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In the Space Between the Things

Earth’s next chapter begins here, in the space between the things, behind a visor shielded with a thin layer of chemically-treated protection designed by well-paid engineers. 341 more words

Science Fiction

SciFi Haiku: Abduction

looking towards the sky

to the ship’s dissection lab

she was transported

Science Fiction


I planted my feet where the wet dirt met steep rock. I allowed the icy mud to suck my heels into the ground. The trek had been arduous. 457 more words

Science Fiction

Because We're Special

Scientists are now finding evidence that there are a lot of apparently habitable planets out there, in a temperate zone in relation to their suns, where water is likely to form. 247 more words


Tom Cruise Discovers Evidence of Extraterrestrial Life

In a surprise announcement today, Thomas (“Tom”) Cruise Mapother IV revealed that he has definitive proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

“It’s clear if you know where to look,” shared the Mission Impossible action star confidentially. 199 more words

Mysterious signal from space was unlikely alien, but passing comets: study

On Aug. 15, 1977, a signal was received from space unlike any astronomers had ever received. And then it was gone. For years some postulated that it could have been alien in origin, but now two astronomers believe that there is a more likely explanation: passing comets. 342 more words


Water flowing on Mars

The strongest, most compelling evidence to date suggesting that water intermittently flows on Mars has been found!  What does this imply about extra-terrestrial life?


Planetary Geology