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Is Our Solar System Unique?

Astronomers and scientists have been posed with the question, “Is our solar system unique and unlike any other?”.  Well that’s a very broad and hard question to answer because there are other solar system in the universe.  331 more words


Life in our galaxy?

With the recent discovery of three planets orbiting the red dwarf star Trappist-1 which have a similar size, mass and average surface temperature as the Earth, there has been considerable speculation as to whether one or more of these planets supports life. 1,464 more words


How Lasers Could Hide Earth from Invading Aliens

By Lola Gayle, Editor-at-large

Many of us are inclined to think that aliens really do exist. As a matter of fact, a 2015 YouGov poll… 715 more words


Enceladus -Could there be life?


Hello and welcome to the first post from the Science Geek. I intend to write  a weekly blog about various topics of interest, which will cover all aspects of science. 657 more words


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Three years ago my first ever post was about Saturn's moon Enceladus. It is interesting that once again this small moon is in the headlines as a possible place on which there could be life. https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-missions-provide-new-insights-into-ocean-worlds-in-our-solar-system The Science Geek

Are there other Earth like planets?

One of the biggest discussions regarding astronomy, is whether their is another Earth out there hosting life like our very own.  Exoplanets are planets surrounding other stars in the universe, and just a few decades ago, scientist didn’t even know if there was any other planets outside of our solar system.  325 more words


The Trappist-1 system

I am sure that many of you will be aware of the discovery announced in February this year of seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a small cool star known as Trappist-1. 1,429 more words


What's Up With Ceres

“Damn it Bob, why didn’t you flip the power switch? Now they keep sending that satellite around to focus on us.”

“Phill please, there are two hundred thousand workers here trying to get a job done. 87 more words

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