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7 Earthlike Worlds Discovered Around Star Trappist-1

More awesome space news! This week, NASA announced that their Spitzer telescope had discovered a system of seven worlds orbiting the ultra-cool red dwarf star, Trappist-1. 189 more words


Organic Material Found on Asteroid Ceres

This is fascinating, as Star Trek’s Mr Spock would put it. Scientists at NASA have found organic molecules on the surface of the asteroid, Ceres. They can’t tell at the moment what these molecules are, but they believe they’re similar to Kerisite, and came from within the planetoid, rather than being carried to it by a comet striking its surface. 238 more words


Is There Life Beyond Earth?

Scientists discover 7 ‘Earthlike’ planets orbiting a nearby star

By Sarah Kaplan  | The Washington Post | February 22, 2017

Astronomers found a new solar system just 39 light years from ours, full of Earthlike planets. 1,653 more words

Earthlike Planets

Europa Multiple-Flyby Mission

today I am going to write about proposed mission to investigate Europa.

Europa Multiple-Flyby Mission is a plan consisting of orbiter and a lander directed towards… 324 more words


Life In Our Own Solar System

Searching for life in the universe is the biggest mystery to come across humans’ minds.  Always wondering what else might be out there?  And whether we are alone in the universe or do we share this mystery dimension with some other life?  373 more words


Latest UFO Sightings Next Earth - Aliens Planet (Full Length Documentary 2015)

*** Also Watch These New UFO Documentaries *** Ufo Sightings 2015 – Aliens Invasion on Earth National Geographic Latest Ufo Sightings – Are We Alone in Universe ? 16 more words

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