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What do spiders taste like?

People often ask me “What do spiders taste like”? Well, first thing is, like most foods: quality matters.

Spider tasting part 1: CHINA

There’s a famous place in Beijing near Wangfujin  Dajie(王府井)  called Donghuamen (东华门) night market, where you can find lots of strange and unusual food… some I bet you even didn’t know where edible. 811 more words


A Gluttonous Look at 8 of the Most Expensive Burgers Ever

To celebrate National Hamburger Day—Saturday, May 28—we’ve gathered an assemblage of some of the wildest, glitziest, most over-the-top burger creations in history. Rather than your typical humble blue-collar hamburger, these burgers might be topped in caviar and foie gras, be large enough to feed hundreds of people, or cost about as much as a decent used car. 854 more words


Tip from the master "chef"

Whip scorpions are not venomous and the whole scorpion can be eaten raw #ExtremeFood. Source: Bear Grylls Survival Academy


Fortune's 8 Most Extreme Foods of 2015

If we are what we eat, what does that say about Americans’ ongoing love affair with extreme food?Even in an era when consumers say they are increasingly opting for healthy choices, they continue to be intrigued by the novelty of piling a whole lot of calories—whether in the form of bacon, butter, or a hot dog—on top of a burger, pizza, or breadstick. 55 more words