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Green trail, golden leaf!

this is very abstract title I guess but it summarizes why I did not post last Saturday when I planned, yes I am sorry. Anyway I was on this contest called Green trail, golden leaf which is contest of mostly biology though there is also astronomy, meteorology (not this year) and geology. 335 more words


More Evidence that Comets Delivered Life-Enabling Chemicals to Earth

Scientists analyzing the halo of the 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet found that it contains glycine and phosphorous, two of the essential materials necessary for life to form. This discovery further supports the theory that it was comets and other celestial objects slamming into the Earth that enabled life to take hold on our planet.  497 more words


My god's bigger than your god

The frantic searching for extraterrestrial life, people believing in UFOs and being kidnapped by aliens, Star Trek, Star Wars, ET and the whole science fiction thing; all this leaves me a bit bemused. 589 more words

A Maze of Stars

I found A Maze of Stars by John Brunner to be an intriguing and slightly unusual book. The book does not seem to read like a novel with a continuous story from beginning to end, so much as a series of short stories or vignettes. 580 more words

Books I've Read

The Scientists Are Wrong Again

If you’ve read anything about the early days of Earth, you’ve read about how our home planet had a thick, heavy atmosphere, filled with greenhouse gases that trapped heat and allowed early plants and other organisms to take root and ultimately thrive.   295 more words


From INVERSE: "The Search for Extraterrestrial Life Puts Astronomers at Odds, Not in Conflict"


May 3, 2016
Neel V. Patel

Researchers can’t agree on when we’ll find alien life or how we’ll find it. But they are talking it out. 967 more words

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