increasing complexity of new IT platforms is demonstrating that the numbers of people who actually understand how all this “stuff” should plug together is a long way short of the numbers required to support continued on-premise IT delivery. 146 more words