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Remote Viewing Bob Lazar

In May of 1989, Bob Lazar came forward with a story about working at a secret lab near Area 51, called “S4,” as a Research Scientist. 91 more words

Remote Viewing

Life From Another Planet?

One of the hardiest creatures on Earth is the microscopic tardigrade. Found in habitats all over the planet, from the deep sea to the Himalayas, the tardigrade has remained relatively unchanged through all five of the mass extinction events in Earth’s history (over 500 million years). 373 more words


The Fermi Paradox

The Fermi Paradox makes a note of the contradiction between the overwhelming probability that extraterrestrial life exists in our universe, and the lack of evidence for any such civilizations so far. 33 more words


New planetary find "best chance for life outside our solar system"

Astronomers have made two new planetary discoveries that they claim expand the known boundaries of our solar system — and they may be the biggest breakthroughs in the search for alien life. 443 more words


A Hubble Space Telescope Official Talks Space Exploration

This piece originally appeared in the quarterly newsletter for the Garden State Speculative Fiction Writers, which I edit. I thought it would be of benefit to the science fiction writers in our group. 1,055 more words

Science Fiction

Transit photometry

Today I will write about transit photometry.
This is method of finding exoplanets (means those which are not in our Solar System).

Of course we can not see any of those planets because they are too small. 344 more words


Why alien life will probably be engineered life

Martin Rees has an interesting article at Nautilus: When We Find Aliens, We Might Find Something Like the Borg

This September, a team of astronomers noticed that the light from a distant star is flickering in a highly irregular pattern.1 They considered the possibility that comets, debris, and impacts could account for their observations, but each of these explanations was unlikely to varying degrees.2 What their paper didn’t explore, but they and others are beginning to speculate, is that the flickering might be caused by enormous structures built by an advanced civilization—whether the light might be evidence of ET.

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