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Could the Philae lander have found life on the comet that's hurtling it through our solar system?

The Philae lander that latched on to a comet hundreds of thousands of kilometres away could have found signs of extraterrestrial life, a pair of British researchers argue. 426 more words


Astronomers: Comet Could Host Extraterrestrial Life

TAMPA (CBS Tampa) – We may have already found extraterrestrial life — and not too far from Earth.

Two leading astronomers say the a comet visited by a… 258 more words


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God is one creator alone. World is also only one. They have considered each of these sun, moon and stars that are lots in number contain worlds. 256 more words

Evidence grows for secret space program disclosures & crimes against humanity trials

Written by Dr Michael Salla on June 28, 2015

Over the last few months there have been incredible claims about multiple secret space programs, extraterrestrial intervention, and future massive document dumps that will lead to trials against those that have committed crimes against humanity. 704 more words

The Matrix

Mission to Mars: Disinformation to Hide Secret Mining of Red Planet

Note: If the claims below are true, they indicate the team at Exopolitics conducts due diligence in vetting and questioning the narrative of “alleged” whistleblowers and outing those who appear to be operatives. 776 more words

The Matrix

New Horizons

On 14 July 2015 the New Horizons Spacecraft will fly past the dwarf planet Pluto which lies on the edge of our Solar System. This is the culmination of a nine and half year voyage which started when it was launched in back in January 2006. 1,748 more words