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Hope you've got a steady hand

So, wetshaving – what’s all that about?

Put simply, DE (double-edged) or Wetshaving is the name given to the practise of shaving with an old school razor that you can actually cut yourself with. 247 more words

Arty Shit

Dear LA Lakers

Dear LA Lakers,

Fuck you.

Seriously, fuck you.

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Extreme Cycling

Hello everybody! (Hi Dr Nick!) here, check out some cool pics of people doing awesome things on bikes…

From here.

From here


Bred Black Widow Spiders and Attempted to Fight Them Against a Scorpion

Ranking: EXTREME

Yes, this did happen. Science has confirmed two great animal rivalries exist in the world.  Rivalries so fierce and instinctual that if either animal sees each other they always immediately fight to the death.   237 more words

Extreme Shit

Broke a Beer Bottle Over My Head

Ranking: EXTREME

Easily, one of my proudest moments. I you can name something more manly that breaking a beer bottle over your own head, please let me hear it. 288 more words

Extreme Shit

Been Sued by Neopets.com

Ranking: EXTREME

I use to make programs that automated processes on Neopets.com, the children’s gaming site. Why might you ask? Because these programs made the user Neopoints, which there is a strong black market for online. 82 more words

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