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Book review: Prince of Nightmares - John McNee

No. This book ‘Prince of Nightmares’ is not a Donald Trump biography, but is in fact a disturbing tale about a haunted hotel that steers clear of becoming ‘run of the mill’ by the way in which McNee graphically describes certain scenes/dreams/visions inside of the book. 359 more words

Book Review

At the Deli Counter

The man behind the meat counter, tall, stooped and old, was Dilbert Cunningham.  I’d been seeing him behind the Elton’s Grocery meat counter for almost ten years.   477 more words

Extreme Horror


Harold leaned close to the mirror, eyeing his jawline.  He held tweezers to his skin, edged it under a coarse hair, squeezed and pulled.  All the hair on the underside of his jaw grew flat against his skin, almost parallel, and the razor never caught them all.   742 more words

Extreme Horror

Albert at School

Albert Cohen sat at an empty section of a long cafeteria table and opened a pale grey plastic grocery bag.  Around him, in a chaos of shrill laughter and shouts, the normal children traded snacks and insults. 479 more words

Extreme Horror


She lived in his stomach.  He suspected that he’d swallowed her weeks before the changes, but he didn’t know when.  She may have been there all along, all his life inside him, biding her time like a hibernating frog, waiting for these curious days.   651 more words

Extreme Horror

Cartoon vs Reality

I am amazed at how adorable some cartoon critters can be. Then when you look at a realistic interpretation you realize how harsh reality is. Damn you cartoons and your extreme idealist viewpoint. 67 more words

Extreme Horror

Headless and Hungry

I awoke in the middle of the night, headless and hungry.  Of course, I knew I was having a nightmare- not only because my head was gone, but also because I could see myself. 543 more words

Extreme Horror