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Astronomers get ready for extraterrestrial life at nearby "Habitable" exoplanet

The Wolf 1061 star framework is just 14 light-years away and a group of space experts are doing the foundation to start searching for indications of extraterrestrial science in one of its planet’s environments. 393 more words


Water Found in Space Dust Has Profound Implications for Universal Life

Water is a pretty important thing in our world.  And when I say “our world” I mean, our lives, our existence.  We pretty much wouldn’t exist without it, and if, for some reason, all of the water on Earth were to disappear, we’d pretty much stop existing in short order. 1,032 more words

Science And Space

Moonsday Madness: Callisto

How far will Zeus/Jupiter go to seduce a pretty girl? Well, don’t put anything past the King of the Olympians. In the case of Callisto, a virgin nymph who was a priestess in the cult of Artemis (Roman: Diana), this meant undergoing a sex change. 453 more words


"... and the only thing that made the emptiness bearable was each other."  - from the film "Contact''

I often fall into terrible depression when I consider humanity as a whole. People tell me to focus instead on the good people I come across in my own circle of experience. 404 more words

Older than "Oldest Water Found" in Canada - Unfolds mystery about Life on Earth

“Where there is life there is hope” – it has been an important quote we use to deliver anything significant about “hope”. Similarly a biological mystery was brought near at Canada where scientists had came for the oldest water, has given much more insights about even older deposits. 263 more words

Molecular Biology And Genetics

Four Cosmic Questions

Every culture has its own myths about the creation of the universe. Almost more then these myths are just fiction stories created by story tellers. Universe is about 15 billion years past its origin or at least its present incarnation, the Big Bang. 989 more words

Is there life on Mars? (part 1)

As those of you following my blog will know, I am currently on a cruise around New Zealand, giving astronomy talks. One of my six talks is about our current understanding of whether there is (or was) life on Mars. 667 more words