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Outgoing Barack Obama adviser, John Podesta, regrets failure to disclose secret UFO files

One more step towards disclosure… His original tweet is no longer available, since the Twitter account was disabled shortly after he left his position. -LW… 169 more words


Study: Life Could Be Thriving Deep Below The Earth's Surface

NEW HAVEN (CBS Connecticut) – The quest for life on other planets might just get a boost from life on Earth.

New research is finding signs of life in places where no one would have expected to find it…12 miles below the planet surface, reports  252 more words


Jupiter's Icy Moon Europa and The Europa Clipper

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun in our solar system.  It is also the largest and sports an impressive 50 known moons with a further possible 17 more to be confirmed. 295 more words


Guest prompt: Aliens arrive. They are not what we thought.

She had grown up on bad science fiction films from the ‘70s and ‘80s. Her parents were avid sci fi fans, and they had passed their love of the genre on to their daughter. 897 more words

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