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The Untamed (2017)

I am aware that two examples do not equal a trend, but if there’s a new wave of sexually explicit “extreme” horror coming out of Mexico, I am eating that shit up. 649 more words

Brandon Ledet

The Puppy- Friday Flash

Warning: Due to disturbing content, reader discretion is advised.

The Puppy

By Melissa L. Webb

More than anything the girl wanted a puppy. She’d listen to her friends talk about their dogs or watch people taking theirs for a walk, and think, someday that will be me. 749 more words

Friday Flash

Book Insider: FEAST

Characters are extremely important. Situational development is also equally important. Without solid believable characters or situation all you have is scenery. Pretty scenery combined with poetic languid soliloquy could do the trick for some novels. 1,015 more words



Plebs was bloody. Riders was bloodier. The Sleep was monstrous and Undead Fleshcrave: The Zombie Trigger was an undead splatterfest.

And Carnival of Chaos was just the beginning of a new venture into bloodshed and brutality. 1,099 more words

SJ Reads Bonus: Tomie by Junji Ito

For whatever reason, I haven’t really been getting into too much that falls into the realm of horror this year, until very recently. A friend and I got talking about manga and I mentioned that I admittedly fall more into the shojo-type reader (for better or worse), and because he knew I really like horror and wanted to diversify, he recommended the work of Junji Ito. 1,237 more words




Meet the eight souls who used to be employees of a quaint little establishment known by the rather cumbersome name of Chippy the Champ’s Classic Circus and Carnival. 1,097 more words

Updates and news!

Lots going on in the world of your old pal. Writing up a storm on multiple fronts: short stuff, long stuff, and in-between.

For example, my story… 352 more words