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Carl Edward Sagan - An astronomer who had the right stuff

Carl Edward Sagan (1934-1996), best known as Carl Sagan, was an American astronomer and media figure.

His interest in science began at a young age. Getting his first public library card at age 5, he spent considerable time asking the librarian questions and reading up on topics that his family and friends were not so enthusiastic about. 442 more words

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Jets of water found coming from the moon Europa

Earlier this week it was announced that NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope had observed evidence for water geysers shooting from the surface of Europa, one of Jupiter’s larger moons. 478 more words


China Hunts for Scientific Glory, and Aliens, With New Telescope

The telescope, which officially began operating on Sunday in a majestic but poor part of Guizhou Province, embodies China’s ambitions as a scientific power.

Published: September 26, 2016 at 02:00PM… 6 more words


NASA astronaut: Humans had been contacted by aliens on several occasions

According to a NASA astronaut who once visited the Moon, aliens are real and they already made contact with people. 362 more words


The Dark Dragonfly in Our Night Sky - A Second Topic

Dark Matter.

An invisible substance thought to comprise 85% of everything in the known universe. And I use the term ‘thought’ because dark matter particles are so elusive as to only be measurable by the gravitational forces they exert on the rest of the universe around them. 832 more words

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'Interesting' signal from 94 light-years away ramps up speculation. But could it actually be ET?

Russian astronomers say they have discovered a radio signal 94 light-years away, sparking speculation about the possibility of intelligent life.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute… 337 more words


Is there life out there?

As reported in an article in the journal Nature, Proxima Centauri (pictured), the star nearest to our sun, has an Earth sized planet, orbiting the “Goldilocks” zone (not too hot, not too cold). 240 more words