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Ive been hearing about this extreme adventure here in Cebu the so called Canyoneering. At first I was hesitant to inquire about it but changed my mind later on. 280 more words

Houston, TX: Skydive Spaceland

There are so many adventurous activities that I want to try, and skydiving is one of them. This day, I get to cross it off my bucketlist. 345 more words


Kiokong Crag: A Great Rock Climbing Destination in The Land of Promise

The numerous karst formations that we see during our trips are some of the most overlooked natural treasures in the Philippines. Not only do they add beauty and awe to the already amazing landscape, they also form an integral part of the ecosystem in that area. 2,418 more words

Rock Climbing

Vertical Bivouac at Kiokong White Rock Wall: An Extremely High Adventure (Part 1)

Succumbing to or overcoming the fear of heights is all part of adventuring. If you wish to enter into the world of adventure, sooner or later, you will have to face this challenge, from navigating slippery trails on mountainsides to climbing sheer rock walls. 3,500 more words

Rock Climbing

Butterfly World

By Shellee-Kim Gold

Don’t be put off by the tacky, partly-wooden exterior you’ll see on arrival at Butterfly World. Within its walls lie a diversity of life, including butterflies and small mammals that toddlers right through to tweenagers and adults will find an exhilarating experience. 467 more words



I believe we all have this sick and crazy state inside us that has been wanting to go out and emerge into the surface – it’s just waiting for the perfect timing. 434 more words


Poog Crag: A Brand-New Rock Climbing Destination in a Tropical Paradise

The popularity of rock climbing in Cebu—and in the Philippines, as a whole—has been slowly but steadily picking up. That is no surprise at all as we are blessed living in a lush, beach-filled, tropical paradise with numerous limestone cliffs that have the potential of becoming world-class climbing areas. 2,663 more words