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Are There Any Extreme Couponers Out There?


A little over a year ago, my daughter and I saw this show called Extreme Couponing (I’m sure this is nothing new to anyone). 486 more words

#HumansofFosterCare | Jessica

Meet Jessica. Jessica has found a unique way to help foster families! She is an extreme couponer, and uses her talent to help foster families and adoptive families with her purchases! 53 more words

5 Ways To Save On Groceries for the Budget-Conscious


Old fashion coupons are my favorite! It’s as simple as Clip. Shop. Save. Most groceries stores have paper ads for you to pick up for free. 61 more words

A Few Quick Observations

Let’s get this straight: the Obama administration has declared that it will virtually ban trans fats nation-wide but cigarettes are still legal?

What does this say about the administration’s priorities – and ours, for that matter? 441 more words

Is it Worth It?

We all need to find new ways to save money.  Right?  I know I could!!!

Extreme Couponing is a popular television show on TLC, but Is it really worth all the time and effort spent doing it!? 209 more words


I've got the turkey, who's bringing the pumpkin pie?

It’s been several years since I’ve blogged about couponing – but that’s how this blog all got started. One girl’s quest to live large on a little bit of money (hence the name… 391 more words