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Haters Gon' Hate... Couponers Gon' Save

Playa’s, they gon’ play/ and haters, they gon’ hate/ ballers, they gon’ ball/ and shot callers, they gon’ call/ It ain’t got nothin’ to do/ with me and you/ That’s the way it is/ That’s the way it is  575 more words


Get Pounds of Homegrown Tomatoes For Pennies!

Extreme couponing isn’t only for toiletries and frozen pizzas, it can also be apply to the gardening world! Unlike most processed foods; it’s very rare to find coupons for fresh, healthy produce. 389 more words

Food Production

Birthday Goal to Get Behind

Milestone birthdays prompt many different reactions. There are those who plan big parties. Those who try to hide from the date and the attentions of friends. 257 more words

Birthday Fun Facts

Extreme Couponing in College

Everyone has heard of “Extreme Couponing.” If you haven’t, it’s heading to the grocery store with about a million coupons, coming home with million-and-one things, and having only paid something outrageous like $5 for it. 576 more words


Big Serving of Goodness! Woman Feeds 30,000 Using Coupons

I’ve cut a coupon or two during my pig tail days (in my mama’s house you didn’t have a choice) but never enough to land on a game show. 272 more words

CVS Cosmetic Deals thru 03/18/17

Since my last post on my 2017 freebie makeup haul received such a positive response, I thought I would do a breakdown of some amazing deals currently live at CVS. 495 more words

100% Off coupon causes fight between store owner and Extreme Coupon shoppers

A 100% off coupon caused  a near riot with Hundreds of shoppers in McComb, Mississippi fashion store.

McComb Mississippi:   In an ugly scene normally saved for Black Friday, hundreds of angry shoppers vandalized De Loxy Fashions. 256 more words