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“You understand,” said the agent, “that this whole procedure has barely been tested. Your safety is by no means guaranteed. It probably won’t even work.” 3,569 more words

Extreme Horror

It's okay to have negative feelings.

I’ve noticed that when people open up and admit that they aren’t feeling so well, or just generally say something negative, there is this tendency for people to negate those feelings. 265 more words

Extreme Horror

31 (2016) Movie Review

Rob Zombie begins his sixth feature film by somewhat breaking the fourth wall with a monologue of almost poetic sadism. Hired killer “Doom-Head” (Richard Brake) spits acid words in closeup, to invigorating effect. 621 more words

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My left arm ends in a smooth, pink stump, just below my elbow. My hand was taken nine years ago.  I know that some people who have had limbs removed are very comfortable displaying their “residual limbs”, but for me it’s a source of constant shame and awkwardness. 2,365 more words

Extreme Horror

Hold Me, Kiss Me, Squeeze Me Tight

It’s the little details you miss the most.  When it all falls apart, when the shit hits the fan and the blood hits the wall, it’s the details that really matter.   1,003 more words

Extreme Horror


Dylan looked at the looming clouds, knowing the full moon would be rising in just a couple of hours.  He shuddered inwardly at the cliche.  This is ridiculous, he thought.   3,391 more words

Extreme Horror

Book review: Prince of Nightmares - John McNee

No. This book ‘Prince of Nightmares’ is not a Donald Trump biography, but is in fact a disturbing tale about a haunted hotel that steers clear of becoming ‘run of the mill’ by the way in which McNee graphically describes certain scenes/dreams/visions inside of the book. 359 more words

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