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Extraterrestrial life & Space Exploration

S.H. Jucha (Technology expert and novelist) addressed what humankind might face when we are finally able to send a ship to a distant planet in the “goldilocks” zone. 152 more words

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The Atheist Faith In Aliens

The difference between me now and the atheist me of yesteryear is that Jesus encountered me in power and demonstrated to me everything that the scriptures claim about him, shattering my confidence trust in naturalism. 1,066 more words

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Is There Anyone Out There? updated post

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded my books. One recent commenter pointed out that the links in the post point to the Amazon UK… 519 more words

Extraterrestrial Life

Is There Anyone Out There ? e-book from the The Science Geek

I have written a short e-book on the likelihood of there being extraterrestrial intelligent life and how humans have tried to find that life and make contact with it.   70 more words

Extraterrestrial Life

Something on Mars!

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