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Maybe We haven't Met Aliens Because They've Messed Up Their Planets, too


Enrico Fermi is one of the most important figures in modern nuclear physics. Among the many programs he was involved in was the Manhattan Project, in which he helped establish the conditions for a sustained nuclear reaction, a key component in the atom bomb. 2,483 more words


Enceladus What Tell Ya Us? #NASA #poetry #poem #saturn

Wrenched by Saturn’s gravity,
By tides within its core,
And radioactive isotopes
Releasing heat galore.

Oceans are revealed,
by geysers
Blasting through the cold.
Cryovolcanism… 83 more words


The Biggest Animals in the World

About 66 million years ago dinosaurs roamed our planet. These creatures reached heights of up to 18 meters. Other organisms such as birds, insects and plants are thought to have been very big long ago, relative to their sizes now. 368 more words


Astrobiology (NASA) 

Astrobiology (NASA)  – http://astrobiology.nasa.gov

Post by Daniel Cornwall 12/21/2013

Representative questions that can be answered with this resource:

  • What is the Galactic Habitable Zone?
  • What can earth glaciers tell us about life in outer space?
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Story Inspiration - Setting

Europa, Jupiter’s Ocean Moon, May Shoot Plumes of Water Into Space by KENNETH CHANG

By Bhavesh Patil

A re-examination of old data shows a NASA spacecraft may have flown through a plume in 1997. The plumes could offer hints of life on the ice-encrusted moon. 7 more words