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Why Australians Should Eat More Kangaroo

Would you eat a kangaroo? Some Australian ecologists hope so. They say that the country is facing an overabundance of the animal and that the kangaroo population needs to be cut down. 223 more words


Core Values

With exception to sashimi, the one time I’ve eaten part of an animal in its most unadulterated post-mortem state was when I ate a goat’s heart in Rajasthan, India. 531 more words

Pache - a delicacy since the days of Mesopotamia

Iraqi cuisine has developed over the course of a long and rich history. Iraqis have a deep appreciation for their own cuisine. They view each part of the animal as healthy and nutritious, and make sure to cook all the organs, including the heart, kidneys and liver, brain, feet, eyes, and ears. 781 more words

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